Day: October 2, 2023

How Far Should You Hit Each Golf Club - Covering the Distance
Frank Coffman

How Far Should You Hit Each Golf Club: Covering the Distance

When I first picked up a golf club, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices in my bag. Each club, with its unique design and purpose, posed a simple yet profound question: “How far can I hit with this?” Over the years, as I learned more about the game itself, I realized that

Average PGA Tour Ball Speed - Blazing Drives
Frank Coffman

Average PGA Tour Ball Speed: Blazing Drives

I still remember the first time I ever swung a golf club; the anticipation, the nervous grip, and the ultimately comedic stagger as the club hit the ground rather than the ball. Over the years, my swing has improved and with it, the speed at which the ball flies off the tee. This transformation sparked

Average Swing Speed for Each Skill Level of Golfer - The More You Know
Frank Coffman

Average Swing Speed for Each Skill Level of Golfer: Master Your Drive

As the sun gingerly rose above the meticulously maintained greens of St. Andrews, casting a soft, golden glow on the historic links, I remember standing with my club in hand, feeling a whirl of anticipation and anxiety. I was a novice golfer, eager to improve, yet bewildered by the vast intricacies of the sport. One

Why Most Pro Golfers Live in Florida - The more you know
Michael Thornton

Why Do Most Pro Golfers Live in Florida? Golf Capital of the World

As a passionate golfer and an avid observer of the professional golf world, I’ve always been intrigued by the choices pro golfers make off the course. One pattern that stood out to me is the overwhelming preference for Florida as a home base. It’s not just the sunny skies and palm trees that attract the

Charging a 48-Volt Golf Cart - How Long Does It Take
Kane Franco

How Long It Takes to Charge a 48-Volt Golf Cart – Golf Tips & Tricks

Hey there! Got a 48-volt golf cart and wondering about how long it’s gonna take to juice up? Trust me, I had the same question buzzing in my head when I got mine. Whether you’re using your cart for breezy rides around the block, perfect golf outings, or just zooming through your backyard, you don’t

Best Golf Balls for Slow Swing Speed - tips
Ethan Harper

15 Best Golf Balls for Slow Swing Speed 2024 – For 75 to 90 mph

I still remember the first time I realized that not all golf balls are created equal. It was a crisp autumn morning, and I was teeing off with my usual group of friends. As we approached the green, I noticed that my ball consistently lagged behind, even though I felt like I was putting in

Kirkland Golf Clubs - Honest Review
Lilly Carrillo

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Clubs? – The Game-Changer in Golf Equipment

As someone deeply passionate about golf, the search for high-quality yet affordable golf gear has always been on my radar. One such noteworthy name that piqued my interest is Kirkland, a signature series renowned for its exceptional value and performance. I warmly extend an invitation to you to accompany me as we navigate through the