What Happened to 3Balls? Navigating the Changes in Golf Equipment Retail

3Balls and GlobalGolf.com joined forces to redefine the golf shopping experience.

In the golf community, a significant development has unfolded as 3Balls, a trusted name in golf equipment, merges with Global Golf. This partnership unites two leading forces in the golf retail space, promising to reshape the way golfers shop for their gear.

Key Takeaways

  • 3balls.com and GlobalGolf.com, both owned by Global Value Commerce, Inc. since 2015, will officially merge on February 21, 2024, to unify their online retail platforms.
  • 3balls account holders will be able to use their existing email and password to log into GlobalGolf.com, streamlining the customer experience.
  • GlobalGolf has introduced a 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee for purchases, enhancing the customer service offering for former 3balls customers.

What Will Change For Loyal Customers?

What Will Change For Loyal Customers when 3balls and global golf merge

With the merger of 3balls.com and GlobalGolf.com on February 21, 2024, customers of 3balls are set to experience several changes. These adjustments aim to streamline the shopping experience and offer more value to the loyal customer base. Here’s a detailed look at what this transition means for them:

Don’t worry, you can still buy your favorite towel, grip, or other equipment, only on a new website.

Account Integration

First and foremost, 3balls account holders can now log into GlobalGolf.com using their existing email and password. This move eliminates the hassle of setting up a new account, making the transition as smooth as possible for customers. It ensures that the loyalty and history customers had with 3balls carry over to GlobalGolf, maintaining a sense of continuity.

Loyalty Points and Rewards

The transition also brings good news for those who participated in the 3balls loyalty program. Unredeemed 3wards points are not lost; instead, they have been converted to GlobalCash as part of the GlobalGolf UPerks® program. This conversion ensures that customers retain the value of their accumulated points, now with the added flexibility and benefits that come with GlobalGolf’s broader rewards program.

Satisfaction Guarantee

GlobalGolf’s 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee is a significant perk for former 3balls customers. This policy demonstrates a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, offering reassurance that purchases are protected. It’s an upgrade in terms of customer service, providing a safety net for online purchases.

Website and User Experience

Website and User Experience when 3Balls merges with Global Golf

The merger has led to notable improvements in the online shopping experience. The updated website now features a real trade option, offering higher values for trade-ins compared to the previous system. The interface is user-friendly, and the new condition ratings for products are more accurate and honest. The term “bargain” now more truthfully represents the condition of lower-tier items, a change from the previous “good” rating, which could be misleading.

Pricing and Promotions

One of the most immediate benefits for customers is the adjustment in pricing and promotions. While promotions and codes from 3balls.com are not valid on the eBay store and cannot be combined with other offers, the integration has led to more competitive pricing on the website. Interestingly, the website now offers lower prices compared to eBay, indicating either a price reduction on the website or an increase on eBay. This strategy not only benefits customers but also positions GlobalGolf more competitively in the market.

Product Selection

The merger has temporarily affected product availability due to logistical changes, such as moving inventory across the country. Customers looking for specific items might experience delays. However, this is a temporary situation, with the promise of a wider selection and availability once the transition is complete.

Visual Product Inspection

A notable change that customers might miss initially is the ability to see images of the actual clubs for sale. The previous system allowed buyers to visually inspect products, aiding in the decision-making process. The absence of this feature is felt among customers who valued this transparency. It’s an area where GlobalGolf could potentially enhance the shopping experience by reintroducing detailed images of products, especially for used items.

They Already Have the Same Owner

Ed Byman - owner of Global Value Commerce and the Same Owner of 3balls and GlobalGolf

The merger between 3balls and GlobalGolf, two leading online retailers of golf equipment, may have come as a surprise to some customers, but it was not a sudden or unexpected move. In fact, both companies had been owned by the same parent company, Global Value Commerce, Inc., since 2015.

Global Value Commerce, Inc. is a leading e-commerce platform for pre-owned golf equipment and new golf gear, operating several websites and brands, including GlobalGolf.com, 3balls.com, GolfShoesOnly.com, TaylorMadeGolfPreOwned.com, and PGATradeIn.com. The company was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. In July 2015, Global Value Commerce, Inc. acquired 3balls, a Massachusetts-based company that specialized in selling pre-owned golf clubs and accessories.

3balls was founded in 1998 by two brothers, Leigh and Joe Boulger, and their business partner, Ron Cox. The company started as a small shop in a former textile mill, and grew to become one of the largest online sellers of used golf equipment, with a loyal customer base and a reputation for quality and service. The acquisition of 3balls was part of Global Value Commerce, Inc.’s strategy to expand its market share and product offerings in the online golf industry.

The company saw 3balls as a complementary brand that shared its vision and values of providing golf enthusiasts with a convenient and affordable way to buy and sell golf gear. However, despite being under the same umbrella, 3balls and GlobalGolf continued to operate as separate entities, with different websites, inventories, pricing, and loyalty programs.

This created some confusion and inefficiency for customers, who had to switch between the two platforms to compare products, prices, and deals. To address this issue, Global Value Commerce, Inc. decided to merge 3balls and GlobalGolf into one unified online shopping destination, effective from February 21, 2024.

The merger aimed to create a redefined golf shopping experience for customers, offering a wide range of new and used golf gear, exclusive deals, trade-in programs, and online trial options. The merger also simplified the account management and order history for customers, who could now use their existing 3balls or GlobalGolf accounts to log in to the new GlobalGolf website. Additionally, customers were automatically enrolled in the UPerks® loyalty program, where they could earn GlobalCash on each purchase.

The merger between 3balls and GlobalGolf was a strategic decision to create a redefined golf shopping experience for customers, offering a wide range of new and used golf gear, exclusive deals, trade-in programs, and online trial options


Can I still access my purchase history from 3balls.com on GlobalGolf?

Yes, your purchase history from 3balls.com is accessible on GlobalGolf.com. Once you log in with your existing 3balls account credentials, you’ll be able to view past purchases, making it easier to track your orders and manage returns or exchanges if necessary.

Will GlobalGolf honor the warranty on products previously purchased from 3balls?

GlobalGolf will honor existing warranties on products purchased from 3balls.com, ensuring that customers continue to receive support and service for their golf equipment. For warranty claims, customers should contact GlobalGolf’s customer service with their purchase details.

How does the trade-in process work on GlobalGolf compared to 3balls?

The trade-in process on GlobalGolf has been enhanced, offering higher trade-in values and a more straightforward procedure. Customers can easily trade in their old golf clubs using the real trade option on the website, receiving instant quotes and shipping labels for a hassle-free experience.

Are there any new brands or product lines being introduced to GlobalGolf post-merger?

Post-merger, GlobalGolf is expanding its inventory to include new brands and product lines that were not previously available on 3balls.com. This expansion means customers will have access to a wider selection of the latest golf equipment and apparel, catering to a broader range of preferences and playing styles.

Last Words

The merger between 3balls.com and GlobalGolf.com represents a significant shift in the golf retail landscape, promising several benefits for loyal customers. From streamlined account access and loyalty rewards to expanded product lines and enhanced trade-in values, this partnership is set to offer a more comprehensive and satisfying shopping experience. As both companies move forward together, customers can look forward to enjoying the best of both worlds under the GlobalGolf umbrella.

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