Top 10 Best Golf Towel 2024 – Must Have Thing In Your Golf Bag!

Best Golf Towel - an important accessory for your bag

Golf is a game of details. Every swing, every putt, every choice we make on the course can influence the outcome of our game. While we often emphasize the importance of the right clubs or the perfect golf ball, there’s another piece of equipment that quietly plays a pivotal role: the golf towel.

It might seem trivial to some, but seasoned golfers understand its significance. A golf towel isn’t just for wiping off sweat or cleaning hands; it’s crucial for keeping our clubs in top condition, ensuring they’re free from dirt and moisture.

This seemingly simple accessory can make a difference, especially when the weather isn’t on our side. But, as I’ve learned, not all are the same. Some offer better absorbency, some are more durable, and others come with features that make them indispensable on the course.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes a golf towel truly stand out.

1. Greens Microfiber

Greens Towel MicroFiber Golf Towel

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I’ve tried countless golf towels over the years, but Greens Towel Microfiber truly stands out from the crowd. The first thing I noticed was its impeccable absorbency. Whether I was wiping away sweat on a hot day or cleaning my clubs, this towel was up to the task.

Its compact size was a pleasant surprise. I could easily attach it to my bag without it getting in the way, yet it was large enough to handle any cleaning task I threw at it. The vibrant pink color not only added a touch of style to my gear but also made it easy to spot among my belongings.

After several rounds of golf and multiple washes, the Greens Towel Microfiber has retained its softness and durability. It’s clear to me that this isn’t just another golf towel; it’s a high-quality accessory that has earned its place as my number one choice.


  • Efficiently wipes away moisture and dirt.
  • Perfectly sized for easy attachment to golf bags.
  • The pink hue adds a stylish touch and is easy to spot.
  • Stands up to repeated use and washes without losing its quality.
  • Ideal for cleaning clubs, balls, and personal use.
  • Great build quality
  • Easy to hold and carry
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • None so far


2. Mile High Life Microfiber Waffle Pattern Tri-fold

Mile High Life Microfiber Waffle Pattern Tri-fold Golf Towel

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Although I haven’t personally used the Mile High Life Microfiber, I’ve heard a lot about it from my fellow players. They often rave about its efficiency in cleaning their equipment. The waffle design, they say, is particularly effective in removing dirt, mud, sand, and grass.

The brush tool that comes with it seems to be a favorite among many, especially for its ability to clean both irons and woods. The variety of colors available also means that there’s something for everyone, regardless of their aesthetic preferences.

The heavy-duty aluminum clip is a thoughtful addition, ensuring the item stays attached to the bag without any risk of it getting lost. Overall, from what I’ve gathered, it seems like a valuable addition to any player’s collection.

Watch the following video and find out how it’s made:


  • Ensures efficient cleaning with its waffle design.
  • Comes with a Tri-fold Microfiber Waffle Pattern Towel.
  • The brush is designed to clean both irons and woods effectively.
  • Features a heavy-duty aluminum clip/carabiner for easy attachment to bags.
  • The 2 Ft zip-line ensures the brush is easily accessible during play.
  • Great usability
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Better performance
  • Color leak may be an issue while washing.


3. Fireball Towel-set

Fireball Golf Towel-set

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Fireball Golf Towel set is a great choice for those buyers who are looking reliable and extremely durable golf towel set that is meant to last for a longer period than normal microfiber towels.

The first thing that we loved about it is its perfect usability. The flawless performance and easy usability make this set an ideal choice to make without spending too much money on it.

The set comes with a wide range of accessories, including the golf cleaning brush, ball marker, and others. So, if you were looking to buy a product with the best value for money, you should once try a hands-on Fireball Golf Towel set. You will be amazed by its performance and usability.


  • The package includes 3 jumbo-sized, professional towels in unique colors.
  • Made of microfiber, ensuring efficient cleaning and durability.
  • They come in vibrant colors with a waffle weave design for effective cleaning.
  • Includes an oversized cleaning brush suitable for clubs.
  • The brush comes with a carabiner clip, ensuring it can be easily attached to a bag.
  • Great usability
  • An amazing list of accessories
  • Great value for money
  • None so far


4. Haphealgolf

Hphealgolf Golf Towel 1

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HPhealgolf Golf Towel is an ideal buy for those users who are looking to buy a reliable and highly efficient ones that has a better size that makes it easier to use and manage. With excellent performance and efficiency, this is a worthy set to go with.

The first thing that attracted us to the towel set is the perfect size. The set contains three that come preinstalled with carabiner clips for easy carry and usability. Also, the practical size of 16″x21″ makes the Haphealgolf Towel a great product for professional golfers.

Also, the great thing about this golf accessory is its easy cleaning and maintenance. You can easily wash and dry ti like the normal microfiber towels which make it an excellent choice to make for those buyers who prefer cleanliness and hygiene.


  • Comes in a pack of 2.
  • Each measures 16″ x 21″.
  • Tri-fold Microfiber Waffle design.
  • Available in a combination of Black and Gray.
  • Features a Carabiner Clip for easy attachment to other gear.
  • Amazing material quality
  • Easy to carry and maintain
  • Better life and usability
  • None so far


5. Frogger Wet and Dry

Frogger Golf Wet and dry golf towel

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Frogger Golf Wet and dry golf towel is an ideal buy for all those users who are looking for a unique quality print that looks amazing and offers great value.

The carabiner clip makes this one easy-to-use, and it comes in extremely handy when it comes to usability and carrying it. The great performance and easy usability together make the Frogger towel a perfect buy for the users.


  • It has two distinct layers.
  • Can be attached to any bag.
  • The design ensures that the towel doesn’t touch the ground when hung.
  • On rainy days, the interior remains dry for hands and grips.
  • Two-Sided Design
  • Stay Wet & Dry
  • 100% Bamboo Terry Inside
  • 100% Cotton Jacquard Outside
  • Price
  • Maintenance
  • Weight


Things To Consider Before You Buy

Apart from having a list of the best products, it is also essential to know about the points that can help you choose the best golf towel out of the list for yourself. So, here we are listing the top five points that you should consider while purchasing a new ones.


The first thing that you should look for while purchasing a new golf towel is the material. There are several types of material, including microfiber that offer great usability and are durable enough to be used for a longer period.

So, make sure to choose the material carefully when you are looking for the best-in-class performance.


Another important thing that you should be looking for while choosing the ideal golf towel is size.

Make sure that the towel you are planning to buy has a good size and offers the best usability to make you sweat-free. You can also opt for smaller ones for different needs if you have enough carrying space.

Clips and storage

New Golf Towel

Clips can be a great way to keep your towel in place while you’re swinging, and they’ll also help you store it easier.

Additionally, choosing a storage bag that’s the right size can make it easier to grab and go when you need it. Finally, be sure to try out different variants before making a purchase so that you find the perfect one for your game.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining your equipment is essential for any sport, and the same applies to the accessories used in the game. Proper care ensures longevity and optimal performance. For those accessories designed to keep your gear in top shape, regular upkeep is crucial. One such accessory, often overlooked but vital, is the cloth used to wipe down clubs and balls.

To ensure its effectiveness, it’s essential to wash this cloth after every few rounds or when visibly dirty. Using a mild detergent and cold water can help preserve the fabric’s integrity and absorbency. Avoid using fabric softeners, as they can reduce the absorbency of the material.

After washing, it’s best to let it air dry to maintain its shape and functionality. Regular maintenance not only ensures that your equipment stays clean but also prolongs the life of the accessory, making it a worthy investment in the long run.


The first thing you’ll want to decide is the color of your new golf towel. Do you prefer a light or dark color? What about a brightly-colored or one that’s more subdued? Consider what matches your personal style.

Also, keep in mind that the color will fade and become discolored after some time of use.


Why do golfers use a golf towel?

A golf towel is essential for keeping the golfer’s hands and clubs clean. By removing dirt, sweat, and other contaminants from the hands and clubface, it can help to improve your game. Golfers also use a golf towel to absorb water from their ball after hitting it.

Can I use my golf towel to wipe my shoes down?

A golf towel is a versatile tool that can be used for many different purposes. One of which is cleaning your shoes. If you are playing in wet conditions, it can be helpful to use it to dry your shoes off. Depending on the fabric, you may also be able to wipe down your clubs.

Should you wet your golf towel?

golf towel 1

Wetting your golf towel is a common practice among golfers. The purpose of wetting the towel is to cool the club after hitting it. There are some benefits to this practice, but there are also disadvantages. The primary benefit of wetting your golf towel is that it will help to reduce the temperature of the club.

What size should a good golf towel be?

A standard golf towel size ranges from 16″ x 24″ to 20″ x 40″. However, the best size depends on personal preference and how you intend to use it.

Should I get a towel with a waffle pattern or a smooth surface?

Waffle-patterned towels are known for their superior absorbency and ability to clean grooves on clubs effectively. Smooth ones are also effective but might not get into the grooves as deeply.

How do I attach the golf towel to my bag?

Many golf towels come with a carabiner clip or a grommet and hook, allowing you to easily attach them to your golf bag.


As I wrap up this guide on the best golf towels, I’m reminded of a time when I was just starting out in golf. I was a novice, unaware of the importance of accessories. It was a hot summer day, and my hands were sweaty, causing my grip on the club to slip.

Golf towels are more than just a piece of cloth. They’re an essential part of your golfing gear, helping to keep you and your equipment in top shape. They come in a variety of materials, sizes, and designs, catering to different needs and preferences.

However, remember that the best ones for you depends on your needs and preferences. Consider factors like material, size, and ease of maintenance when choosing the right one for you. And don’t forget about personal style – your golf towel can be a fun way to express your personality on the course.

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