12 Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers 2023 – Perfect Balls for Your Skill Level

Whether you’re an average golfer or a professional, the right equipment is essential for getting the most out of your game. In this article, we’ll be focusing on golf balls and what makes them perfect for your skill level – no matter if you’re just starting out or already have years of experience under your belt.

Read on to find out which golf balls will give you the best results!

Top Picks Golf Balls For Beginners & Average Players

1. Vice Golf PRO Soft – 12 Golf Balls

Vice Golf PRO Soft – 12 Golf Balls

The Vice Golf PRO Soft is a three-piece cast urethane golf ball that offers a soft feel and high ball flight stability. It is available in neon lime/red and designed for ambitious golfers. The ball has a large core that provides exceptional distance, while the thin cover ensures maximum greenside spin and control. It also features an advanced aerodynamic design that promotes a more efficient flight through the air.

The 3-piece cast urethane construction of the PRO Soft delivers on those fronts, and the NEON Lime/RED colorway is especially eye-catching. If you’re looking for a ball that will help you improve your game and look good doing it, the Vice Golf PRO is a great option.

2. Legato Golf Balls, LTX 3085

Legato Golf Balls, LTX 3085

Looking for a golf ball that will add some serious yardage to your game? Look no further than the Legato Golf Balls, LTX 3085. These golf balls are designed specifically for 18+ handicap golfers and maximize distance with a softer feel.

The three-piece construction and urethane cover provide excellent spin and control, while the 85 compression rating ensures a softer feel on every shot. Best of all, these golf balls come in a dozen so you can stock up and save!

3. Happy Birthday Novelty Golf Ball 3 Pack

Happy Birthday Novelty Golf Ball 3 Pack

If you are looking for a unique and fun gift for the golfer in your life, then look no further than the Happy Birthday Novelty Golf Ball Pack! This set includes three high quality golf balls decorated with festive birthday designs.

They are perfect for celebrating any special occasion, from a 40th birthday to a 70th birthday. Plus, the included HQ sleeve makes them ideal for party decorations or as a thoughtful present for boss or coworkers.

The golf balls are made of high quality materials and come in a handy sleeve for easy storage. Plus, they’re sure to put a smile on any recipient’s face. So go ahead and add these fun golf balls to your cart today!

4. Oji-Emoji Premium Emoji Golf Balls

Oji-Emoji Premium Emoji Golf Balls

Oji-Emoji Premium Emoji Golf Balls are the perfect way to show your personality on the golf course! These unique professional practice golf balls feature 12 different emoji designs, making them a fun and novelty golf gift for all golfers.

Made from high-quality materials, these Oji-Emoji golf balls are durable and provide exceptional performance. With their vibrant colors and fun designs, these emoji golf balls are sure to stand out on the green.

Whether you’re looking for a fun gift for the golfer in your life or you’re looking to add some personality to your own game, Oji-Emoji Premium Emoji Golf Balls are a great choice!

5. Piper Golf Premium Golf Balls

Piper Golf Premium Golf Balls

Piper Golf is excited to offer a new line of premium golf balls that are designed for maximum distance and straighter shots. Our handicap range is 0-12 and these balls are USGA approved. This is a dozen (12-ball) pack of 3-piece urethane golf balls.

Our Piper Golf Premium Golf Balls are perfect for any golfer looking to improve their game. With high-quality construction and innovative design, these balls provide longer distances and straighter shots. The three-piece urethane construction provides outstanding spin and controls around the greens.

The soft feel of the ball is preferred by many golfers as it provides great feedback on every shot. These balls have a low compression core that delivers maximum energy transfer to the ball for incredible distance. The thin cover creates less drag and provides more lift for straighter shots.

We are confident in the performance of our Piper Golf Premium Golf Balls and offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your money or replace the product.

Are You An Average Golfer?

The average golfer is someone who has been playing the game for a while and has a handicap between 10 and 20. They are able to hit most of their shots pretty consistently and don’t have too many big misses. They know how to control their ball flight and have a pretty good short game.

If you’re an average golfer, then you’re probably not going to be winning any tournaments anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the game and shoot some decent scores.

There are plenty of amateur tournaments out there for average golfers to compete in. And with a little practice, you can definitely lower your handicap and become a better player.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Next Golf Balls

purchasing golf balls

1. Compression Rating

Compression rating is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing golf balls. The compression rating of a golf ball indicates how much the ball will compress when hit by a club. The higher the compression rating, the less the ball will compress.

2. Spin Rate

It is important to consider spin rate ratings when buying your next golf balls. The spin rate is the number of rotations per minute that the ball makes around its axis. A higher spin rate means the ball will rotate faster and a lower spin rate means the ball will rotate slower. The ratings are expressed in a range from 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

A higher spin rate can be beneficial for players who hit the ball with a lot of backspin. This backspin gives the ball lift and keeps it in the air longer, which can lead to longer drives. However, too much backspin can cause the ball to slice or hook. A lower spin rate can be beneficial for players who hit the ball with a lot of sidespins. This sidespin gives the ball more control and keeps it on a straighter path.

The right spin rate for you depends on your individual playing style. If you are not sure what spin rate is right for you, ask a professional or try out different types of golf balls to see which ones perform best for you.

3. Type of Course

When it comes to choosing the right golf balls for your game, one of the things you need to consider is the type of course rating. There are three main types of courses: par 3, par 4, and par 5. Each one has its own unique challenges, so it’s important to choose a ball that will help you overcome those challenges. Here’s a look at each type of course and what kind of ball may be best for it:

  • Par 3 Courses: These are typically shorter courses with smaller greens. If you’re looking for more control, choose a golf ball with a lower compression rating. This will help you keep your shots on target and avoid any unwanted hooks or slices.
  • Par 4 Courses: These are longer courses with larger greens. If you’re looking for more distance, choose a golf ball with a higher compression rating. This will help you get more carry on your shots and make it easier to reach the green in regulation.
  • Par 5 Courses: These are the longest courses with the largest greens. If you’re looking for maximum distance, choose a golf ball with the highest compression rating. This will help you launch your shots higher and further, giving you a better chance of reaching the green in two shots.

People Also Ask:

golfer’s swing speeds

1. What is the average golf handicap?

The average golf handicap is the number of strokes a golfer is expected to hit above or below par for a given course. The calculation for an average golf handicap takes into account a golfer’s recent scores and the difficulty of the courses played.

2. What are the average golfer’s swing speeds?

The average golfer’s swing speed is around 70 miles per hour. However, professional golfers can swing their clubs at speeds over 100 miles per hour. The record for the fastest swing speed belongs to Tiger Woods, who has been clocked at 129 miles per hour.

3. How far do average golfers hit it?

The average male golfer hits the ball between 250 and 270 yards. The average female golfer hits the ball between 210 and 225 yards.

4. What are the best golf balls for a mid-handicapper?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best golf ball for a mid-handicapper. First, think about what you need the ball to do. Do you need more distance? More spin? More control? Once you know what you need, you can narrow down your choices.

Some of the best golf balls for a mid-handicapper are Titleist Pro V1, TaylorMade Burner 2.0, Callaway HX Hot Bite, Nike Mojo, and Srixon Q-Star Tour. These balls all offer something different, so it’s important to choose the one that fits your game the best.

5. How many golf balls does the average golfer lose?

According to Golf Digest, the average golfer loses about eight golf balls per round. This number can vary depending on the skill level of the golfer and the course conditions.

For example, beginner golfers may lose more balls because they are not yet familiar with the game and its hazards. Playing on a course with lots of water will also increase the number of balls that are lost.

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We hope this article has provided you with the knowledge and insight you need to find the perfect golf balls for your skill level.

Remember, the right golf ball can make a huge difference in your game, so be sure to take your time and pick out one that will best fit your specific needs. With a little research and trial and error, you’ll soon be playing like an experienced pro!