12 Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers 2024 – Find the Right Golf Ball That Fits Your Game

best budget Golf Balls For High Handicappers

Welcome, all high handicappers! We know the struggle of consistently finding the right golf ball that fits your game.

To help you choose the perfect golf ball, we’ve gathered the 12 best golf balls on the market specifically designed to support your swing and sand game. Let’s get started!

Golf is an enjoyable game, but it can also be quite challenging.

Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced golfer, having the right golf ball is essential to get the maximum performance out of your swing.

If you are a high handicapper, selecting the right ball can make all the difference when improving your game.

High handicappers typically have more difficulties controlling their shots and often don’t have the power to take full advantage of traditional golf balls.

In this guide, we will be taking an in-depth look at ten of the best golf balls for high handicappers as well as reviewing their performance in many different areas including spin rate, feel and durability.

We hope that by understanding which features work best for high handicappers you will be better equipped to choose just the right ball for your needs.

Comparison of the 12 Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers

Golf balls come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and firmness ratings, so it can be difficult to know what ball is best suited for a high handicapper.

The 12 best golf balls for high handicappers are chosen based on spin rates, durability and overall performance.

Below are the comparisons of these 10 golf balls and the unique features they each have:

1. Titleist Pro V1

Titleist Pro V1

This golf ball is ideal for mid-to-high handicappers.

It has a high spin rate, which lends itself to an excellent stopping power on the green and less roll after impact.

It also has exceptional durability and has a more penetrating trajectory with windy days in mind.

2. TaylorMade TP5

TaylorMade TP5

This ball has a softer feel and combines low spin off of the tee with mid-spin around the greens.

It allows players to get better distance straight off of the tee while still being able to control their shots around the green with its soft wedge feel.

3. Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway Chrome Soft

A premium golf ball designed for excellent feel as well as good control for players who want slightly more distance without sacrificing accuracy.

Its durable urethane cover provides outstanding greenside spin, making shots easier than ever to stick close to pins even when you’re facing tough conditions or wet grass conditions on fast courses.

4. Bridgestone Tour B RXS

Bridgestone Tour B RXS

Its mantle layer helps increase driver distances while its urethane cover offers incredible short-game control that enables you to make those explosive fades and draws from 50 yards out without overcompensating your swing speed or choice of club selection.

5. Srixon Z Star XV

Srixon Z Star XV

This tour-proven golf ball model features an advanced dimple pattern that reduces drag during flight without decreasing lift too dramatically which inherently means you’ll be getting longer carries off of your drives while still retaining excellent control over shorter chip shots over tight corners of fairways or greenside bunkers.

6. Wilson Triad Golf Ball

Wilson Triad Golf Ball

Whether you’re a high handicapper or a scratch golfer, the Wilson Staff Triad golf ball is designed to fit your game.

This ball features a high MOI design with much of the weight moved from the core to the outer layers of the ball.

The ultra-thin cast urethane cover engages longer with the clubface on mid-to-low irons, generating controlled distance.

7. Diawings Max Distance Golf Ball

Diawings Max Distance Golf Ball

Golfers looking for more distance, better accuracy and ball control should try Diawings Golf Balls. Combining COR with the driver’s face will produce a high COR with a slower swing speed, which translates to max impact energy.

What to Look for in a Golf Ball for High Handicappers

When selecting a golf ball for high handicappers it is important to consider two primary factors – spin and launch.

While low handicappers need a spin that allows finer control of their shots, high handicappers require golf balls with more spin and additional features.

Also, you need to find a great grip for the best performance with your golf ball.

These features add distance or control to the ball flight, helping High Handicappers reach the green in fewer strokes.

Additionally, low-compression golf balls tend to be slower off the driver and easier for high handicaps to play accurately with.

High Handicap golfers should look for golf balls with:

  • Low Compression Cores: Low compression cores allow easier launching from the tee providing high speeds off the club face with maximum distance.
  • Soft Covers: Soft covers promote higher spin rates meaning those higher-spinning wedges shots get that extra bit of spin needed when proximity to the hole matters most.
  • Mantle Layer: A Mantle layer can give an extra distance boost by protecting against driver speed loss due to soft covers while allowing iron and wedge shots to remain soft around the greens where they matter most.
  • Durable Ball Coverings: High Handicappers are likely to play many rounds of golf and select a golf ball with a surface that will hold up during multiple rounds of play.

Benefits of Using the Right Golf Ball for High Handicappers

Golf Balls For High Handicappers buying guide

Golfers of all skill levels can benefit from using the perfect golf ball to match their playing style.

While lower handicaps are more likely to notice a dramatic improvement in distance, accuracy, and spin, high handicappers may not see such stark differences between various styles of balls.

However, choosing the right golf ball for your game can still bring some noteworthy advantages.

Using the correct golf ball can help high handicappers improve their distance off the tee but still be forgiving on errant shots and poor contact.

They tend to feature a softer core or larger surface area that provides a higher launch angle and reduces drag for greater carry distances with longer irons and woods without sacrificing control on approach shots into the green.

This increased control produces fewer spin-off drivers with more consistency across all clubs.

The notably improved accuracy with less backspin also helps high-handicap players find more greenside fairways, as well as sticking approaches closer to pins from more challenging lies.

Furthermore, softer cores generally provide optimum feel around the greens when chipping and putting which is important for someone lacking confidence in their short game skills to execute short yardage shots confidently.

No matter your level of ability or experience out on the course make sure you choose a ball that will provide those game-changing benefits for you personally as there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to the choice of a golf ball.

Tips for Choosing the Right Golf Ball for High Handicappers

Golf Balls For High Handicappers choosing the right one

When you’re new to golf and have a high handicap, choosing the right equipment to help you reach your goals can be overwhelming.

Certain materials and specs that work for an experienced golfer may not work for a beginner or high handicapper.

That is why it’s important to understand the components of a golf ball and how each factor impacts a player’s performance on the course.

Golf balls can be broken down into three main components: spin, feel, and trajectory.

The first two are largely subjective qualities that all players need to consider, while the last one will directly impact your performance on the course.

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a golf ball for high handicappers is spin rates as this is what affects accuracy and distance off of each shot.

If you’re using a golf ball with too much spin then you may not hit it far enough or with consistent accuracy.

Likewise, if you choose a golf ball with too little spin then it will be difficult to control its direction in flight.

High handicappers should also consider feeling when selecting the right golf ball because this will directly contribute to your level of comfort as you swing.

If a player finds that his or her shots lack consistency due to issues with distance control or accuracy then trying different compression rates in balls can provide more feedback into what works best for their swing type.

Finally, because trajectory largely determines how far each shot will travel after leaving the tee box it is important that those newer to the sports research different materials (especially those found in multiple layers)when gearing up for the next round of play.


Golf Balls For High Handicappers faq

When shopping for golf balls, high handicappers have several different factors to consider.

In addition to finding a ball that suits their particular style of game, budget and preferences, they should also consider the physical characteristics of the golf ball and how it will react on the course.

To help, here are answers to some commonly-asked questions about golf balls:

What is meant by a ‘high handicap’ golfer?

A high handicap golfer is someone who has difficulty achieving a below-par score, generally playing off around 20+ handicaps.

The majority of these players are looking for more distance and forgiveness when playing before even considering spin or feel.

What physical characteristics should my golf ball possess?

Golf balls come in various levels of compression from soft to rigid which affects performance characteristics such as distance and control.

Generally, softer golf balls employed by higher handicappers will provide greater forgiveness while hard balls are designed with better players’ needs in mind.

Additionally, certain dimple patterns influence carry and direction; large, shallow dimples will provide more lift while smaller deeper ones deliver greater distance along with a straighter flight path.

How do I go about selecting the best ball for my style of play?

It’s important to understand that every player has individual needs when it comes to choosing the right golf ball.

You’ll want to pay special attention to your hitting pattern (the usual height at which your shots travel and the directions they take) as well as what kind of trajectory you need in order to produce the most consistent level of results.

After doing this research it’s wise to consult with your local specialist for an experienced opinion on what best suits you before purchasing any product or investing in any particular technology.

What is the best golf ball for an 18-handicapper?

Some of the best golf balls for 18 handicappers include the Titleist Pro V1, TaylorMade TP5, and Callaway Chrome Soft.

These balls are designed to give you maximum distance and forgiveness on your shots.

They are also some of the most popular golf balls on the market, so you can be sure that they will perform well for your game.

How Are Golf Balls for High Handicappers Different from Regular Ones?

Golf balls for high handicappers are designed to help these players improve their game. While regular golf balls are designed for all players, high handicappers need a ball that is specifically designed for their playing style.

Golf balls for high handicappers typically have a softer core, which helps these players generate more distance. In addition, the cover of these balls is usually softer, which helps with spin and control.


With hundreds of golf balls on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you.

High handicappers should look for a golf ball that offers a good distance off the tee but also provides control and spin around the greens.

Distance and control are not mutually exclusive – there are golf balls out there that provide both.

The ten best golf balls for high handicappers outlined above offer a combination of distance and control, helping to reduce your scores while giving you more distance off the tee.

Whether your budget is low or high, you’ll be able to find a great option from one of the rounds discussed above that will help take your game to the next level.

When it comes to choosing the ideal ball for your game, always remember that personal preference is key—and trust that your own experience with a particular model can be invaluable when searching for the perfect match.

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