Top 9 Best Golf Drivers 2024 – High-Quality Picks

High Quality Golf Drivers

Every golfer wanted to perform better and always wishes to score more on the golf course. Apart from having strong willpower and excellent golf techniques, the player should also have the best golf drivers while playing golf with friends or while performing in a tournament. The golf drivers surely make a difference in the performance and scores of the golfers.

Most of the brand companies in the market produce high-quality drivers based on the most-modern technology. The drivers are designed with excellent features that can easily match the swing, shot, and speed of the golfer.

The following given links of the best golf drivers manufactured by various branded companies will be useful. It will help you to buy the best golf driver available.

List of Top Best Golf Drivers Review

1. TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver

TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black Driver

Taylormade Golf Company is committed to innovation with authenticity for golfers who have a passion for the game. Many renowned golfers become part of the company and members of the PGA tour. It has connected people to the game and inspired the new generation of golfers.

The RBZ drivers offer new-generation features to combine aggressive style with leading performances. The club head is made of titanium. It has weight around the perimeter of the club, which is easy to hold and play the shots having complete control.

The satin black finish with an elegant design has an adjustable loft sleeve that is useful for optimized launch and trajectory. It is the best driver for players who are looking for a trendy club in the bag. It allows more distance while having a high launch and low spin.

  • The driver allows innovation and authenticity for the golfers.
  • It offers an aggressive style and high performance.
  • It is available in limited colors.


2. PGX Golf  Offset Driver

PGX Golf  Offset Driver

PGX golf offset driver is based on offset anti-slice techniques that square the ball with an impact of the shot. The head cover of the driver has a square face and matte black finish giving it a shiny and sleek look. The offset of the driver helps you square the ball when you play the shot. The square-face driver when shooting the ball covers a long distance under the impact.

Most of the golfers wanted to play better and to have a good score. To send the ball in the air at a longer distance is possible only if you get a driver of excellent quality. The PGX offset drivers are more consistent and reliable while using it on the golf course. The drivers with sturdy heads are easy to hold and swing while playing your favorite shots to have a high score.

  • The driver supports offset anti-slice technology.
  • It has a huge impact on the shots.
  • It is expensive when compared to other branded drivers.


3. Intech Golf  Extra Long Driver

Intech Golf  Extra Long Driver

Intech golf illegal non-conforming extra long-distance oversized Behemoth 520cc driver is oversized. The size exceeds the maximum size limit defined by USGA. The supersized MOI design is bigger in size. The Intech Behemoth shaft matches its size with any graphite shaft.

Though it is called illegal, it satisfies all the necessary terms. According to the USGA, the size of the driver isn’t the only feature to be restricted even the type of material used and the size of the club too should be considered.

The Intech driver is very useful during the practice sessions, and many of the senior golfers don’t worry about the driver being declared illegal by USGA. The driver is available in the market in multiple sizes, which are of a high standard. The club has gaps on both sides. The gaps remove the sand stored inside the club while hitting the ball from the bunkers.

  • The driver available in multiple sizes is of a high standard but illegal.
  • Not easily available in the market.


4. Intech TEC Plus MOI design driver

The Intech TEC plus is a driver with MOI design. The driver has the maximum size allowed by the USGA. The Tech Plus driver is made of forged alloy, which is pre-assembled using a strong graphite shaft and Ti-Matrix. The titanium matrix is used in designing the driver, and it results in offering excellent tee shots of long distances. The head cover is made of smooth plastic and easy-to-grip rubber, which remains long and durable.

The driver is small in size with upgraded techniques, which allows a flight of the ball to remain high and consistent. The golfers enjoy the feel of the driver while playing the desired shots. The driver is carefully packaged while delivered on the doorsteps. The nicely designed packet is worth the money spent.

  • The driver supports upgraded technology.
  • The packaging is excellent.
  • Limited color and designs.


5. Callaway Golf Flash Driver

Callaway Golf Flash Driver

Callaway epic flash driver introduces the Flash face technology. The technology is based on artificial intelligence. It offers techniques to the golfers so that the ball can travel long distances at a very high speed. It is for the first time that such advanced technology is used in the golf industry. The technology makes the ball move faster, higher, and further.

The Callaway driver is nominated as the best driver by the expert panel, which includes 13 fitters from the top-rank club. The driver is recognized for its high swing speed, which is exceptional.

The engineers working at Callaway have used artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to build a radically designed face that supports the faster speed of the ball. The driver is bigger in size and accurate. The golfers enjoy it when they use the driver and reach the target easily.

  • Artificial intelligence makes the driver exceptional.
  • Not easily available in the market.


Buying Guide for Golf Drivers

epic flash driver

Are you planning to buy a good quality golf driver? Read the buying guide and understand the required objectives given below, which will help you in taking the decision at once.


Golfers with a higher loft (i.e., those hit with more spin) tend to shoot straighter and farther than those with a lower loft. However, there are some drawbacks to using a high-loft driver. First, they can be harder to hit because you need more power to get them down the fairway.

Second, they can be less forgiving when it comes to mishits or poor shots. So if you’re looking for an easy green-instrumenting experience, go with a lower-loft golf driver. If you’re okay sacrificing some distance and accuracy for an easier time hitting the ball in the general vicinity of the hole, go with a higher-loft golf driver.

Driver Shaft:

The shafts are made of titanium, granite or steel. The shafts made of steel are heavy but have lower prices. The titanium and graphite shafts are expensive but lightweight and can be easily used to hit the ball, which goes a long distance at high speed. You can decide which one suits you best.

Size & Material:

The drivers with large club-head are mainly the most preferred among many choices. The bigger the size, the more accurate it is. Also, the material should be sturdy but lightweight. Titanium is a good quality material that remains long and durable.

long golf driver

Weight & Length:

The golfers prefer drivers having lightweight which makes them easy to handle. The driver’s weight can be around 270 to 300g which is ideal. The height of the driver should be between 45 to 48 inches. The height of the driver allows overall control while playing the shots.

The other factors include the price of the driver, which should be affordable, warranty against manufacturing defects, or exchange of the accessories which make the deal perfect.


1. How long should a golf driver be for my height?

Choosing the right golf driver length for your height is essential to ensuring that you hit the ball consistently and with accuracy. This table will show you all the information you need:

Your Height Length Adjustment (From Standard) Recommended Adjustment (From Standard)
6’8″+ Add 2 Inch Add 1 Inch
6’6″-6’8″ Add 1.5 Inch Add 0.5 Inches
6’4″-6’6″ Add 1 Inch Standard
6’2″-6’4″ Add 0.5 Inch Decrease 0.5 Inch
6’1″-6’2″ Add 0.25 Inch Decrease 0.75 Inch
5’7″-6’1″ Standard Decrease 1 Inch
5’4″-5’7″ Decrease 0.25 Inch Decrease 1.25 Inch
5’2″-5’4″ Decrease 0.5 Inch Decrease 1.5 Inch
5’0″-5’2″ Decrease 1 Inch Decrease 2 Inch


2. What is the easiest golf driver to hit straight?

One of the easiest golf drivers to hit straight is the driver with a shorter shaft. Shorter shafts are easier to swing because it takes less time for your arms and hands to travel the entire length of the club. They also have a smaller sweet spot, so you have to hit them straighter to get good results.

3. How much should I spend on a driver?

The amount you should spend on a driver depends on your needs and budget. Generally, the more you pay, the better the driver will be. However, not all drivers are created equal, so it’s important to do your research before making a decision.

golf drivers rbz 1

Final Words:

The above-discussed brand golf drivers of different companies allow you to have a better understanding of golf drivers. Find the details of every brand driver given in the list. Also, the tips given in the buying guide are useful in deciding the most suitable golf driver as per your need and budget.

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