15 Best Golf Balls For Beginners In the Market 2024 – Top Picks for Amateurs

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If you have taken an interest in the princely game of golf, but do not know which ball to use, you are definitely in the right place. Of all the issues confronting an amateur golfer, getting the best golf balls for beginners lies at the top of the list.

In golf, the ball you select will go a long way in affecting your performance and overall experience. Like any other beginner in the game of golf, you need all the assistance you can get.

The 15 Best Golf Balls for Beginners Review 2024

Many beginners, simply decide to experiment with all kinds of balls and as they keep misplacing balls frequently, they keep replacing them with any type.

However, they soon realize quickly enough that not all golf balls are the same. But that said, one cannot just differentiate them by just taking a look.

01. Callaway Trigonometry Cover Formulation Supersoft Balls

Callaway Trigonometry Cover Formulation Supersoft Balls

Interestingly, this set from Callaway is available in yellow, lime, and white colors. If this ball is perfect for your swing, then go for it by all means.

But it must be said that it is not for every golfer. If you are going to use it, then it has to be the perfect fit when you swing.

Soft Feel

Immediately you touch the Supersoft Golf Ball from the Callaway brand, you will notice how soft it is. This is not an accident as the 38-compression designs make it one of the softest as far as golf balls in the market are concerned.

In other words, the name that has been given to the ball is fitting. If you can get a grip on the swing speeds, it is the real deal.

Low Spins

Many golfers want a golf ball that has low spin so that they can have optimal performance, especially with speed. As a beginner, that is not what you want.

The Supersoft golf ball from Callaway does not come with decreased spin rates and is good for your practice. That the ball comes soft means that you are going to find it easy to use even from the least of swings.

That way, you as a beginner can work on and get better with your accuracy. As the ball can absorb energy based on its design, practicing as a beginner with the ball is on point.

The durability is another aspect of the ball that cannot be ignored – the cover is made using Surlyn.

  • Attractive appearance
  • Optimal spin
  • Price beyond range

02. Titleist Pro V1 Extraordinary Distance With Consistent Flight Golf Ball

Titleist Pro V1 Extraordinary Distance With Consistent Flight Golf Ball

Even though you are a beginner, the earlier you start working on shooting your scores the better. That said, there is no cooler way to get this done than to use Pro V1 golf balls from Titleist.

This is one ball that is known for giving an absolute performance at every stage of use. From the highly-soft feel to the impressive flight, this is a ball that amateurs will find fun to use.

Impressive Colors

Furthermore, the golf ball comes in stunning yellow but that is not all there is to it. You are going to enjoy the trajectory, impressive game control (which is good for practice), and low spin for the long game.

Besides, it is also known for covering long distances with a steady flight.

Modern Improvements

Moreover, this model is one that has come with a lot of improvements. From first-class aerodynamics to consistency in flight, it is even better in terms of the speed and distance that is covered.

Hence, it is available in white and yellow with the yellow blended on it using urethane and not just painting like with the white ones.

Maximal Speed

With the innovative 2.0 ZG Process Core located right in the middle of the ball, it can maximize speed in flight to cover even greater distances.

Also, this is made possible because of the design that allowed the external parts of the core harder than in the previous versions. However, the softness in the middle remains consistent.

  • Improvements with many features
  • Allows for maximum speed
  • Cost is an issue

03. Nike Textiles are Included Player Pen Marking Logos Mix Ball

Nike Textiles are Included Player Pen Marking Logos Mix Ball

Golf balls are also good options that you can consider. Graded as 4A, they are not the favorites for professionals. However, if you are looking for golf balls to just practice with, they are a very good option for you.

As expected and understandably, the popular Nike brand is part of the appeal, and getting several Nike products at a pocket-friendly price without compromising the performance or quality of your game is encouraging.

Covers and Cores

Interestingly, the covers and cores come across as outstanding but it seems what got to attract many is the pricing which is considered to be very considerate.

If you are an amateur interested in experimenting with a golf ball from a major brand like Nike but without breaking a bank to do so, this is the choice for you.

Consistent Flights

When it comes to flight, the balls are consistent, fast, and straight, they can also be used with all kinds of golf clubs. As far as getting the maximal value for money is concerned, this is not a bad deal at all. Since it comes as a mixed golf ball set, there is variety.

Sophisticated Design

Hence, this is because they often come with balls of several designs and styles from the Nike brand. You can select the one that you will be most comfortable with.

Besides, it is ideal for beginners as there is not a lot of sophistication about it. The most exciting thing about these golf balls is that you get to practice with all kinds of balls – just fitting for a beginner.

  • Reliable flight control
  • Excellent grip
  • It maybe suited better for professionals

04. Polara Ultimate Straight Self-Correcting Golf Balls for Recreational Golfers

Polara Ultimate Straight Self-Correcting Golf Balls for Recreational Golfers

One of the most amazing things about this golf ball from Polara is that when it comes to sophisticated technology, it is matchless. As an amateur golfer, you are going to have issues when it comes to constant hooking or even slicing off the tee.

Moreover, this golf ball has been designed to help you sort this. Besides, it has a remarkable two-layer construction of an external cover and an inner, central core that helps you get maximum performance.

Ideal Aerodynamic Design

 As it comes where reduced aerodynamic lift, the golf ball can self-correct itself in flight. As a result, you can have a remarkably lower level of fixes slices and hooks.

This is ideal for you as an amateur golfer. Being a beginner means you have to constantly do all that is needed for you to improve your game and performance.

With this amazing product from Polara, you can do all the improvements and adjustments you want. For practice sessions, you will be able to master your swings and slices with this golf ball.

Perfect for Recreation

According to the brand itself, this golf ball was designed for those who want to play golf as a recreational activity and not for professionals who are into competitive events like tournaments.

For someone like you who is just starting out golfing, this is just the perfect fit for you, do not think twice before you get yours.

  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Good for practice
  • Price not pocket-friendly

05. Callaway Supersoft Improved Core Designed to Promote Faster Golf Ball

Callaway Supersoft Improved Core Designed to Promote Faster Golf Ball

Here is another golf ball that has been specially designed to give maximum delivery and optimal performance for golfers. The new sets of Callaway Supersoft golf balls are designed to be straight.

Thus it is compatible with long-distance balls but also comes as very soft, alongside super low compression core leading to swift ball speeds, low drag, and incredibly low spin.

Optimized Precision

Also, there are several benefits and features and the first is the swift ball speed and optimized precision which is generated from its super low compression core. The sophisticated core allows for a low spin which gives farther and more direct flights with full shots.

But that is not all, another main advantage with it is that the ball has longer distance and farther carry. Moreover, this is made possible with the upgraded HEX Aerodynamics feature.

This allows for a reduced rate of spin which decreases drag and improves lift which allows elevated carry, maximal flight, and even long distance.

Improved Feel

Besides, the Golf Supersoft Golf Ball from Callaway also comes with an improved feel and an improved greenside control originating from its much softer cover.

Also, the recent Trionomer cover design adds to the softness alongside a low compression which gives you much more increased spins that give greater control over shots.

As a result of its outstanding designs, it is no surprise that the reviews from those who have bought it are overwhelmingly positive and those who have used it are always recommending it for others as well.

  • Excellent swings
  • Remarkable design
  • Too scarce
  • Not cost-effective

06. Callaway Superhot Bold Matte Red Golf Balls (30 Ball Pack)

Callaway Superhot Bold Matte Red Golf Balls (30 Ball Pack)

Honestly, a beginner in the game of golf needs a ball that can provide maximum flexibility and also allow the user to learn as much as possible while playing.

That is where the Superhot Bold Matte Red golf ball comes into the picture. Also, this golf ball is a long-distance one that offers impressive game spin and control alongside its remarkable design.


Decreased Drag

Several benefits, details, and interesting features make this golf ball stand out. To list, the first is that it allows you to experiment with long-distance shots from the tee to the green.

To stress, this is made possible as a result of the aerodynamic design that has been embedded in the golf ball and it allows for maximal lift and reduced drag. Also, these design features ensure that the ball remains longer in the air with more strength.

Fine MATTE Finish

It also allows for longer game control and spin, it blends a three-piece structure and a soft inner core which gives room for more control and spin on the green. In addition to all these, it is noteworthy to point out that it is available in several MATTE finishes: these are orange, red, and yellow options.

As an amateur, if you have been wondering about the kind of golf ball that you should start with, this product from Callaway Golf is one that will make you enjoy your practice sessions. It has been designed with the beginner in mind, all you need to do is to get yours.

  • Diverse finish options
  • Reduced drag
  • Diminished touch
  • Loss of stopping power

07. Titleist Pro V1X Drop-and-Stop Short Game Control Golf Ball

Titleist Pro V1X Drop-and-Stop Short Game Control Golf Ball

In the world of golf, it is no news at all that Titleist is one of the most trusted brands. So, when it came out with its Pro V1x golf ball, analysts swooped on it.

Hence, this golf ball is designed to deliver nothing but total and comprehensive performance to you as a golf player.

For amateurs who are looking at perfecting their practice sessions and getting the best scores in every practice session, this Pro V1x golf ball from Titleist is the one that can guarantee optimal performance.

Soft Touch and Optimal Grip

Right from tee to green, this golf ball has a maximal trajectory and a soft touch that enhances grip. It comes mainly as white and high optic yellow.

Solid Flight Patterns

As with other golf balls that have been listed out here, this one also has its own set of advantages and benefits. Besides, these merits of the golf ball will make everyone understand why it is an ideal choice.

Furthermore, the first is that it allows for incredibly long distance and solid flight patterns. As an amateur, you are going to enjoy a very low and long game spin.

If you are just starting the game of golf but you are interested in improving your game, this golf ball is a reasonable choice for you.

Moreover, it also allows for maximal trajectory but that is not all. Hence, it also features remarkable drop-and-stop short game control. Also, there is a soft feel and there is a high optic yellow alternative for those who want such.  

  • Superb swings
  • Durable material
  • Reduced touch
  • Costly

08. Bridgestone E6 Green-Side Performance Soft Golf Balls

Bridgestone E6 Green-Side Performance Soft Golf Balls

Furthermore, this is a redesigned ball that has been specially manufactured for golfers with average speeds but is interested in getting the highest distance on all the shots.

What this implies is that if you as a beginner are interested in experimenting properly with your shots, this is the good one for practice. From the coolest swings to the perfect shots, a beginner golfer has to practice before becoming a pro with every shot.

An amateur golfer can become an expert in time but that is only possible with steady practice. A golfer can also get the desired results of practice but that can only be done if one is making use of the right tool.

One of the most appropriate tools is the golf ball that you are using. This one from Bridgestone is another excellent choice.

Innovative Piece

So, the structure of the e6 ball has made it a lot easier when it comes to compression, it is an innovative two-piece construction that comes with a low compression core.

Overall, this design allows for very high ball speed but that is achieved even as it maintains its soft feel in the hands of the golfer.

To add, this product from Bridgestone is available in optic yellow and white options so you can be very sure of maximum visibility whether in the rough, on the green, or the fairway.

Accurate Tool

For someone who is just starting in the game of golf, you need to perfect how you gauge the distance, accuracy, and how to have an edge over other players. Honestly, this golf ball from Bridgestone assists greatly in helping you achieve your golfing goals.

  • Excellent options
  • High-quality material
  • Decreased swing
  • Stopping power decreased

09. Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Hogh Quantity Golf Balls

Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Hogh Quantity Golf Balls

When it comes to golf balls that are ideal for beginners, this is one of the best. Ultra 500 golf balls are known for having real durability for amateurs with the improvement in swing speeds.

In all, several features and characteristics make these balls stand out as the perfect choice for beginners. To list, the first is that it has a high-energy core.

When this high-energy core is coupled with its outstanding dimple pattern, what you get is an excellent flight trajectory and impressive distance.

High-Energy Core

Its high-energy core is not the only cool thing about the Ultra 500 distance golf balls from the Wilson brand. Besides, it also has a resilient and long-lasting cover that confers the ball to the highest level of durability.

As the balls are durable, what that means is that you can play them for as long as you want under different conditions without any loss in quality at all.

Durable Structure

Overall, the material used for the construction of the cover is Ionomer and that is why it is as durable as it is, alongside its two-layered structure. As for the dimple count, it comes to 432 while that of compression is 100.

In all, this ball is rightly described as the original and real distance golf ball. As a result, it is an innovative Ultra 500 distance ball that comes with a cut-proof and damage-resistance cover which allows for maximum flexibility for the most memorably playing experiences.

  • Comprehensive design
  • Optimal playing experience
  • Not always available
  • Not cost-effective

10. Volvik Crystal Elevates Short Game Control and Excellent putting feel Golf Balls

Volvik Crystal Elevates Short Game Control and Excellent putting feel Golf Balls

Increased Visibility

Truth be told, these golf balls from Volvik have been called the best-selling and original crystal balls, these golf balls are in a different category on their own and that is for good reason. For example, they come in very shiny, stylish, and bright colors.

This is different from many other golf balls that are often in white or high optic yellow for maximum visibility. With these balls, the beginner golfer can ensure the greatest amount of visibility as the game is going on.

Even as an amateur making use of these balls, a wonderful experience is guaranteed.

Stable Flight

Also, these balls from Volvik have some features that make them be the delight of every beginner golfer. Each of the balls gives steady, stable, and reliable flight, these balls also provide much longer distances when it comes to reduced swing speeds.

Consistent Handling

As for the green control, this can be described as being precise and consistent when it comes to Volvik golf balls. Hence, there is also the possibility of having your golf balls customized by Volvik.

Also, the brand can achieve soft impact and optimal feel, and maximal distance of flight by making use of a patented dual-core. As for the core, it is made up of a soft, external layer and a hard, internal core.

In summary, these Volvik Crystal golf balls ensure short game control alongside a soft-textured feel and a reduced compression control core.

  • Superb options
  • Excellent grip
  • Problem with control
  • Reduced wing speed

11. Vice Pro Plus Dual Casing Results in Extra Distance

Vice Pro Plus Dual Casing Results in Extra Distance

Maximum Durability

Of all the balls that can be used by a beginner golfer, these from the Vice brand are outstanding. With its 336-dimple design that ensures maximum durability, the golf ball also comes with a four-piece structure made with a cast urethane cover.

One of the most interesting features of these balls is the high-energy speedcore (HESC) which allows for maximal ball speed and optimal driver distance.

Two-Layered Mantle

Also, it comes with a flexible two-layered mantle that allows for decreased driver spin and the longest carry distance possible. To ensure that the player enjoys the highest level of feel and short-game spin, it comes with a very light-cast urethane cover.

S2TG Technology

All professional golfers were once amateurs. What made the difference is the way and manner of progression. In doing this progression, using the right tools is important and that is where using the right golf ball comes into the picture.

Also, the ball has reduced launch and decreased spin to get the furthest distance as one of its characteristics. Also, it comes with superb green control and this is made possible because of the green (S2TG) technology.

Optimal Structure

Furthermore, the golf ball comes with optimal structure and the compression is distributed to allow for a soft feel and increased distance. For optimal alignment, there is an improved KIL line that features sharp edges.

All these characteristics are in place to make these balls the optimal choice for amateurs and those who are just starting their hands with golf.   


  • Ideal compression
  • Long-lasting nature
  • Issues with spin
  • Control can be hard

12. Srixon Soft Provides More Greenside Spin and Softer Feel Golf Balls

Srixon Soft Provides More Greenside Spin and Softer Feel Golf Balls

Real Softness

Correctly tagged ‘soft white’, these balls come with a superior, soft feel for maximum distance. Beginners will like to have an easy target alignment as they do the practice from time to time. This is what makes it an excellent choice.

Also, the main feature of this Srixon ball is that it allows you to maximize your driving distance while also enjoying the soft feel. If there is anything that makes these golf balls stand out as a remarkable choice for beginners, it is the softness of these balls.

First-Class Technologies

Besides, these products feature several first-class technologies. These include the vibrant growth core that is softer towards the middle and becomes harder around the edges, this core feature allows it to feel soft even as the ball speed is being maximized.

There is also the 338-speed dimple structure. Such design allows for the maximization of distance as a result of the reduction of drag which makes the golf ball even very easy to play with when the conditions are windy on the golf course.

High Level of Durability

Also, the cover is soft but is designed to have the highest level of durability. Hence, this is possible as the cover is made using Ionomer. This allows it to have a very soft and thin but strong cover.

So, the same cover allows it to produce proper spin which will allow you as a beginner to control your spin while taking your greenside shots.

  • Better durability
  • Excellent quality
  • Diminished stopping power
  • Reduced flight

13. TaylorMade TP5x High Quantity Golf Balls

TaylorMade TP5x High Quantity Golf Balls

Interestingly, this is unique in a way because it is one of the few Chinese brands that are making a real impression in the golfing world as far as the balls are concerned.

Designed with several technologies, it has more speed and an increased rebound effect alongside the best spin rates. It is not a surprise that many golfers at all levels of experience are choosing to go for this brand.

Highest Visibility

With its yellow color that confers the highest level of visibility to the ball, it is now a prime choice for golfers. The performance that the ball delivers is another reason why it is chosen among all the brands.

One of the features of this golf ball is its five-layered structure. This allows it to achieve improved speed without having any negative impact on spin performance. This five-layered technology is unique to the TaylorMade brand.

Least Drag

Also, it comes with a Tri-Fast Core that also ensures the highest carry and minimal drag. Moreover, there is also a dual-spin cover that allows for a super-soft and long-lasting cover made from urethane.

Here is a ball that provides comprehensive tee-to-green performance without any hindrance.

Innovative Speed-Layer

Furthermore, the innovative speed-layer system is another feature that must be mentioned too, it is made up of two pairs of progressively hard layers and it contributes to the speed of the ball.

Hence, the ball can carry distance off the tee, ensure greater control in windy conditions, and also optimizes spin when it comes to the greens.

  • Innovative design
  • Highest carry
  • Excessive spin
  • Control problems

14. KAEDE Exclusive Patented Double Colored Soft Feel Golf Balls

KAEDE Exclusive Patented Double Colored Soft Feel Golf Balls

Fact is told, this is truly innovative as it is the first Kaede (means maple in Japanese) design made by some of the best aerodynamics experts in Japan. When it comes to golf balls that are ideal for beginners, the dimple design matters a lot.

As for this product from the Kaede brand, it has minimal air resistance and offers the longest distance.

Airflow Deflection

By its design, this golf ball can deflect the airflow when in angular motion. It is also able to reduce air resistance considerably while maximizing the ball distance. For good reasons, it has also been called a conforming golf ball.

This is mainly because it has three layers and it is made in line with all the rules and regulations of professional bodies like the R&A and the USGA. Hence, if you are making use of this as an amateur golfer, you can be sure of using a first-rate golf ball.

Remarkable Color Pattern

One thing you will notice instantly with Kaede golf balls is the pattern of their colors. It is one of the most noticeable features of the product. This is because of the exclusive, unique, and patented two-layered color technique crafted by the Japanese brand.

When in use, the player can observe that the flight is consistent and constant and the feel remains very soft.

  • Consistent flight
  • First-class quality
  • Reduced touch
  • Decreased stopping power

15. Vice Pro Optimized for Tremendous Distance Golf Balls

Vice Pro Optimized for Tremendous Distance Golf Balls

Here is one of the balls on the more sophisticated end of the production chain. However, a beginner is still going to find it useful and beneficial. This is as a result of the several features and properties that are embedded in the product.

Quality Structure

Also, it has a three-piece structure and the covering on the outside is made with urethane but it does not stop there at all. It also ensures maximal performance as a result of the elevated High Energy Speed Core (also known as HESC).

With this feature, the player is going to enjoy a much higher ball speed and distance once playing off the tee.

Short-Game Spin

Besides, there is a super-thin layer of urethane that works as the cover and also provides for a short-game spin and optimal feel. It is very stable while in flight and this is because of the 318-large dimple structure, stability in flight means you have an interesting time practicing your swings.

Highest Driver Distance

Overall, the Vice Golf Pro has been designed to ensure the optimization for maximal ball speed and the highest driver distance possible. There is also a remarkable short-game spin as a result of the stick-to-the-green technology (also called S2TG).

There is a reduced compression which is exhibited as a much softer feel and also provides better feedback upon impact. The ball also comes with an innovative KIL line complete with sharp edges that allows for perfect alignment during play.

  • Increased distance
  • Excellent durability
  • Reduction in stopping power
  • Decreased flight


Best Beginner Golf Balls User Buying Considerations

When it comes to buying the ideal golf ball that you need as a beginner, there are some factors that you need to put into consideration. Each of these factors is going to be discussed in this section and they are as follows:

External Structure

Even though if you look at golf balls, they can look alike, the fact is that there is a lot of difference. The structures of the external layers of the balls are different and they have a lot of impact on the overall performance.

The softer balls have more feel in terms of texture, however, they are not too resistant to all sorts of friction or damage like when compared with the external covers made with harder materials.


A golf ball can be single, double, three, or four pieces in terms of construction. If you are a beginner, then the one-piece balls may be the best for you. These balls are soft when you touch or hit them. They are not costly and last long.

However, they are not ideal for professional playing because they cannot cover the distance that is needed. One-piece golf balls are ideal for amateur plays. That is for one-piece balls.

Besides, there are also two-piece balls and they are the most well-known in the golfing community. These balls are firmer to touch, have a longer shot distance, and also last very long.

However, controlling them is not as easy as the one-piece balls that are much softer. Three-piece balls, on the other hand, are softer when compared with one or two-piece balls.

They have more spin and more room for more sophisticated golfers to have superb control when it comes to the placement of the ball.

Spin, Distance and Control

golf balls spin

Spin, distance, and control are parameters of stability when it comes to making a selection for your golf ball. Generally, golfers will prefer to go for the ones that can give long distances during swings.

The way balls are designed and constructed, controlling them will not be easy, especially when the balls are for distance.

How the balls spin when they are struck is another factor and if an amateur is trying to perfect the handling of slices and hooks, the spin must be considered carefully. If a ball is spinning too much, control will be difficult for you as a beginner.

Professional golfers are the ones who have no issues with super-spinning balls.


Of course, another factor that you need to carefully consider here is the price of the golf balls. Some golf balls can be very expensive and if you are a beginner in the game of golf, you need to pause when you want to buy.

It makes no sense at all if as a beginner you end up buying the most expensive golf balls. As a beginner, you should go for the golf ball that has the optimal combination of cost-effectiveness, durability, performance, and other parameters.


If you are a beginner golfer, it is important to invest in a good quality ball. While some golfers may only use their balls one or two times per round, others may use their balls multiple times per round. Buying cheap balls will only mean that you have to replace them more frequently and this could potentially lead to frustration.

Cover Material

If you are just starting out, it is important to consider the cover material of your golf balls. There are different types of materials used in golf ball covers, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

One type of cover material is called a rubber core. Rubber cores are very durable and help to keep the ball from bouncing around on the clubface. They also provide good shock absorption and help to reduce spin on shots. However, rubber cores can be quite heavy, so they may not be ideal for beginners who want lighter balls that fly farther.

Another type of cover material is a latex core. Latex cores are less durable than rubber cores, but they are much lighter. This makes them easier for beginners to control and shoot far. Latex cores also have a slightly higher spin rate than rubber cores, which some experts believe gives better accuracy.

There are also hybrid cover materials available that combine features from both rubber and latex cores. This makes it easier for beginners to find a cover material that fits their needs while still providing good performance.

Must-Known Queries About Best Golf Balls For Beginners

Beginners golf balls

Q: Are golf balls all the same?

Ans: No, not at all. Even though two golf balls can look the same, there is typically a lot of difference between the two when it comes to performance. This is because each golf ball has its design based on its specific purpose.

Even golf balls of different models but from the same brand have their differences. To know the exact differences, one will have to check the specifications on the product pack.

Apart from the material used in the external layer, another feature on the outside part of the ball will be the dimple pattern. When most golf balls are examined, the number of dimples on the surface of the ball comes to a range of between 300 and 500.

The number of dimples has a direct impact on the flight pattern of the ball itself. As for the balls that have a larger number of dimples on their external side, their flight is at a lower height when compared with balls with lesser but bigger dimples.

The latter achieves a higher level during flight.

Q: Should beginners use only two-piece balls?

Ans: Actually, no. But what happens is that two-piece balls are the most affordable and because as a beginner you are going to lose a lot of balls, many just opt for them.

The cost is not the only advantage for you when using two-piece balls as an amateur. These balls have low spin which improves distance but also decreases the effects of slices.

When it comes to the perfect control and feel, the three-piece balls come out tops. That said, there are four-piece golf balls and they share many similar features to the three-piece balls. However, they offer more control and feel even if they are much rarer to find.

This is important because as a beginner, you are going to end up losing many balls doing your practice. Many of your swings will fling your balls into the forest, water or practically anywhere you will not find it.

If anis making use of cheap golf balls, losing them once in a while is not going to be an issue at all.

amateur golf ball

Q: Why are two-piece balls able to cover longer distances?

Ans: It is all due to the way they have been designed. A typical two-piece ball has a big core and it is often made using synthetic and strong rubber.

This allows for swift ball speeds and decreas


ed spin rates, these two factors are needed for extending the distance that the ball can cover.

Q: Should beginners use soft or hard balls?

The decision of whether to use soft or hard golf balls is a personal preference. Some people find that softer golf balls are easier to control, while others prefer harder balls for better shot accuracy. Ultimately, the choice depends on your own playing style and preferences.

Q: What are the benefits of additional layers?

Ans: Balls come with a different number of external layers. Some may not notice it until the ball is cut before they can observe but that is the nature of golf balls.

There are some with three, four, or five layers. There are even some that come with six extra layers. For every extra layer that is added to a golf ball, there will be an extra bump in the rates of spin and the overall performance of the ball.

In other words, extra layers add to the performance of the ball.

Final Words

Whatever the level of your mastery when it comes to the game of golf, you have to use the correct best golf balls for beginners. As a beginner, you cannot just decide to start with just any ball.

You have to play with the right golf ball and that is what this guide is all about. Some different parameters and factors must be considered when it is time to select a golf ball.

With the ideal golf ball, a beginner can enjoy the practice sessions, perfect his or her skills and in no time, become an expert in the game.

Becoming a guru in the game of golf will take time but you also need to do the right skills and the correct tools from the golf stick to the cart and of course, to the balls.

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