10 Best Golf Cart Light Kit 2024 – Brighten Up Your Cart

Golf Cart Light Kit

If you are a professional golfer, you must be aware of the importance of the accessories you need in your golf cart. Without proper accessories, your golf cart is incomplete and will not provide you with the pleasure and adventure you want in your game.

Here we introduce you to the best golf cart light kits that you can use to brighten up your cart and make it worthwhile even at night. These are the versatile light kits that will help you light up the surface below, the surface surrounding, and the right and left areas of your golf cart to make sure you can play golf even at night.

The top five products are selected below, and descriptions of each are mentioned so that you are aware of everything related to them. Make sure you go through every piece of information available with the pros and cons. Moreover, there is a short buying guide that consists of the features which you should look for before finalizing your golf cart lighting kit.

These features will help you select the best product in the market among various others. If you choose the product by looking at the following features and details, you will get the best product to provide you with the best experience.

Best Golf Cart Light Kit Review 2024

Here is the list of the five best golf cart light kits that you can use to lighten up your golf cart surroundings and its underside to make sure you can play golf even at night with proper lighting around.

1. 3G Deluxe LED Light Kit for EZ GO – Best Led Light Kit For Golf Cart

3G Deluxe LED Light Kit for EZ GO - Best Led Light Kit For Golf Cart

This light kit belongs to a 3G company that is highly reliable in terms of manufacturing durable and reliable lights. This 3G Deluxe LED Light Kit is explicitly constructed and composed for EZ GO models that came in between 1994 the 2013 year. It is compatible with carts manufactured within this extensive 19 years time period.

Do not worry about the quality, as the name 3G is enough for the reliability and validity of the lights. Furthermore, this light kit is highly affordable and worth purchasing because it contains all of the necessary lights you need to lightning up your golf cart. Lastly, the benefit of buying this Golf cart light kit is that you will get complementary and additional turn signals and horns with it.

Moreover, the lights composed are LED lights and do not involve any single halogen bulb.

It means that they are brighter and shinier than the other lights. They are affordable and durable, which means you can purchase them once and use them for longer times. All of the lights are LED lights, and there is no compromise over the quality of the construction from the company.

  • Affordable
  • It comes with a turn signal and a horn
  • LED construction
  • Problematic installation


This product is highly affordable and comes with all the necessary lights you want in your kit. These lights are composed of LED construction which makes them highly durable and long-lasting. These LED lights, when you buy them, come with a turn signal and horn as a complimentary gift. Moreover, it is compatible with the wide range of carts that were manufactured between 1994 to 2013.

2. 10L0L Golf Cart LED – Headlight and Tail Light Kit

10L0L Golf Cart LED - Headlight and Tail Light Kit

This product is explicitly designed for Club Car DS models, which means that it is entirely compatible with all of the pieces of this model, no matter what year they are manufactured. The product is said to be the brightest on our list because all of the lights that come with this kit are LED lights. It includes both headlights and taillights too.

The count of accessories you will get with this product is not similar to any other product.

This includes a turn signal, lights for the brakes, harness hardware, a manual for instructions, and a horn. These LED lights are not only brighter but are also stylish and enhance the look of your cart. This product is composed of durable and quality material, which ensures that the lights remain efficient in their performance in the long run.

Furthermore, these lights are effortless to install and will not take much of your time. The instructions are mentioned in the manual. You can follow the step-by-step and can learn easy mounting procedures. Moreover, you will also get flexibility in the installation process which means that you can install the taillights and headlights both vertically and horizontally, depending on the design of your cart.

  • Various extra accessories
  • Easy-to-understand manual
  • Effortless to assemble and mount
  • High beam makes turn signals invisible


This light kit consists of all of the LED lights fixed in it. It comes with an easy-to-understand manual responsible for providing step-by-step instructions for proper mounting. Moreover, it comes with various extra accessories necessary for the appropriate functioning of the lights.

3. RecPro LED Street Legal LIGHT KIT – Golf Cart Street Legal Light Kit

RecPro LED Street Legal LIGHT KIT - Golf Cart Street Legal Light Kit

It is a street-legal light kit which means that you can reliably use it in the streets and public places if you want to ride your cart on the road and highways. It is composed explicitly of Yamaha Golf carts and is compatible with them. This RecPro is a famous brand popular for constructing light kits, so you do not have to worry about the quality or reliability of the product.

It is the leading brand and does not compromise the quality of its products.

Moreover, these lights are effortless to assemble and mount on the golf cart without any complications. This product is compatible with all of the models of Yamaha that were constructed after 2007 and before 2016. Moreover, it comes with all the essential equipment preloaded in it.

It contains LED tail lights, Amber marker lights, and brake lights. In addition to these lights, the product comes with a complementary horn, timer break switch, switch for turn signal, steering wheel cover, and all the necessary wiring. It means you do not have to spend extra money buying these items from the market separately.

  • All lights are LED lights
  • Multiple switches
  • Many complementary products
  • Instructions are hard to learn


These LED light kits belong to the most popular and reliable company, the center of attention nowadays. This product consists of all LED lights and comes with multiple switches and many complementary products to help you make your golf cart more advanced. Moreover, there is no compromise over the quality of the lights.

4. AW Golf Cart LED Light Kit – Golf Cart Tail Light Kit

AW Golf Cart LED Light Kit – Golf Cart Tail Light Kit

If you own a Club Car DS model of your Golf cart manufactured after 1998, it means you have come to the right place as this AW Golf Cart LED Light Kit is ideal for you because it is highly compatible with these models. Not only in terms of compatibility, but they are highly reliable for the durability of the golf cart too.

Providing your Golf cart with outclass lightning, this light kit is affordable and very common in the market of lights. The AW Golf cart LED light kit does not only contain LED light but is a mixture of LED and halogen lights. The headlight is composed of halogen bulbs, whereas the tail light is composed of LED bulbs.

Moreover, the product is energy-saving when it comes to energy consumption. You can reliably buy this product to ensure the surface beneath, and the surrounding of your Golf cart is enlightened. Additionally, it comes with all of the necessary tools required for mounting and wire connectors, including turn lights and switches for on and off.

  • Affordable and energy-efficient
  • It comes with turn signals
  • Necessary tools for mounting are included
  • No horn


AW Golf Cart LED Light Kit is highly reliable in affordability and energy consumption. It comes with all of the necessary tools which you need for mounting and contains turn lights, on and off switches, and wire connectors too. This product is reliable in construction and belongs to a famous company.

5. Kemimoto Golf Cart LED Kit – Best Golf Cart Underbody Lights

Kemimoto Golf Cart LED Kit – Best Golf Cart Underbody Lights

If you are looking for an affordable and qualitative light kit, you should go with this Kemimoto Golf Cart LED Kit. This light kit is cheaper than others in the list of our top 5.

Both types of bulbs are included in this light kit model for golf carts. The headlights are made up of halogen bulbs, and tail lights are composed of LED lights.

This is an affordable and reliable option to enjoy both kinds of bulbs. This light kit is designed for the model EZ GO TXT light kit, explicitly for those which are constructed between the years 1996 to 2013. Furthermore, this product comes with all the necessary accessories which you will need for its mounting and installation.

This light kit is provided with instructions not only in written form but also in video form which makes the use of these lights easier to understand for the user. Moreover, it would be a perfect solution for you if you are looking for an affordable option with all the necessary features and lighting you want in your Golf cart.

  • Easy-to-understand instructions
  • It comes with all hardware for installation
  • It contains both LED and halogen bulbs
  • No horn included


Kemimoto Golf Cart LED Kit is an outstanding light kit option, which is made for all of the models of EZ GO TXT that were constructed between the years 1996 to 2013.

Although it comes with all of the hardware that is required for installation, it does not include any other accessory which will make your lights more dominant and functional.

Guide To Pick The Best Golf Cart Light Kit

Golf Cart Light Kit Guide

Following is the list of features and an explanation of those features to make sure you can learn about the specification, which you should focus on before finalizing your golf cart light kit.

Types Of Bulbs

Two basic types of bulbs are used in golf cart light kits. These are halogens and LED bulbs. Both of these have their specific characteristics. I will explain to you some of the essential aspects of both kinds of bulbs so you can select the best light for you. Halogen bulbs are the oldest and are more reliable and trustworthy in terms of lightning.

But they are heavier on your battery.

On the other hand, we have LED bulbs. They are more popular and recommendable nowadays as they are brighter than the others. Moreover, they do not consume much battery and are pretty reasonable and affordable. Because of these features, LED bulbs are a more popular choice when selecting the Golf cart light kit.


golf cart colour

Although it’s not an important feature to focus on, it still makes a tremendous difference in the class and styles your Golf cart will take. There are numerous colors of lights that come with golf cart lights. Match it according to your cart and select the one you think will look more beautiful than the other.

Furthermore, some lights come with multi-color options. I recommend you choose the one as it will provide you with various colors to make your cart look more stylish and classy.

Street Legal Versus Non-Street Legal

These are two types of bulbs that are used based on the usage of Golf carts. Street legal bulbs are brighter and are used on the Golf carts, which are not within the boundaries of riding. And the rider takes his carts in the streets too. If you are looking forward to using your cart on the roads or the public highways, you have to install legal street lights.

On the other hand, non-street legal carts are advised for those golf carts limited in riding.

These carts are generally ridden inside clubhouses, campsites, and golf courses. In case you are willing to ride your cart inside these areas and will not take your cart on the roads or streets, then you can go with the selection of non-Street legal carts. Keep this feature in mind before finalizing your lights, as they will play an essential role in selecting the best lights according to the place of your riding.


Golf Cart Light Kit faqs

Why are my golf cart lights dim?

There are chances that your acceleration of the car has some underlying problem affecting the wiring and resulting in the dimming of the light. It will make your cart suffer from struggling. In the first place, look for the charging of the battery.

If the charging is not dead, then there are some issues in the wiring; otherwise, charging could be the primary cause that your Golf cart Lights are dimming.

What voltage are golf cart headlights?

The various lights, including the front light, backlight, brake light, turn signals, and other areas, use 12 volts of light while illuminating.

These are the independent measurements of all of these users, but when combined, it results in an overall 48 voltage of usage while lightening. Keep in mind that this value is not specific because not every light used is of the same voltage.

Million Color 6 Seater Golf Cart Underbody Lighting Kit

What is the best light kit you can get for your Golf cart?

Different light kits come with various features and benefits. All of them are not the same in specifications. The best light kit will be the one that is suitable according to your need. It should be affordable, durable, and constructed while keeping in mind the quality of the bulbs. Make sure to keep in mind what you need before finalizing your Golf cart light kit to make it the best one for you.

How to wire lights on a 48v golf cart?

If you have a 48v golf cart, you will need to wire the lights yourself. This is not a difficult task, but it does require some basic knowledge of electrical work. Here are the steps you will need to follow:

  1. Disconnect the battery from the golf cart. This is important because you don’t want to accidentally electrocute yourself while working on the wiring.
  2. Remove the light fixture from the golf cart. You will need to access the wires that connect the light to the golf cart’s electrical system.
  3. Using a multimeter, test the wires to see which one is positive and which one is negative. The positive wire will be red, and the negative wire will be black.
  4. Once you know which wires are which, connect the positive wire to the positive terminal on the new light, and connect the negative wire to the negative terminal on the new light.
  5. Reattach the light fixture to the golf cart, and reconnect the battery. Your new light should now be operational!

What do I need to put lights on my golf cart?

To put lights on your golf cart, you will need:

  • One golf cart light kit
  • A drill
  • Wire cutters
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Double sided tape or zip ties (optional)


  1. Park your golf cart in a well-lit area so you can easily see what you are doing.
  2. Unpack your light kit and find the instructions. If there are no instructions, you can usually find them online.
  3. Carefully read the instructions and identify all of the parts.
  4. Using the drill, make any necessary holes in the golf cart body for mounting the lights.
  5. Mount the lights according to the instructions, using either double sided tape or zip ties.
  6. Once the lights are mounted, use the wire cutters to connect the wires according to the instructions.
  7. Test your lights to make sure they are working properly before driving your golf cart at night!

Final Thoughts

No game is adventurous unless and until you have supplied the equipment with all the accessories. To play golf, a golf cart is a necessary piece of equipment. And in addition to this golf cart, there are numerous gadgets that you can attach with it to make your game more pleasurable and fun. The article details the best products and a relevant buying guide.

These golf cart lights are the underflow lights that will help you brighten up the area beneath your cart and its surroundings to make sure you can view the surface even at night. It will help you play golf at night, too, without any hurdles of darkness.

Make sure to read the elaboration of each product mentioned above and its specification mentioned under the headings of the buying guide. All of these features will help you in selecting the best product available.

golf cart equipment

As a reviewer, I will suggest you buy:

3G Deluxe LED Light Kit for EZ GO is an affordable option containing quality LED lights. It has all the lights and comes with complimentary turn lights and horns.

AW Golf Cart LED Light Kit is highly efficient in energy consumption and is affordable. It comes with all of the tools you will require for its mounting and is very easy to mount.

Kemimoto Golf Cart LED Kit comes with all the tools required for its installation. It contains a helpful guide in both written and video form, so if you are a beginner, this is a big yes for you.

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