10 Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands 2023 – Perfect for High Temperature Days

To tackle the harsh sun beating down during a warm afternoon while you are in the golf rounds can be quite challenging. If your hands sweat a lot, one could wonder: “If I could have the best golf grips for sweaty hands?”

Indeed, those golf grips are worth their value during high-temperature days. Whether in hot summers and pleasant weather, having appropriate golf grips is useful if you are a regular at golf grounds.

When you play golf for longer durations, sweating is indispensable, which means you’ll have sweaty palms too, and that will result in losing the grip on the golf club. Even if you are carrying several towels in the golf kit, it will be quite a stiff task to keep the grips dry.

Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands Top Picks

If you are in such a situation, then obviously there is no enjoying the sport. Hence, take a look list of some of the top golf grips that would come in handy at a golf course.

01. Golf Pride Larger Lower Hand MCC Plus4 New Decade

Golf Pride Larger Lower Hand MCC Plus4 New Decade

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The MCC Plus Golf grips are among the latest technological advancements in the broad range of golf grips available today. The golfers love it as it offers comfort, better grip feeling, and a style that makes them a handy product.

This grip will undoubtedly help you improve the overall performance of a player.


The MCC golf grip offers the utmost consistency. It’s an ideal fitting for the golf club and ensures the overall performance as a golfer stays uniformed irrespective of the weather you are playing in.

This grip is not only made of rubber but also comes with an additional cotton cord. Since cotton is one of the best moisture-absorbing materials; hence your grip will always remain dry in every season and will, and there will not fear of slipping.

The additional cord also allows for more comfort and fits all sizes, and allows you to hold the golf handle to enjoy the game while playing with this grip.


The grip is relatively lightweight, which means it does not put pressure on the hands, and your performance isn’t affected. You can swing the golf club freely without getting your hands tired.


Keeping the style factor in mind, the golf manufacturers have made this gorgeous-looking grip with different colors. Hence, it always complements your personal style wherever you are carrying them.

Wellbeing Feature

The MCC grip has its own health benefits too. The cotton cord used in this grip acts as a tension-reduction element, which helps you calm the brain down while playing.

Besides, you might feel soreness in the hands or get blisters when playing for a longer duration. This grip prevents any such things from happening.

  • Comfortable
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Lightweight
  • Health benefits
  • Stylish
  • Can be a little expensive


02. Karma Velour High Quality Black Standard 13 Piece Grip Bundle

Karma Velour High Quality Black Standard 13 Piece Grip Bundle

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When you search for a set of grips that will be suitable for your golf clubs, then the Karma Velour set of golf grips is your solution. They are such set that most golfers today are looking to pick no matter whether they are a professional or play just for fun.

Comfort Factor

As a golf player, you would know how important it is to hold the golf handle comfortably. With this set of grips, you can stay assured that you will get the comfortable feel in your hands while you hold the club.

This grip not only ensures comfort but, at the same time, firmness too.

Different Colors and All-size Fit

These sets of grips are available in six different shades, which means that they will suit your style. There are thirteen (13) grips available in each set, ensuring it will fit in all types of Golf handles.


Stability is what is needed when you are putting a grip on a golf club. This stability allows your club to stay firm on your hands when you are swinging hard. The firmness of this all-weather grip ensures that it doesn’t slip out of our hands.

Lightweight and Durable Material

This material is relatively lightweight, which another reason why it’s quite comfortable is. Not only that, but this material is also quite durable enough, which means it doesn’t wear that easily.

With this set of grips, you can enjoy the golfing season for a longer time without the worry of getting new replacement grips.


This is a classic grip that comes with a proven grip pattern.

  • Comfortable
  • Stable
  • Lightweight
  • Proven pattern
  • Can be sometimes hard to slip-in the grip


03. SuperStroke Exclusive Super Stroke Technology Slim 3.0 Putter Grip

SuperStroke Exclusive Super Stroke Technology Slim 3.0 Putter Grip

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The 3.0 Putter grip is undoubtedly one of the best golf grips for sweaty hands. This non-slip grip is always preferred by golfers as ensures solidity by helping you to hold your grip firmly in your hands.

The moisture-absorbing feature also ensures your palms remain dry so that the club doesn’t slip due to sweat.

Bigger Grip Size

The Putter 3.0 offers you a bigger grip size. This means you will always have a better grip on your handle than those slender golf grips. The grip width of 1.30 inches is a confirmation of this fact.

You can also place the fingers firmly on the grip, and because of its smoothness. There will not be any tension in the muscles while going for those long-range strokes.


As is the case with most of the branded golf grips, this 3.0 is also lighter in weight. It is made of EVA foam, and that is the reason for it.

No Taper

The grip is made using super stroke technology, so it’s possible to get a consistent stroke while you are playing your golf rounds.

Different Colors

Several colors are available with the Putter grips (you can choose four colors, at least). It means you’ll have a variety of options to pick from. Such a variety ensures that it is suitable for all grip designs and styles.

Suitable for Golf Tours

This Putter grip has proven its metal for professional golfers participating in sporting events like the PGA Tours, and world-famous golfers have well acknowledged it.

  • Great grip
  • No taper
  • Lightweight
  • Available in different sizes
  • Can be quite difficult to push


04. Champkey Re-Gripping Instructions Included Multi Compound Set

Champkey Re-Gripping Instructions Included Multi Compound Set

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The champkey golf grip set comes with an assortment of features and has a bunch of grips that fit all the golf clubs. The grip also offers additional stability, and you get a comfortable feel in the hands while playing.


These grips are made of cotton yard instead of rubber (the material you would find in most other golf grips). This material is much softer than rubber and has better moisture-absorption capacities.

Ensuring your golf club won’t slip out of your hands, irrespective of the weather.

Suitable for the Environment

Because they are made of cotton, they are suitable for those who like safeguarding the environment.

The Wrapping Technology

Two rubber materials are used for building additional wraps in the grip (for lower hand). The reduced taper ensures a lighter grip pressure, which means hands stay relaxed with lesser tension. This means you can generate more power while swinging the club.


These grips are available in different types, suitable for every grip design, and fit into any club in terms of style.


All of the 13 grips available with 15 tapes are lightweight, useful while taking long-range shots. The grip’s firmness backed up with its lightweight ensures that they are worthy of being one of the market’s top golf grip sets.


The champkey comes in different sizes, so there is no need to worry about its golf clubs’ fittings. It’s an excellent all-weather package.

  • Stylist
  • Cotton-made grip
  • Soft
  • Environment-friendly
  • Wrap technology
  • Expensive package


05. Winn Dri-Tac High Quality 13-Piece Standard Golf Grip with Kit Includes

Winn Dri-Tac High Quality 13-Piece Standard Golf Grip with Kit Includes

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The Winn Dri-Tac is another excellent grip set that is ideal for every season. These grips are manufactured to provide comfort and, at the same time, stability or firmness in the golf handle so that you enjoy the sport. They are moisture-resistant too.


The polymer coating used in this grip ensures additional cushion for softness, comfort, and, most importantly, prevents slipping of the club from the hands. Because of the material used in these grips.

They are accustomed to all season, so no matter how long you are playing and the weather, there will be no effect on the overall performance.

Wrap Design

The warped design is why you get a firm lower-hand grip, which is why it becomes easy to go for long-range shots. It also is backed up with a tapered profile.

Shock Absorption Feature

The shock absorption feature ensures that the muscles don’t feel the pressure when you play the strokes. With this grip, you will not suffer pain or tension on the hands too much.

The Alignment Style is Best for Beginners Too

Even if you just have started to play this sport, these grip sets can be ideal because of its alignment style, which allows you the soft feel of the handle, which is most essential for a beginner.


There are 13 sets of grips available in the set, which means no matter whatever size you are looking for, small, large, or medium; this set has got all covered. It’s an ideal set that you’d love to have in the golf kit.

  • Moisture-absorption feature
  • Shock-absorption
  • Soft
  • All size fit
  • Alignment style is suitable for beginners
  • Gripping supplies not available


06. Winn DriTac AVS Super Stroke Technology 13-Piece Midsize Golf Grip

Winn DriTac AVS Super Stroke Technology 13-Piece Midsize Golf Grip

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The Winn Dritac is another fantastic set of all-weather golf grips available in sets of 9 or13 packs. The grip is made of high-class polymer material, so it absorbs moisture, ensuring the club doesn’t slip out of your hands and is durable.


As mentioned above, the polymer material ensures its durability and firmness in the grip so that the club won’t slip out of the hands in any weather.

The Tread

The tread pattern used in this grip has a combination of tapered design and moderate texture, which is why the grip on the golf handle is always firm. This way, your performance won’t be hampered, no matter what the conditions are.


The grip is smooth grey with a blue end cap, which enhances its stylish look. However, they are available in other colors as well. Each one of them is suitable enough to suit your profile.


Though the mid-size grips are a little larger, yet, they are perfect for those players who have large or average-sized hands.


Because of its lightweight nature, they are appropriately fit for all clubs and don’t put an additional load on your golf stick.

Shock Absorption

The grip is a useful shock-absorbing item, which means you don’t get painful hands while playing. When you swing hard with this grip, there is relatively less tension on your muscles.

Which means you can go long on the golf course without hampering your muscles. It’s an excellent feature to have if you play regularly.

  • Non-slippery grip
  • Soft feel
  • Shock absorption
  • Lightweight
  • Appealing looks
  • Ideal tread pattern
  • Suitable for all sizes of hands
  • Too soft
  • The thumb section of the grip can wear fast


07. Arm-Lock Certified Professional Standard

Arm-Lock Certified Professional Standard

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The big-sized arm-lock grip is a perfect one for golfers who are looking for more power and control on their shots. The making and structure of this grip ensure that it allows the firmness required to hold the handle when you are swinging hard.

Big-grip Feeling

The grip comes with ten (10) inches standard length, which is why you get the feeling of a better grip. The extra-long grip and the weight improve the grip feeling and the putter reaction, particularly at the shorter distances.

Offers More Balance

With this grip, you get more control over the club, and it helps in reducing the hand variability on the shot. This means you’ll have more balance and better feel on the hands as the weight is distributed equally all over the grip.

Hence, you will play the strokes better and get more scores.

Protects your Wrists

The putter grip has an “arm-lock” feature, which protects the wrist from breaking when you put additional pressure to play long-range shots. This feature ensures the overall safety while playing.


With the weight evenly spread out over the grip, you’ll always get a better feel that will help you play smoother strokes.


The red and black design looks exceptionally gorgeous on the grip. It makes an ideal combination with a stylish golf club.


Because of the high-quality material used in the grip, it ensures the grip has a longer service life. If you are using this grip, don’t worry about replacing them and get new ones.

  • Arm-lock feature
  • Great feel
  • Good balance
  • Durable
  • Different colors
  • Can add some weight on your grips


08. KINGRASP High Stability Natural Rubber Technology Multi Compound Golf Grips

KINGRASP High Stability Natural Rubber Technology Multi Compound Golf Grips

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One of the best golf grips for sweaty hands, the KINGRASP multi-compound grip, is suitable for all seasons. The grips are made with soft material, which ensures a comfortable feel, and also, they won’t wear easily. Moreover, they are durable too.


The grip is made up of rubber and cotton thread technology combined, which ensures it doesn’t slip out of the hands. The natural rubber used in the grip also allows for more comfort and a better feel to play the strokes easily.


The fine texture of the grip is why you will not face any stickiness inside the grip. Also, because of the moisture-absorption feature, you aren’t going to have sweaty palms, and hence the club won’t slip at any point in time during the game.


Because of the material used, the grip is relatively lighter in weight, which means you can go on playing smoother strokes without putting too much pressure on the muscles. Lightweight grips don’t put additional weight on the handle.


The anti-shock technology used in this grip is why there isn’t much tension in muscles. You can go on with the free swing for a long time without feeling too much pain or muscles feeling tired.

Different Shades

The blue, white, and red (with grey) combination give a much-enhanced look in this grip. This will be ideally suited when you put them on golf club. Such a grip matches personal style well. Overall, it’s a golf best fit during all the golfing seasons.

  • Comfortable
  • Fine texture
  • Anti-shock
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Can be a little expensive


09. SAPLIZE Golf Grips High-Feedback Rubber all-Weather Test Grips

SAPLIZE Golf Grips High-Feedback Rubber all-Weather Test Grips

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The standard quality SAPLIZE golf grips are something you’d undoubtedly want on the kit for all golfing season. Be it the material, grip, or comfort; this is one high-class grip that’s a must for golf stick.


Made from high-feedback rubber, this material ensures that it absorbs moisture so that you get a better grip, and the golf club won’t slip out of hands.


The grip comes with a 10.60 inches length, which is why it’s better to control the club while you are playing the strokes.


The texture designed for all-weather performance is the vital component of this grip. Because it can be used for many seasons, it makes this grip one of the most popular ones in the market for sporting equipment.


The lightweight is another positive element that you’ll find in this grip. Because of its lightweight, you get much improved and smoother strokes to stay ahead in the game.

Wide Range of Grips

There are as many as 13 grips available in the set, all of which will fit your club. So, you don’t need to worry about looking for an immediate replacement when one wears out.

Grip Repair Kits

It’s another specialty of the set that you get. The set comes with grip repair tools such as a hook blade, a scrim-backed tape (upgraded 2-by-10 inches), a thickness of 0.25 mm, a rubber vise clamp, and a grip solvent.


The grip comes in different colors like orange, black, and grey, all of which are suitable for different golf clubs.

  • High-quality material/durable
  • Texture
  • Different sizes
  • Grip repair kits
  • Directions can be misleading


10. Tacki-Mac High Stability 13-Piece Midsize Pro Golf Grip

Tacki-Mac High Stability 13-Piece Midsize Pro Golf Grip

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The Tacki-Mac is an all-weather 13-grip set that’s exceptionally durable and suitable for different golfers worldwide. All the grips in the set offer firm traction on your golf handle and allows smoother strokes for a longer duration on the golf field.


Made of rubber, the grip allows you to hold your club firmly without the worry of it slipping. The material used in it can absorb moisture; hence there is no worry of a club slipping out of hands and affecting the performance.


The Tacki-Mac grips offer smoothness in holding golf handle without compromising on firmness. The smoother the grip is, the more fluent you will be while playing a long shot.


Because of the material used in it, the grips are usually lighter, and hence there is no additional pressure in your muscles.


The grip’s design ensures that they prevent too much tension in your muscles, and you can carry on for long in a golf course without hands getting tired or painful.

Different Sets of Grips

You get different sets of grip in this kit (13 in all), which means there is virtually a grip for each of the golf clubs. These best golf grips for sweaty hands are designed to match up with different golf clubs manufactured today. Hence, this set has got everything covered.

Additional Tools

Other than the instruction manual and 13 grips, the grip set comes with a few additional components. These include 13 solvent-activated grip tape strips (double-sided 2-by-9 inches) and a rubber vise clamp.

  • Quality material
  • Soft feel
  • Different sizes available
  • Additional grip repair tools
  • Installation can be tough


Buying Considerations for the Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

Golf grip for sweaty hands

Since you now have had a fair idea on some of these grips by now, you’ll want to what features to choose for before buying the ideal one. If different sets of grips are what you are looking for, these essential features will help to pick the correct set of grips.

The following are some vital features to remember when you are all set to buy new grips for golf clubs:

The Capacity to Absorb Moisture

This is one of the essential features to look for in selecting a grip. The last thing you need is grip slipping out on a golf club because of slippery, moistened hands. The technology to absorb moisture is accessible in different kinds of grip, which is quite imperative to have.

Regarding these golf club grips, all of these different kinds manufactured today come with this technology (moisture absorption).

Wrap Design

If you have sweaty hands, it’s important to consider the wrap design of your golf grips before making a purchase. There are many different grip materials on the market, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Rubber grips are usually the most affordable option, and they provide good traction in wet conditions. However, they can be more difficult to clean and may not last as long as other materials.

Corded grips are also popular among golfers with sweaty hands, as they provide excellent traction and durability. However, they can be more expensive than rubber grips and may not be as comfortable for some players.

golf grips wrap design

Leather grips are another option to consider, and they offer a classic look and feel. They’re also very durable, but they can be more difficult to clean than other materials.

No matter what material you choose, make sure that the grip is comfortable for you and provides the traction you need in wet conditions.


While using a golf club grip, you want them to look stylish to match your appearance. A few different colors are grip available from top brands, which gives your grips top looks.

However, you can also get some good-looking grips from unknown brands that look even better than the original one. A decent grip will work out quite well on the golf club.

Different Sizes

You will find about these grips today because they are available in sizes of different varieties. It entirely depends on your requirement, whether you are looking for a thinner or a thicker variety of grips for your golf club. It’s generally a matter of personal choice.

Glove Size Recommended Grip Size
Men’s Small / Women’s Small or Medium Undersize
Men’s Medium or ML / Women’s Large Standard
Men’s Large Midsize
Men’s XL or 2XL Midsize or Jumbo


Watch this video for additional information:


Though individual grips are available, it’s recommended to buy them as a package. Purchasing a set of grip guarantees that you will be getting a grip for each of golf clubs at the most reasonable cost. You may also decide to buy a single replacement when you find one of the grips have worn out.

Or, if the expenses don’t matter, then you can bring a full set of grips, use one and store the others for the next golfing season. Hence, these are all essential factors that are worth considering while picking the grip.

The Materials Used

The materials used to manufacture a grip are quite essential too. Most of the grips you’ll find in the market are manufactured using 100% quality rubber; however, you can sometimes find it hard to hold, especially while squeezing the club.

If that is the situation, an alternative of cotton may be amazingly fitting. There are several other materials that a golf grip can be made, such as plastic, rubber, silicone, leather, polymer, etc.

There is no difference in golf grips’ manufacturing process using these materials, yet when you use these grips; different material gives you different feel. The most crucial factor is to give your hands comfort. You don’t want golf club slipping out of the hands when you are about top swing it.

So, how to decide which material is right for you? Do you perspire a lot? If that’s the case, then you will, in general, have your hands become sodden and will require a material that offers a more solid grip. If you go for a very smooth grip, then it will be quite tough to hold the club firmly while using it.

Even if you don’t, in general, sweat a lot; still, you’ll need to consider the climatic conditions while playing. This can differ massively from one area to the other. If you generally play in pleasant weather, smoother grips are what you might choose.

Notwithstanding, if you are an all-season golf player, choosing materials that offer a firm grip will be ideal. Always remember that no matter what grip you choose, it must enable you to continue holding the club firmly without giving the feeling as though it’s going to slip out or drop from hands.

Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands- Crucial FAQ’s

Lamkin Golf Grip Cleaning

Q. How often the grips need to be changed?

Ans: There isn’t any time frame or a specific formula to determine when you need to change your golf grips. It all depends on how frequently you play and the type of weather your clubs are exposed to.

Some of the grips of a golf club consist of rubber material, which wears gradually. Outside impacts, such as exposure to sun, oil buildups from sunscreens and hand creams, downpour, dirt.

As well as, temperature changes (for example, storing golf equipment in the carport or the storm cellar throughout the chilly winter) will quicken this wearing.

Because of wearing, your handle loses grip and so you can have a firm hold on your golf handle. This, hence, can prompt superfluous strain and wrist pain and therefore make you disable to play the sport.

Thus, once you locate the significant scraped spot on your golf handle or find that the handles are becoming harder or even weak, change it immediately.

Q. Is there a possibility to change the grips on my own to make some savings on such expenses?

Ans: You can certainly do that. Although you’d some specialized tools to do so, it is really a simple job you can do easily.

Q. When I put on a new grip, do I need to follow some specific guidelines? For instance, should the company logo required to be facing upwards?

Ans: This is a genuinely typical misconception. Though you need to apply a few grips to the club in a specific way, according to its design, there isn’t any hard and fast rule that you need to follow. As long as the grip is fashioned snuggly, it’s right for you.

From that point onward, you can alter its position marginally to ensure that you are comfortable with it.

new grip

Q. What about its longevity?

Ans: When you buy golf grips, the service life isn’t something that you will be too concerned with. However, it’s still better to check the reviews of those who just bought some grips you are looking to buy.

It is always better to spend some more and get golf grips to offer you a longer service life. You don’t want to change your grips regularly while you are in the middle of the sport. How long your grips are going to last also depends upon the way you play.

If you are an occasional player, you might want to stay with the best golf grips for sweaty hands that are less expensive. However, if you play regularly, you might want to choose a different grip.

While you have had a fair idea of all these elements, you will look for those golf grips that will offer you the comfort, stability, and firmness you are searching for. With a little research, you can always choose the most appropriate grips that suit your needs.

Q. Is it necessary to re-grip the golf clubs?

Ans: If you are an accomplished golf player, you should understand that the handle is the only part of your golf club that you are holding or touching. While numerous golf players may disregard their grips.

You can supplant these parts each season so that you can hold your club with little pressure. The ability to appropriately swing a golf club with maximum acceleration is a vital thing to consider.

If that’s not the case, then you will have a slippery, glazed, and hard golf handle.

Q. Will using a worn grip affect my game?

Ans: Numerous things can turn out badly if you have a slippery grip. If your grip slips quite often, you’ll have off-center hits because your scores will be poor. Remember that it isn’t possible to get appropriate traction with worn grips.

This implies that you’ll need to hold the golf handle firmly for having some control. After some time, the worn grip becomes more challenging to use and affects your way of gripping the club.

As a result, you won’t be comfortable holding the club. Buying a new grip(s) helps improve your performance and makes you more confident as a player.


Sweaty palms are something that you can’t get rid of, especially during sports. This sweat can be a chief barrier to your performance in sports like golf. Where having a firm grip of your club is the deciding factor as to how you fare in the game.

Therefore don’t overlook your grips at any point. Be very mindful of them and change them whenever it’s time to do so. Keep a few factors in mind like the moisture absorption feature, materials used in the grip, thickness, comfort, etc., which will undoubtedly help you get the ideal gear for your needs.

Check some of the best Golf grips for sweaty hands online where you will find these features and some additional benefits. However, that you can get a new golf grip, and obviously, at a reasonable price. Always remember that a little research and time investment can do a world of good for you. Happy golfing!