15 Best Golf Balls for Slow Swing Speed 2024 – For 75 to 90 mph

Best Golf Balls for Slow Swing Speed - tips

I still remember the first time I realized that not all golf balls are created equal. It was a crisp autumn morning, and I was teeing off with my usual group of friends. As we approached the green, I noticed that my ball consistently lagged behind, even though I felt like I was putting in the same effort as everyone else.

My buddy, Mark, a seasoned golfer with a penchant for equipment knowledge, leaned over and whispered, “Maybe it’s time you tried the one designed for your swing speed.” I was taken aback. Swing speed? I had always just picked up whatever were on sale.

That day marked the beginning of my journey into the world of golf balls tailored for specific swing speeds.

For those of you who, like me, have a slower swing speed, the right one can make a world of difference. It can enhance your distance, improve your accuracy, and overall elevate your game.

Today, I want to share my insights on the best golf balls for slow swing speeds, so you can find the perfect match for your game.

Buckle up and let us begin.

1. Titleist Pro V1

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

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Having had the opportunity to extensively test the Titleist Pro V1, I find myself compelled to share my personal experience with this remarkable piece of equipment. Right from the first swing, its flight pattern was a testament to its design – remarkably consistent, ensuring that each shot was predictable and reliable.

This consistency is a boon for players, from novices to professionals, aiming for precision in their game.

The ball’s trajectory, especially during long shots, was nothing short of impressive. It cut through the air with a penetrating force, minimizing spin and maximizing distance. This feature alone can be a game-changer for many, helping to shave off those extra strokes on the course.

Alex Lam – Author of Florida Elite Golf Tour

“What do the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls and my old high school grades have in common? They both have a lot of highs and lows, except with these golf balls, the highs are in the game and the lows are in my wallet. But hey, you can’t put a price on getting that hole-in-one!”

The new dimple pattern ensures that you get maximum distance and suitable flight consistency. Pro V1 will definitely fly higher than any ball from the prior generation, maintaining its penetrating trajectory.

While its performance metrics are undeniably among the best in the market, it’s essential to note the broader landscape of golf equipment. There are other balls out there that might offer a somewhat similar experience, possibly at a more approachable price point.

The Titleist Pro V1 stands as a testament to quality and performance, making it a worthy consideration for anyone serious about elevating their game.

  • Consistent and longer distance
  • Enhanced short game control
  • Softer touch
  • Optimized aerodynamics
  • Suitable for adult players
  • Slightly pricier option
  • Older models available


2. Callaway Golf Supersoft 

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

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Coming from the Callaway store, this golf ball set is available in several colors. These are designed to increase the distance of the tee and to provide you with more control around the green. It is a very softball for long, straight distances.

The compression core improves speeds while also granting high launch and low spin. The black background on the logo is a neat tiny detail that can prove as a very useful alignment tool. It is really convenient since you do not have to waste time applying a line with a Sharpie.

The ball has a very low compression rating that is roughly 38. It is excellent for golfers with slow swing speeds and allows them to compress just right, which grants optimal energy transfer. Callaway’s product comes at a very affordable price and offer great value for the money.

  • Soft feel for great control
  • Promotes straighter shots
  • Reasonably priced initially
  • Durable with a 2-year warranty
  • Appeals to a wide user base
  • Not as long off tee
  • The red color is slightly hard to track



3. TaylorMade Distance Plus 

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls

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On a sunny afternoon at the pitch, curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to give the TaylorMade Distance Plus a whirl. From the moment I teed off, there was a distinct difference in how these spheres performed.

The flight trajectory was smooth, almost as if the ball was cutting through the air with minimal resistance, thanks to its aerodynamic 342 Aero dimple pattern. This design not only added yards to my shots but also provided a consistent flight path.

The soft feel was another aspect that stood out. It wasn’t just about the distance; the ball offered a tactile feedback that was both reassuring and responsive, especially when I was trying to finesse my shots around the greens.

This softness, combined with the React Speed Core, seemed to be the perfect blend for those seeking both touch and power in their game.

However, every product has its nuances. While the TaylorMade Distance Plus excelled in many areas, I did find that they didn’t offer as much spin control as some of the other options I’ve previously tried. This might be a point to consider for players who rely heavily on spin for their gameplay.

My day with the TaylorMade Distance Plus was memorable. It’s a product that offers a lot, especially in terms of distance and feel. While it might not be the perfect fit for everyone, it’s certainly worth considering for those looking to add a bit more oomph to their shots.

The aerodynamic dimple pattern increases the carry distance, and it has compression around 77 that grants a soft feel and mid-high wedge spin. It is an exceptional choice for greens due to the Plus Alignment Aid, which makes putting easier and delivers immediate feedback of your roll.

  • Aerodynamic for smooth flight
  • React Speed Core boosts distance
  • Soft feel enhances touch
  • Less spin control than others


4. Srixon Soft Feel Men’s, Prior Generation

Srixon Soft Feel Men's Golf Balls

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Srixon Soft Feel golf balls are designed for golfers that want to maximize distance and control of their shots and get excellent feeling and feedback. They are available in two different colors for you to purchase – soft white and tour yellow.

This product has been part of the 12th generation of Srixon’s most popular one for a very long time now. It is the brand’s least expensive and highly demanding offering that provides suitable quality and enjoys the trust of devoted customers.

The ball has a FastLayer core and thin ionomer cover but feels and plays excellently that you probably would not expect from such a simple design. One of the main reasons for this is the core, which has a way softer center that gets firmer towards the outer edge.

Srixon Soft Feel balls have 60 compression, which makes them feel and sound very soft in both long and short games. The speed dimple pattern is excellent produces a very stable flight since it launches at a nice height and grants suitable control on approach shots.

  • FastLayer Core for softness and distance
  • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern enhances performance
  • Soft, Thin Cover for greenside spin
  • Some balls may lack uniformity
  • Scuffs more easily than some others


5. Wilson Golf Staff Fifty Elite 

Wilson Golf Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

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A close friend of mine recently shared his experience with the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite. He’s always been an enthusiast when it comes to trying out new gear, and this time, he was raving about these particular items.

According to him, the advanced rubber core of the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite offers an impressive balance between distance and feel. He was particularly impressed by the powerful acceleration it provided, coupled with high greenside spin.

This combination allowed him to achieve greater distances without compromising on control.

The responsive cover was another highlight for him. It combined low driver spin, which contributed to the powerful acceleration, with effective softness when playing around the green. However, he did mention a minor drawback.

While the product boasts a 50 compression, he noticed that it could get scuffed a bit after extensive play. But given the price point and overall performance, he felt it was a minor trade-off.

  • Great balance of distance & feel
  • Powerful acceleration
  • High greenside spin
  • Responsive cover
  • Affordable price point
  • Can scuff after heavy use


Although the spin does not quite match the softness of the ball, it will give you sufficient greenside control nonetheless. Although you will require a bit more aggressiveness in the stroke, you will find a lot of satisfaction in putting this ball.


6. Nitro Ultimate Distance

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball

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Although Nitro balls are not widely known in the golf world, the company has developed a reputation over the years for delivering cheap products that offer excellent performance and are described by the manufacturer as “virtually indestructible.”

Nitro Ultimate Distance’s product come in a variety of exotic colors that include white, orange, pink, and yellow. They are perfectly suited for golfers of all skill levels that want to make the most out of their swings and improve their distance.

These feature a reactive two-piece titanium core which maximizes the energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball. The ball boasts symmetrical dimples that reduce drag and greatly contribute to longer shots.

The titanium core is extremely reactive, and dimpled grooves around the Dupont Lithium Surlyn cut-proof cover helps you maximize the distance. This product is suited for beginners and is very easy to locate on any surface.

  • High velocity for longer shots
  • Aerodynamic and symmetrical dimple design
  • Improved feel on and around greens
  • Outstanding value for the price
  • Dark red color difficult to find in rough
  • Can be easily lost in fall leaves


7. Vice Pro Plus

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

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Vice Golf has made its presence known in today’s market by providing golfers of different skill levels tour-quality balls that come at affordable prices, and Vice Pro Plus is no different. It comes in 4 different colors – lime, lime new, white, and red.

Pro Plus is a suitable match for golfers that generate slower swing speeds. The ball provides a lower spin in the long game, particularly with the driver. It produces an excellent penetrating flight, and it gives a great performance in windy conditions.

The ionomer material provides you with excellent versatility and combines the advantages of high elasticity. The ball offers excellent value for the money and grants players of all skill levels high-performance games.

The Wilson Staff Fifty Elite seems to be a solid choice for those looking for a good balance between performance and value.

While it might have minor drawbacks, its benefits far outweigh them, making it a worthy addition to any golfer’s collection.

  • Comparable performance to Pro V1
  • Lower price compared to Pro V1
  • Good distance, feel, and spin
  • Soft and durable
  • Excellent green control
  • Scuffs easily on full wedges
  • Arrow alignment for putting looks cheap


The cover of the balls is very durable, and they do not get scuffed up on the first holes. Freshly designed high-energy speedcore offers higher compression that rewards all types of swing speeds with higher speed and more distance.

8. Maxfli SoftFli Matte

Maxfli SoftFli Matte Golf Balls

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When it comes to the Maxfli SoftFli Matte, I must say, it was a pleasure using this one. The first thing that caught my attention was its softness, with a 35 compression rating, making it Maxfli’s softest offering.

This ultra-low compression provided a genuinely soft feel on every shot, from the tee to the green.

The reformulated core was another standout feature. It not only ensured a soft feel but also delivered faster ball speeds with a low spin rate. This combination was perfect for achieving accuracy in my shots.

The 332 dimple pattern, covering a high surface area, ensured consistent flight, which is always a plus.

However, while the soft ionomer blend cover was great for excellent greenside spin and control, I did notice that in certain lighting conditions, the matte finish made it a tad challenging to spot, especially in the rough.

  • Exceptionally soft feel
  • Consistent flight
  • Excellent greenside control
  • Fast ball speeds
  • Matte finish hard to spot



9. ACCUFLI Max Soft 

ACCUFLI Max Soft Golf Balls
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Coming from the Accufli store, these balls are available in different colors and come in packs of 12 units each. It is a very soft golf ball that delivers performance and value, keeping the ball well up in the air and definitely longer than other competitors in the same price range.

The two-piece design of the ball provides virtually zero spin and plenty of distance. It is an entirely new ball with an innovative core design that offers you a softer feel for long-distance shots, even if you have a slower swing speed, which is very important.

With this one, you will experience significant distance gains due to the extra-soft outer layer, and its design grants you fast ball speeds.

Due to exclusive high-frequency monolithic dimple technology that creates a seamless dimple pattern within the cover, you will get an exceptional feel in the game. This design grants you a suitable feel at impact.

  • Soft feel and soft landing
  • Shot accuracy
  • Aerodynamic dimple design
  • Outstanding visibility with glossy white finish
  • Affordable price
  • Purple color can be difficult to spot
  • Limited availability


10. Precept 2017 Laddie Extreme 

Precept 2017 Laddie Extreme Golf Balls

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This ball is a spinoff of a very popular Lady Precept ball and it is suitable for various skill groups. It is built to cover extreme distances due to its muscle-fiber core. Since power is nothing without control, its patented Touch ‘n Control ionomer cover will grant you an exceptional feel and then some.

This Precept ball is designed for golfers that have swing speeds below 90 mph, and it features two-piece construction alongside firm covers. This promotes excellent distance and high spin rates.

These feature a faster core and a new dimple design that will aid in the distance right of the tee. Everything that makes this ball an excellent choice for golfers with slower swing speeds makes it equally unattractive for those with average to high swing speeds.

It is a highly durable ball and delivers more distance off the tee. The ball has improved since it came out, and the company constantly tinkers how to improve distance and feel.

  • Extreme distance off the driver
  • High launch and low spin
  • Soft feel from tee to green
  • Affordable price
  • Prone to getting easily marred
  • Occasional inconsistencies in packaging quantity


How to Conduct Testing?

Our ball evaluation process, along with other equipment, is based on several crucial principles. Firstly, we guarantee that any product we claim to have reviewed has been assessed thoroughly and objectively.

For golf balls, this means testing them on the golf course and using launch monitors (opens in new tab) when appropriate. We also strive to use the most up-to-date and advanced equipment to analyze performance.

Importantly, we maintain our integrity by not allowing manufacturers to pay for positive reviews; the entire Golf Monthly team shares their honest opinions.

Regarding golf ball testing specifics, we involve multiple Golf Monthly team members with varying skill levels to test them on the course.

All team members are regular players, so they are examined both indoors and outdoors, and then over several rounds to evaluate factors such as distance, feel, durability, and spin. We aim to provide honest and insightful feedback in our reviews and guides to help you make informed decisions.

Buyer’s Guide

Golf Balls

When choosing the right ball for slow swing speed, it is very important to consider tiny details in order to get the best value for your money’s worth. The best ones will offer you straighter, longer shots, superb distance, and ball speed.

In 2022, the global market size touched $1.17 billion. It is a vast market, and coming across the one that will meet your criteria, you need to go through numerous options.

To help you get the best possible product, we have put together a brief buying guide in the section below.


Compression occurs whenever the club hits the ball, and it is a force that causes it to compress while the energy gets transferred from club to ball. This is something that relates to the ball core; for example, a tightly wound core will have a higher compression.

High-compression ones will require more energy for an optimal strike, so you will require low-compression ones.


Spin is something that gets the golf ball airborne, and the ones with a higher spin rate are generally recommended for golfers that hit it low, while those with a lower spin rate are for those who hit it high.

Hitting the ball low with the driver will not maximize your carry distance, and this is where the ball with a high spin can make a big difference.

Having a proper understanding about the spin is crucial for a variety of reasons. Among the most important reasons is not losing the ball. For an average player, not losing a ball after 18 holes is considered good fortune.

Cover and Construction

Golf Ball Material

The outer cover of the ball determines several characteristics. For the main construction, manufacturers typically use Urethane and Surlyn.

Urethane is much softer and generally provides more spin for players that prefer a softer feel and more greenside control, while Surlyn offers more durability, gives less spin, and more distance.

As far as the layer construction goes, the ones you can find on the market often come in 2, 3, 4, or 5-piece. The most popular is a 2-piece ball that offers a solid center core and robust surlyn cover, which grants more distance.


If you have a slow swing speed, you may be hesitant to buy balls that are designed for fast play. But don’t worry, there are some available that are both durable and playable for slower swing speeds.

When buying these for a slow swing speed, it is important to consider the durability of the ball. Those that are made with synthetic materials or with a harder core will last longer than those made with natural materials. Furthermore, balls with a softer cover will wear out more quickly due to the impact of the club.

Some players choose to use a softer cover golf ball even if they have a fast swing speed because they believe it helps them generate more power on their shots.

Others prefer harder cores because they believe it gives them a better feel when hitting. It ultimately comes down to what feels best for you and your game.

Flight Characteristics

The flight characteristics of golf balls play a pivotal role in dictating the performance  during play, affecting various aspects such as distance, direction, and spin. These characteristics are profoundly influenced by the design, materials, and construction.

Reduced drag and optimal launch angles are essential for achieving maximum distance.

The design of golf balls, including the dimples on their surface, aims to minimize air drag, allowing it to travel further, while the construction works in conjunction with clubs to achieve the right launch angle to optimize the distance.

Accuracy is another critical aspect of the flight characteristics, with the spin rate and the dimple pattern playing crucial roles. The spin rate affects the trajectory and its flight path. Higher spin rates can offer greater lift but can also cause deviations, affecting the accuracy.

The dimple pattern also influences the stability and accuracy of the flight.

Control over the lift and spin of a golf ball is vital for players as it allows the execution of a wide range of shots, including draws, fades, and stops. The feel, which is determined by its construction, impacts a player’s ability to control shots, especially around the green.

Adaptability to conditions is another important feature. Their design allows maintenance of their course under varying conditions like wind resistance and performs optimally under different temperatures and humidities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Golf Balls For Slow Swing Speed - FAQs

What is considered slow swing speed in golf?

A slow swing speed in golf ranges between 70 and 85 miles per hour. These swing speeds are common with beginner golfers, and speed generally decreases with age, so senior golfers inevitably get to slow swing speeds at some point.

Are soft golf balls better for golfers with slow swing speed?

Absolutely. This is due to the fact that these balls have lower compression and do not require a lot of energy to hit them. It is also recommended for senior golfers since they tend to have slower swings as well.

Is the color important?

The color of the ball does not bear very high importance; however, it can affect your overall concentration and your ability to track it on the court.

How does the compression affect the game?

The way the compression of the ball is affecting the game is really simple. Higher swing speeds require higher compression since it compresses every time you hit it, meaning that slower swing speeds require less compression.

Do softer ones go further?

In general, softer ones do not go as far as harder balls when hit with the same force. This is because softer ones compress more upon impact, resulting in a greater loss of energy and a shorter distance traveled.

However, the type of ball used in a particular sport can vary depending on the specific requirements of the game. For example, in baseball, different types of balls are used for different levels of play and in different weather conditions. In golf, the type used can also affect its distance and performance.

What Does a Slow Swing Speed Mean?

In general, a slow swing speed in a golf swing refers to the pace at which a golfer swings their club. It means that the golfer is not generating as much clubhead speed or power as they could, which can affect the distance and accuracy of their shots. A slower swing speed can also indicate a lack of proper technique or physical limitations.

However, it’s important to note that a slow swing speed is relative to each player’s ability and physical condition. A slower swing speed for a beginner may be different from that of a professional golfer. It’s also possible for a golfer to intentionally swing slower for control or to correct a swing flaw.


Finding the right golf ball for individuals with a slow swing speed is essential for achieving optimal performance on the course. It’s pivotal for players with a slower swing to opt for the one that not only augments their distance but also heightens control and feel throughout the game.

These are engineered specifically for slow swing speeds generally possess a softer feel and lower compression, facilitating superior energy transfer from the club to the ball, and refining flight characteristics.

Such specialized balls can offer a marked advantage by allowing for more consistent and precise shots and extending distances, even with subdued swing speeds.

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