10 Best Golf Glove for Sweaty Hands 2024 – Callaway, Under Armour, Puma, FootJoy…

Sweaty Hands Golf Glove

When you are playing golf on warm and sunny days, it can be hectic. These are the times when you’d need the best golf glove for sweaty hands. Because sweat can form quickly on your hands while playing golf for long periods.

If you want to avoid it slippery hands can severely impact your performance. Hot weather or not, you’d still need gloves that soak in the sweat generated in your hands so that you get a firm grip on your golf club.

These gloves will immensely help boost your performance as you’ll get enough control over your shots, which will eventually bring great results for you in a golfing tournament. Every glove has its unique features, and they are tried and tested in the market.

Top Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands Review 2024

So, to help you choose the suitable option, here is a list of some of the most-reputed golf gloves available in the market. Have a look at the following to know what separates them from other regular golfing gloves.

01. FootJoy Men’s Advanced Performance Leather Thumb WeatherSof Golf Gloves

FootJoy Men’s Advanced Performance Leather Thumb WeatherSof Golf Gloves

These Golf Gloves from FootJoy are ideal for gripping a golf club. These gloves provide you with the enhanced flexibility that you need when you play for longer hours.

With these gloves, you get solid comfort and feel that keeps you confident during a match or golf tournament.

Durable Enough

The WeatherSof gloves come with advanced leather material in the thumb and a palm patch, which enhances the grip’s feel. The material utilized in these gloves also ensures that it has a longer service life because of their durability.

Also, these gloves help you to get comfortable gripping in the key stress areas.

Ideal Fitting

Because of the fine material (FiberSof) used in the glove, you will get a secured, soft feeling and ideally fitting grip that allows you to go on for a longer duration on a golf course.

The Closure is Secured

The glove has a secured closure, so it fits and adjusts into your wrists comfortably, and hence it won’t slip out of your hands even if it gets sweaty while playing golf in hot weather.

Quality Mesh

The WeatherSof gloves have high-quality mesh, which provides comfort for your knuckles as they get smooth airflow through them. The mesh is also a big reason why they are flexible enough. This is a big reason why golfers mostly prefer them.

All-weather Gloves

The gloves are made for all seasons, so you can use them during any weather to play your sport. These gloves don’t slip or wear easily and are comfortable enough for all golfing seasons.

  • Comfortable grip
  • Durable
  • Ideal fitting
  • Quality Mesh
  • Can smell after prolonged usage
  • Lacks extra finger space


02. Callaway Golf Men’s High-Quality Weather Spann Premium Japanese Synthetic Golf Glove

Callaway Golf Men’s High-Quality Weather Spann Premium Japanese Synthetic Golf Glove

Made of Japanese synthetic, the Callaway weather span gloves are a must-net in your golf kit. These gloves are suitable for all seasons and are possibly the best golf glove for sweaty hands. Use these gloves and get the best results for yourself this golfing season.

High-quality Material

The Japanese Synthetic material offers flexibility and comfort, which is why you feel at ease while holding a golf club. Because of its flexible nature, you can carry on for a longer duration in a golf course.


These gloves are stretchable (four-way synthetic stretch), ensuring free airflow into your hands and keeping your knuckles comfortable. The gloves also have a moisture-soaking feature, which ensures that your hands don’t sweat, and you can continue playing longer.


Japanese synthetic gloves consist of small holes or perforations on the palm, top of the hand, and fingers. This is why there is no possibility of retaining moisture and also keeps your hands comfortable due to breathability.

Palm Patches

Callaway gloves come with reinforced patches in your palm. This is why your gloves will run longer, and you don’t need to worry about finding their immediate replacement.

Adjustable Closure

The gloves have an adjustable closure, which means adjusting to all writs and are super fit. Wearing these gloves, you don’t feel uncomfortable at any point of time during your golfing session.

Lightweight and Convenient

Because of the thin material used in these gloves, they are relatively lighter in weight and convenient too. The all-weather glove is hence one of the most demanded products in the golfing arena.

  • High-quality Japanese material
  • Four-way stretchable
  • Secure fitting
  • Palm patches (reinforced)
  • Can wear out due to regular use


03. Callaway Premium Feel, Fit and Comfort Golf Men’s OptiColor Leather Glove

Callaway Premium Feel, Fit and Comfort Golf Men’s OptiColor Leather Glove

The Callaway leather gloves are the ultimate ones as far as comfort and flexibility are concerned. The leather-made gloves are remarkable due to their incredible features like comfortable feel, moisture-resistance, stretchable, etc.

Here is a detailed analysis:


The quality material used in Callaway gloves is one of the primary reasons for its enhanced longevity. Not only do you get too much comfort wearing these gloves, but because of its long service life, you don’t need to worry about replacing them soon.


These gloves consist of perforations in the palm and fingers, which ensures that they are breathable enough, and because of airflow, your palms remain dry all through while playing.

Different Colors

Apart from the black color, these gloves are available in different shades to match your profile. So, apart from the convenience factor, the glove manufacturers have included the stylish factor in it.

Smooth Grip

When you choose a golf club, gripping is the critical feature that you consider. The Callaway gloves ensure that you have a firm grip on your club, thereby helping you to play each stroke with precision.

Enough Space

The gloves offer adequate spacing for your fingers so that they get enough space to move, and you don’t feel suffocation in your hands. Hence, your fingers can move freely, ensuring you get a much more improved grip on your club.


The Callaway gloves are lightweight too, which is why they are suitable for all golfing tours. Whether you are a professional or an armature, this item is an ideal choice for your sporting event.

  • Quality material
  • Perforated glove
  • Different shades
  • Comfortable grip
  • Colors can fade sometimes
  • Can have durability issues


04. Bionic Gloves – Men’s Bionic Patented Pad Technology StableGrip Golf Glove

Bionic Gloves – Men’s Bionic Patented Pad Technology StableGrip Golf Glove

The Bionic Gloves are tailor-made for your hands. This is why they are super comfortable to wear and perform in the sport. When you wear them, you won’t feel that you are wearing a glove; it feels like your hand’s skin.

That’s the reason why most golfers prefer them.

Comfortable Grip

The gloves consist of finger pads, which give you a comfortable yet stable grip. The padding system evenly spreads the pressure onto the surface of your hand. Hence, your grip will be lighter, and you’ll have full control over your game, which will fetch you good scores.

Premium Quality Material

The gloves are made with premium quality genuine leather, which is why their longevity is relatively high. Alongside this, they offer extra padding on the palm that provides additional support.


The Bionic gloves ensure that your hands don’t get sweaty while playing. They have mini towels/soft fiber (Lycra) placed inside the gloves, preventing moisture from getting into your hands and keeping them dry. Hence, these gloves are quite breathable.

Tapered Finger Design

The tapered design of the gloves ensures that it fits according to your finger’s shape. Hence, they naturally fit your fingers.

Easily Removable

The gloves come with an easy grab tab, which is why it becomes easy for you to remove them quickly.

Easily Washable

If dirty, these gloves can be washed easily in a machine wash. Just make sure that you are using a mild soap and not any bleach. Maintaining the gloves well will also enhance its longevity.

  • Breathable
  • Washable
  • High-quality leather
  • Extra padding on the palm
  • Not approved by USGA


05. Zero Friction Men’s Smooth and Microfiber Back Compression-Fit Synthetic Golf Glove

Zero Friction Men’s Smooth and Microfiber Back Compression-Fit Synthetic Golf Glove

The Zero friction Glove is made to fit into different sizes of palms, whether it’s small or double-extra large. The glove is quite soft and also allows you for a comfortable grip of your golf club.

They are ideally suited for all golfers, whether occasional or a regular player.


The glove is made of synthetic digital material, which is why they are long-lasting and offer you a smooth feel. Because of the material, the glove offers you enhanced performance, and the smooth feel ensures you can carry on for longer hours on a golf course.

Synthetic Patch

A synthetic patch surrounds the first finger, which means there is lesser pressure, and you get a firm grip. When your grip is better, your performance automatically improves, and so does your scores.


Lycra is used strategically inside the glove, all through the finger, palm, and back of the hand. Hence, you get better breathability and an ideal fitting of the glove.

It means that you can easily get used to these gloves, and it won’t take much time (as often happens with newer gloves).


The gloves are not only useful but equally appealing too. There are different colors available for these gloves like red, white, orange, lime green, etc., which are quite suitable for the 21st century.

The gloves match well with all stylist profiles because of its sleek look.

All-weather Glove

The synthetic glove is ideal for all seasons. Moreover, it is moisture-resistant and doesn’t allow sweat to build on your palms, making it one of the best golf gloves for sweaty hands. Besides, it comes with a ball marker and a detachable tee.

  • Breathable
  • Synthetic patch
  • Good Looks
  • Digital leather
  • Comfort can be average


06. Under Armour Mens Premium Grip System Gives you Maximum Control UA Iso-Chill Golf Gloves

Under Armour Mens Premium Grip System Gives you Maximum Control UA Iso-Chill Golf Gloves

Under Armour Gloves are designed, keeping comfort and efficiency in mind to give you the best results. With these gloves, you get an elevated level of performance, and hence they are one of the premium golfing products available in the market.


The product is made with a combination of materials like Leather (Soft Cabretta leather), Polyester, Nylon, Elastane, Polyurethane, etc., which ensures they offer you utmost comfort along with extended longevity.

They are one of the most dependable gloving gloves.


These Gloves prevent moisture from getting into the gloves, making your hands sweaty and affecting your performance. Using the ISO-Chill gloves makes you stress-free about your hands getting wet, thereby the club slipping out of your hands.

You can enjoy your game freely with these tried and tested gloves.

Micro Perforations

The product comes with micro-perforations around the thumb and on the fingers to keep the smooth airflow going. It ensures enough breathability in the gloves, and you get a smooth feel, although the playing duration.

Comfortable Grip

The Iso-chill glove offers you a premium gripping system, and hence you get the ideal grip you would need while holding the golf club. With a suitable grip, you can efficiently play your strokes and maximize your scores.

In-built Closure Tabs

Because of the in-built closure tabs, these gloves offer you customized and adjustable fitting. Hence, you will get used to these gloves quickly and play confidently on the golf field.


The seam taping construction of the gloves is the reason for its smooth fitting and appealing looks. These gloves can match with all the colors of your golfing kit and your stylist profile too.

  • Premium grip
  • Soft Cabretta leather
  • Micro perforations
  • UA Tour cool fabric
  • Seam taping construction
  • In-built closure tab
  • Can have durability issues
  • Can have performance issues after regular usage


07. FINGER TEN Men’s High-Grade Cabretta Leather Golf Glove

FINGER TEN Men’s High-Grade Cabretta Leather Golf Glove

If you are quite regular at the golf course, then the finger ten gloves are ideal for you. The all-weather gloves are intended for daily practice, and you will feel quite comfortable gripping your club when you put them on.


The gloves are manufactured using high-quality Cabretta leather, which offers extra cushion to your thumb, and also, there is additional padding to offer you a more enhanced grip. Moreover, you get a smooth feel, and they are durable too.

Solid Grip

No one can complain about the grip of these gloves. The extra padding offered in the gloves ensures that you get a comfortable and secure grip.


Since the finger ten gloves are made of high-quality synthetic leather, they are very flexible. The placement of smooth Lycra Spandex fabric on the fingers gives you enough cushion to ensure there isn’t much pressure exerted on your fingers, and also, there is enough breathability.


These gloves are available in different sizes like S, M, ML, L, XL, etc. suitable for almost all sizes of hands.

3D Mesh

Another outstanding feature of these gloves is that these gloves consist of 3D Mesh. This mechanism sucks in all the moisture and ensures that your hands don’t sweat during the play.

All the moisture gets sucked into the Mesh, so your hands always remain dry.


Because of the fabric used in the gloves, they are relatively lightweight and convenient to use. They are moisture-resistant products, so they don’t get heavier by absorbing water, so they remain light and easy to use.

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • 3D Mesh
  • Great Grip
  • Not ideal for cold weather


08. Titleist Men’s Premium Quality Perma Soft Golf Glove

Titleist Men’s Premium Quality Perma Soft Golf Glove

Perma Soft Gloves are one of the most suitable gloves which you certainly want while playing. These gloves come with a super comfortable grip, smooth feel, durability, fitting, and virtually everything you’d want from a well-designed golf glove.


The glove material is of soft Cabretta leather, which ensures that its softness is retained for longer durations. Whenever you are playing, you will feel quite soft on your palm area, which keeps you going on the golf course.

Moisture Resistant

The best golf gloves for sweaty hands are designed to resist moisture from getting into the gloves and making them heavy. Hence, your hands will remain dry all through while you play, and it would improve your performance with the golf club.


The gloves have perforations around the thumb and fingers that help keep the ventilation going, and you will feel enough breathability.


The gloves are ideal fitting to your palm size. Hence, when you put them on, your hands stay perfectly connected with the club, which means you never lose your grip while going for the bigger strokes.

Unrestricted Hand Movement

The gloves are stitched so that they do not affect either your hand movement or the grip. The gloves are reinforced with satin at the thumb and cuff to ensure that they won’t fall apart under pressure.


Since they are moisture-resistant, they don’t get heavy due to sweat from your hands. Therefore, they can be used conveniently for long hours during the playing season. You don’t need to worry about replacing them either.

  • Available in different sizes
  • Fine stitching
  • High breathability
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Moisture-resistant
  • The glove palm can wear quickly


09. PUMA Men’s Advanced Synthetic Leather Flexlite Golf Glove

PUMA Men’s Advanced Synthetic Leather Flexlite Golf Glove

When you look for a performance-enhancer golf glove, then the Flexlite Gloves are the tailor-made solution for you. The PUMA Men’s gloves are perfect for all golfers and last longer for several golfing seasons.

Therefore, it’s a must-have product that you would want in your golf kit.


The glove is made with synthetic leather, which keeps it lasting for long. Also, because of this material, you get comfortable while wearing it, which undoubtedly helps you to improve your performance to a great extent.


The gloves have a four-way stretchable feature. The Lycra fiber used in the gloves ensures that your fingers stay relaxed, and your pressure isn’t exerted on them. Therefore, you are in control and can stay focused on your game.


The gloves are designed to fit into almost all palm sizes so that you get used to them quickly while can play for long hours. This makes the gloves one of the most trustworthy ones in the market.

Secure Grip

The glove’s grip is more secure, which is what you need while playing those long-range shots. More security on the grip makes you feel confident and more assured while playing. Therefore, you can play more controlled shots on the field.


The closure of the glove is another intriguing feature. It is also another reason why you will feel comfortable with the glove. The ideal closure will ensure that it fits perfectly in your hands and you get a proper grip.

All-in-all, the Puma Flexlite Glove is undoubtedly worth a try.

  • Breathable
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Synthetic leather
  • 4-way stretchable
  • Best fit
  • Closure
  • Can smell if wet


10. TaylorMade Men’s Breathability Creates Comfort Stratus All Leather Golf Glove

TaylorMade Men’s Breathability Creates Comfort Stratus All Leather Golf Glove

The TaylorMade Glove is ideal for all seasons, and they are one of the most preferred products by numerous golfers around the world. These gloves are famous for their durability, comfort, feel, and many attributes.


The gloves are made of genuine leather, which is why they offer you a longer service life and are comfortable too. The long-lasting feature ensures that you can carry on with them for a long time while playing, and you won’t need a new pair of gloves as a replacement soon.


Since they are long-lasting, it guarantees their durability. The material won’t wear easily. Therefore, even if you a golfing pro, you can use them regularly, and your performance won’t be affected due to disintegrating gloves.


Because of the comfort that these gloves offer, you’ll get a soft feel on your palms. The gloves’ softness allows you to grip your club better without putting too much pressure on your hands.

In this way, you can have more control over your strokes, particularly the long-range ones.


These gloves have perforations, which is why there is a smooth airflow into your fingers, palms, etc. Because of enough breathability, you will never feel tension or on your fingers and will be relaxed throughout the sport.

The breathability ensures that there is smooth blood circulation on your fingers.

Lightweight and Moisture-resistant

The TaylorMade Gloves don’t allow moisture to build onto your hands. Therefore the gloves don’t get heavier due to excess moisture and remain lighter, convenient for you while playing.

  • Leather Material
  • Durable
  • Comfortable grip
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight and moisture-resistant
  • The Glove Palm can disintegrate (after long use)


What’re the True Facts of Buying the Best Golf Glove for Sweaty Hands

glove for golf

All the gloves have, more or less, the same characteristics. They are built using a delicate, adaptable material that offers the golfers the ideal feel and grip. However, the golf game is quite intricate; even if you overlook the one-minute aspect.

It will have a tremendous effect on your game. The golf glove is no different. So, what are the essential factors to look for in a glove? The essential things include comfort factor, grip, breathability, durability, etc.

If you haven’t utilized a glove previously and are completely unknown of a golf glove, you must know about the essential features that a glove should have. So, let’s check them out:

The Comfort Factor

As your gloves will be in your hands all through the golf rounds, you need to ensure that the glove is an ideal fit. Ensure that the glove you have decided to buy has appropriate sewing and ventilation before investing in it.

Remember that comfort should never be sacrificed.


When you are buying a glove club, obviously, you’d want to have a superior grip. So clearly, the grip is something that shouldn’t be neglected at all. This is really more up to individual inclination, yet there are a few gloves that offer more traction than some others.

Some leather-made gloves can give you much traction. Always remember that grip is an essential factor to look for in a glove. The comfort, durability, etc. matters too; however, a solid grip does a world of good to you in building your confidence in the golf course.

A firm grip ensures you have better control of your golf club to play your strokes better.

Durable Enough

You would prefer not to must purchase new golf gloves every time. Not only just buying a glove but getting used to it is the essential aspect. You might need to invest a little more; however, your overall outcomes will be well justified, despite all the trouble.

NEW golf gloves


When you continue to play with a golf glove in the warmth of summer, it will, without a doubt, make your hand damp. Therefore, make sure that your gloves are breathable enough.

This will assist with diminishing the overall perspiration and the development of heat inside the glove.

Suitable for all Seasons

It entirely depends upon the climate where you play. If you are playing golf somewhere where there is consistent sunshine, good breathability will work fine.

But, if you play in those areas where the climate varies frequently, look for all-weather gloves, particularly the ones ideal for the rainy season (if you live in the UK).

Some other features to look for:


Color doesn’t matter that much to many golfers, especially since it has nothing to do with performance. Nonetheless, a few of us need the stylist feature too. An average glove will be white with a mix of the little black.

However, you can find some other colors too. If you invest some time in your research, you will indeed find a glove with your preferred color. All it matters is what you are looking for that stylishly fits with your golf kit.

color golf glove 1

The Ball Marker

It is a crucial feature in any glove. It isn’t the common aspect that everyone looks for, but it is beneficial to have if they are struggling to track the marker.

You’ll find some specially designed gloves that come with the ball marker feature, which immensely helps the golfers on the field.


Purchasing a golf glove is much the same as purchasing some other sort of golf gear. One glove doesn’t fit in all palms, so ensure that you pick something that fits ideally into your hands.

The best thing about these gloves is that there are sizes accessible for everybody, so you won’t experience any difficulty whatsoever finding the ideal size for yourself.

Best Golf Glove for Sweaty Hands – FAQs

Q. What are the Advantages that a Golf Glove brings?

Ans: A golf club might wear it irrespective of the weather outside; however, they genuinely sparkle when it’s muggy and hot. As you continue to wipe the sweat off your forehead repeatedly while playing, you are bound to have slippery palms.

This is where the best golf glove for sweaty hands is useful. You won’t be able to hold your club firmly without these gloves. Control is most essential in this game, and with a golf glove, you get that supreme control.

That’s why many golfers want those gloves that give them ideal control over their grip.

Q. On which hand should I put the gloves?

Ans: Many people are curious to know this answer. You should be wearing it on your non-dominating hand; it’s the hand that holds the head of your club shaft.

Q. How should I be cleaning the gloves?

Ans: Numerous gloves will have cleaning instructions on them. If that’s the case with your glove, then follow them. The best approach is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It’s always possible to wash Synthetic gloves.

It won’t make any difference whether you are machine washing them or washing them by hand. However, hand washing is the best option when you have doubts. You need to be more cautious with leather gloves, though.

cleaning the gloves 2

Ideally, you shouldn’t be washing the leather gloves. Usually, you can solve the issues that happen with these gloves. If there is a foul smell, spray to remove it. If they are grimy or obviously dirty, it might be a lot harder to pull off. You might need to hand wash them.

Don’t ever think of machine washing! It’s a strict no. The one thing that you should be wary of is the temperature at which you are washing them. If you are using too hot water, then the gloves could crumble. Water, which is a little warm or cold, would be the smartest option.

Q. How to prevent the gloves from getting dried up?

Ans: When they get wet, numerous gloves become shrouded. When the leather gloves are dry in this situation (shrouded), they can turn out to be challenging to get straightened.

Forestalling this is obviously superior compared to trying and getting a resolution for it whenever it has happened. There is a way you might make use of to ensure that you don’t succumb to crusting.

Whenever your gloves are wet and start to get dry, start stretching them when they are still dry. Don’t allow them to shrink.

Q. What Golf gloves to choose from- synthetic or leather?

Ans: A golf glove is manufactured either using some synthetic material or leather. Each of these materials has its own benefits and features. For example, leather is ideal for keeping your hands warm.

synthetic or leather golf gloves

It is such a compact material that doesn’t allow air and different components to overcome it and get through. This is why you will think that it has small holes in it (perforation) to guarantee that there is some air ventilation.

Though other leathers don’t have the breathable properties as a synthetic material, Cabretta leather, which is broadly utilized in golf glove production, is a class apart. Also, remember that the synthetic golf glove gets dried quickly compared to leather gloves.

What the golfers don’t want is the stitches to fall off on what actually is a fine glove. Such an issue is quite normal in other gloves but not synthetic ones. This is mostly because if the gloves don’t get adequately dried, they will start to get hard and get crusty.

Because of this, more pressure is put on the stitches because the material gets rigid. This is something that you certainly wouldn’t want to happen with the glove which you are used to it. So, try and avoid these situations at the earliest.

Q. How do I fix excessively sweaty hands?

If your hands are excessively sweaty, there are a few things you can do to fix the problem. First, try to avoid triggers that make your hands sweat. Common triggers include heat, anxiety, and exercise. If you can’t avoid sweating, you can try using antiperspirants or wipes to help control the sweating.

You can also try Botox injections to help control sweating. If these treatments don’t work, you may need to see a doctor for more aggressive treatment options.


golfer with gloves

Hence, it’s quite evident that high-quality, all-season, moisture-proof golfing gloves are the way to go if you want a superior performance this golfing season.

All these gloves are reputed because of their premium features and are widely acknowledged by several golfers worldwide. Different golfers have different requirements for gloving gloves.

They look at different things like size, comfort, feel durability, and so on. However, the gloves mentioned in the list above will undoubtedly satisfy all your needs and help you to take your performance to the next level.

You can look at some of the best golf gloves for sweaty hands yourself by visiting online websites, doing your research, and understanding the ideal solution for you. Always remember that the item you pick will be your long-term companion on the golf course.

Therefore, don’t rush into it. Check every feature in detail and buy the best one as you won’t want to struggle with inappropriate gloves, especially during the middle of play!

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