The Fascinating History of Golf Polo Shirts: Weaving the Thread of Time

Polo Shirts

Fashion trends are constantly changing. New fashions are added every season. This helps brands to innovate and remain competitive in the market. On the other hand, it is quite common for certain trends to return after some time.

In addition, there are some patterns that are immortal. Polo shirts are an ideal example. Men’s fashion is especially famous, and this piece has been popular for almost a hundred years.

Some of the most popular brands known for producing high-quality Polo shirts are Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Lacoste. In this article, we will share more interesting details about the history of these shirts.

Lacoste Classic Pique Polo Shirt

Lacoste Classic Pique Polo Shirt

The famous Pique is a timeless piece of clothing that combines energy and splendor. It was invented in the 30s by René Lacoste, a French tennis legend and visionary entrepreneur.

He wanted to create a blouse that will allow him to play with greater freedom and comfort, instead of the inflexible and restrictive shirts that had been the norm at the time.

René designed a short-sleeved shirt fabricated from a breathable and robust cotton fabric known as pique that had a comfortable texture and a clean sense. It also featured a 3-button placket and a flat knit collar that gave the shirt an stylish and sporty appearance.

Why We Love It?

The Lacoste polo shirt soon became a sensation in the world of tennis, in addition to unique sports activities consisting of golfing and polo.

Moreover, it can be worn for any occasion, from informal to formal, and styled in numerous ways. You can pair it with a suit and a tie for a sophisticated look, or with jeans and a leather-based jacket for a groovy appearance.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren  polo shirt

The Ralph Lauren polo shirt debuted in 1972 and soon became more than just a garment. Ralph Lauren reinvented the traditional style of tennis and polo players and made it accessible and attractive to everyone.

Why do we love it?

The polo blouse is popular because it represents a mix of American subculture and European beauty. It is stimulated by the sporty and aristocratic lifestyle of polo, but also with the help of the preppy and informal atmosphere of university campuses.

It is an image of the great and permanent, but also of comfort and well-being. It is a conventional piece that can be worn by anyone, regardless of age, gender or historical background.

Fred Perry M12 Double Tipped Polo Shirt

fred perry

The M12 Twin Tipped carved its niche into the 1950s, fusing British fashion with sportswear. Its specific brand of double folding and laurel wreath captured the essence of technology and appealed to every athlete and teenager.

The polo has become a symbol of the younger rebel and fashion forward, seamlessly transitioning from the tennis courts to the streets as a staple of the fashion style scene.

Why do we love it?

We love the Fred Perry brand because it has a rich history and a completely unique identity. It’s an emblem that has been fueled and stimulated through many subcultures and movements over a long period of time, from mods to skinheads to punks to Britpop.

It’s a logo that celebrates diversity and individuality while honoring its history and being satisfying. A logo that is both classic and contemporary, timeless and modern.

Original Polo Button-Down Oxford by Brooks Brothers

brooks brothers polo shirt

Brooks Brothers Original, or OCBD for short, is a mythical piece of American menswear. It was introduced in 1896 as a dress for polo players who wanted a way to keep their collars from flapping in the wind during the game.

The answer turned into attaching the collar factors to the shirt frame with buttons, creating a distinctive and casual look. The shirt also became made of oxford cloth, a long-lasting and structured fabric that became more comfortable and convenient than the finer cottons of the time.

OCBDs quickly became popular among other athletes, including tennis players and golfers, who appreciated their ease of wear and movement. Moreover, it attracted the attention of Ivy League students who adopted it as the basis of their preppy style.

Why do we love it?

The shirt is flexible enough to be worn with a healthy tie or with jeans and a sweater. It’s also available in variations, along with a J. Press flap pocket, a Gant locker tab and Brooks Brothers signature 6 pleats.

OCBD has remained a classic and timeless piece of American style that inspires limitless imitations and adaptations. It has been worn by icons consisting of Miles Davis, John F. Kennedy, Steve Jobs and Barack Obama.

Classic cut by Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger polo shirt

This is another conventional piece. It was released in the 90s through Tommy Hilfiger, a visionary fashion designer who revolutionized the style business along with his sparkling and revolutionary take on conventional designs.

Its polo shirt is transformed into nineteenth-century sportswear, but modernized with modern capabilities that include vibrant colors, roomy reduction and famous flag branding.

Why do we love it?

The model was worn by rap stars including Snoop Dogg, Aaliyah and Puff Daddy, who mixed it with baggy jeans, leather jackets and skaters.

The timeless arrangement fits perfectly with some stories and fits into extraordinary cultures. The fact that you can wear it for more formal and casual looks says it all.

It represents the essence of the Tommy Hilfiger brand philosophy: innovation, comfort and beauty.

Other Popular Models

Hugo Boss Paddy Pro Polo Shirt: Became a go-to choice in the 2000s for those looking for style and comfort.

Burberry Check Placket Polo Shirt: Its iconic check pattern added a touch of luxury.

Lyle & Scott Vintage Polo Shirt: A symbol of quality and heritage.

Uniqlo Dry Pique Polo Shirt: Became a standard in the 2010s.

Sunspel Riviera Polo Shirt: Gained fame after Daniel Craig wore it as James Bond in “Casino Royale” (2006).

The Bottom Line

New brands and models are constantly popping up. However, one thing is certain, and that is the fact that some pieces are truly timeless, and Polo shorts belong to this group of legendary fashion.

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