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Golf Cart Price

Golfing is more than just a sport; it’s a day-long adventure. And if you’re like me, you’ve probably found yourself worn out from all the walking. That’s when I decided to embark on a quest for the perfect golf cart. But I quickly realized that the question of cost wasn’t as straightforward as I’d thought.

So, armed with my newfound knowledge and expertise, I’m here to shed some light on the subject. After a thorough analysis of the current market, I’ve put together a comprehensive guide on the price range of various golf carts available for purchase.

So, if you’re considering investing in a golf cart, stick with me. We’re about to delve into everything you need to know about golf cart costs. Let’s get started!

How Much Does A Golf Cart Cost

You can expect to buy a golf cart for a price as low as two thousand dollars to as high as twenty thousand dollars. It all depends upon the condition of the golf cart you buy, whether used or brand new, and the features it offers.

To further simplify things and better explain the price range to you, I am going to classify the golf carts into two categories, i.e., brand new carts and used ones as follows!

1. New Golf Cart Price

New Golf Cart Price

A brand new cart will cost you around eighty-five hundred dollars to a maximum of twenty thousand dollars, maybe more! The price varies with certain factors such as the engine type, the number of people it can seat, model year, warranties, etc.

Naturally, you will have to pay more for extra features. So it all comes down to your budget and personal preferences, and how high your golf cart cost can reach. However, a basic golf cart with no extra features will cost you about eighty-five hundred dollars.

2. Used Golf Cart Price

The price range is way more flexible if you are looking for a used golf cart. This is because you can bargain with the person selling his golf cart and negotiate the terms on more reasonable terms.

You can get away better option at a much more affordable price. Another excellent reason why you get so many different options for used golf carts is that many large businesses that own golf carts sell out their old stock at lower prices and replace them with brand-new ones.

However, the factors that affect the price of a brand-new cart also apply here. It means that you will have to pay a higher price for the quality of the equipment it carries. For example, a high-quality engine will definitely raise the price bars. The same goes for air coolers, DVD players, model year, and passenger capacity

Tips for Buying Used Golf Carts

If you’re looking to buy a used golf cart, here are some tips to help ensure you make the best decision:

  • Research the market – The best way to find a good deal on a used golf cart is to do your research. Check classified ads, online auction sites, and private sellers’ websites.
  • Be prepared to bargain – Because golf carts are often used and abused, they can be discounted significantly if they’re in good condition. Don’t be afraid to offer lower prices than you think the cart is worth if the seller is willing to negotiate.
  • Ask for documentation – It’s always a good idea to get documentation of any vehicle you’re considering buying, including photos of any damage or defects. This will help protect your purchase if there are any problems down the road.
  • Inspect the cart carefully before purchasing it – If there are any major issues with the cart that need to be fixed (including but not limited to rattles, leaks, or faulty components), do not buy it without first verifying that those issues have been addressed.


Golf Cart Cost faqs

Is it worth buying a golf cart?

Yes, as per my own experience and observation, it is absolutely worth buying a golf cart. It is a fast and convenient way to carry your stuff around the golf courses rather than lugging your heavy backpack all around.

Apart from that, you can also use it to move things around your farms. Plus, they are small, so you won’t even have to build up a huge shack. Just a small shade would suffice.

How much should I pay for a Club Car golf cart?

If you want to know how much you should expect to pay for a club car golf cart, I would say it depends upon the condition of the cart you intend to purchase. A brand new golf cart can cost you somewhere between eight thousand and ten thousand dollars depending upon the number of features you opt for.

However, a used golf cart will come at a price of five thousand to six thousand dollars. So it all depends upon your own personal preferences.

Why are golf carts as expensive as cars?

The reason why golf carts come with such a high price tag is that it is specially designed vehicle made to be used on golf courses. Another possible reason why golf carts are so expensive is the high demand of the elite class.

Only golf carts are allowed to enter golf courses, so the upper class has to get their hands on them no matter the price.

How fast do golf carts go?

You can expect a golf cart to cover a distance of twelve to fourteen miles per hour. That too, with no special upgrades.

It means that if you upgrade the golf cart, it will most probably pick up speed; otherwise, you will get a top speed of 14 mph at most.

How much is an electric golf cart?

The prices of electric golf carts can vary with the kind and number of features it offers. For example, if you want to buy a golf cart with top-notch features and coolers with the extra benefit of DVD players and radios, then prepare a good fifteen thousand dollar cheque in advance.

However, if you narrow down the choice of features, you can find a cheaper alternative too.

electric golf cart price

Final Thoughts

As we’ve journeyed together through the world of golf carts, I hope you’ve found this guide insightful. Choosing the right golf cart is a personal journey, much like golf itself. It’s about finding the cart that fits your style, your needs, and your budget. It’s about finding a companion that makes your golfing experience more enjoyable and less tiring.

So, as you consider investing in a golf cart, I hope you do so with a newfound sense of confidence. Golf is more than just a game. It’s a passion, a challenge, a way of life. And every ride you take in your golf cart is a step towards enjoying this beautiful sport even more. Here’s to more enjoyable rounds, less walking, and the perfect golf cart to help you along the way!

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