How to Wire Lights on a 48 Volt Golf Cart: A to Z

It’s amazing how Golf cart/ club cars and the question of how to wire lights on a 48-volt golf cart? have evolved throughout history, varying in different ranges. 

Regardless of the modification and several design changes, many people always doubt how to wire lights on a 48-volt golf cart. Lighting is one of the main elements that should be the resource by which the driver can make his way through the darkness. 

At first, they were just glass circles, and now, they appear to belong to a very modern mobile. The headlights are the eyes of the vehicle; with the fact that we see the shape of everything, it is not surprising that the headlights mark the character of the vehicle.

This variation will undoubtedly give your car power and intimidation. Starting with the black tonality, a “penetrating gaze” is achieved.

What is the meaning of a 48-volt golf cart?


We will guide you on everything you want to know about the type of batteries that golf carts use. These vehicles can use between 4 and 6 batteries. Compare prices and make sure you know the technical stipulations of your vehicle.

In most cases, golf carts run exclusively on electrical power. However, some models integrate gasoline. The voltages of their respective batteries may vary. 

The number of volts should be indicated on the battery label. You can still calculate them by the number of holes it has. Each hole generates 2 volts; therefore, if the battery has 3 holes, it means that it is 6 volts. 

The most commonly used total voltages for golf carts are a 36-volt golf cart and a 48-volt golf cart. As per the new trend, people prefer choosing a 48-volt cart.

Now, using a 48-volt golf cart simply means that your electric cart is equipped with 8 numbers of 6-volt batteries, which are needed for a cart that operates at 48. 

On the other hand, golf carts that run on gasoline can use a single 12-volt battery. In the latest design, they also come with 4 numbers of 12-volt batteries. 

There are several differences between these cars and the cars which we drive every day. First of all, the engine does not start when you are turning on the key, but when you press the accelerator. 

This allows for less noise and lowers energy/fuel consumption. Maintenance of these batteries requires cleaning the terminals and inspecting them to make sure there are no acid or liquid spills.

Why do we need to wire the lights on a 48-volt golf cart

golf cart batteries for powering lights

Golf carts generally do not come equipped with lights, but if you intend to drive the car on public roads, the law says it must be equipped with headlights and taillights. 

Golf cart lights are supplied in kit form, which should come with everything you need and completing the job should not take more than a day. 

If, after reading the instructions in the kit, it might not be necessary that all the users have the level of electrical knowledge required to install these lights, it can be considered a basic electrical class. 

Things you will need is the Light kit suitable for a golf cart from Tools as specified in the kit instructions.

Let’s know in detail about the importance of having lights on 48-volt golf carts:

1. Implying to the laws of state government

To ride a cart on the highway, you require installing some headlights. These Golf carts on general roads must have headlights, brake lights, and turn signals. 

This is to comply with state laws governing the driving of cars on the streets, and this applies in most states in all continental regions. While it is a matter sometimes that may lead to a professional, do you know there are many ways you can easily install your headlights?         

If you’ve some basic knowledge of car maintenance, by tracking a few easy and simple rules, you can easily equip your vehicle with all the lights you want to be able to legally drive them on the streets.

2. Having a clear vision in the darkness

Whenever you are taking a drive in the evening or night to any different area in your golf or open spaces on the premises, you often find trouble driving because of the darkness of night. 

Streetlights do help, but they cannot guide you to every corner. And most of people tend to fall or have an accident with other vehicles or passing animals. Animals can get hurt if you are driving in between the woody areas. 

So, to overcome all of such hindrances, it is important to install headlights and other sidelights. It also makes other drivers or persons aware that a vehicle is passing by, so they should clear the way.

3. Communication with other vehicles

Communication between vehicles is crucial to avoid accidents, but when we talk about it, we do not mean that every time you step on the brake, stick your head out and shout to everyone behind. Instead, it is more subtle, effective, and silent to simply use a red light. 

In addition to the brake, there are other actions represented with rhythms and tones of light, such as the change of direction and the reduction of speed through the turn signals. Thus, a taillight or skull becomes a universal translator of basic actions that drivers perform to get around.

How to wire lights on a 48-volt golf cart

installed light on golf cart

The installation of lights can be done by following the simple steps that are written on the kit that you may buy online or at the store. But make sure to install the light in the following sequence mentioned below:

1. Select the appropriate lights

Choose a light kit that is suitable for your golf cart. Kits are available at stores and websites that sell specialty golf equipment. Open the kit and check that you have everything that you should have. Read through the kit instructions carefully to make sure that you fully understand what you have to do.

Choose Between a Single and a Double Battery

There are two main types of batteries used in golf carts – single and double. Single batteries are less expensive and lighter in weight, but they don’t provide as much power as double batteries. Double batteries are more expensive and heavier, but they provide more power and run for a longer period of time.

When choosing between a single and double battery, consider how you will be using your golf cart. If you plan on using it for long periods of time or for heavy-duty tasks, then a double battery is a better choice. If you only need it for light use or short periods of time, then a single battery will suffice.

2. Mark and locate the light fixing area

Mark and locate the light fixing area

Park the cart and disconnect the battery. Decide where in the car you are going to put the lights. When choosing a location for your headlights, you want to remember that the lights should be positioned so that they illuminate the road but do not shine in the eyes of oncoming drivers.

3. Screw in your headlights

The very first point you will require to do is take the headlights out of the package and keep them on the golf cart’s front side. Any package will generally have particular instructions on where to keep the card, but they should usually be set so they light up the road in front of you but not illuminate directly on oncoming cars. 

Ensure their positions mean they are noticeable to the car’s driver, so they recognize you’re there. Fixing them in position with screws that can be supplied in the set.

4. Plugin the headlights

Attach the mounting light to the carriage. Depending on the equipment you have chosen, you will have to drill holes to hold the mount, or if you are using a tie-down accessory, you will need to secure a bumper or roll bar. Or simply plug the headlight wires into the car’s main electrical system. 

Usually, you will have included in your headlight set a series of wires using a switch on one end that can turn off and on when they’ve been attached to the wheels. 

The complete instructions will provide you with a clear idea of where to keep the light cables, as they may differ between models and makes. Set the connections on the wheel side and connect it with a power line. Pass the cables through the motor and tie them with pliers and scissors. 

Plugin the headlights 2

You will need to band the wire from the end of the wires to connect to the vehicle’s wheel. Push them all through the connections, and after that, screw tightly. Then you should be able to hold the switches on the connection edge.

5. Turn on the headlights

Follow the instructions in the kit to attach the lights to your selected mount and connect the cables to the golf cart’s electrical system. Different light manufacturers recommend different ways of running cables, and you should follow the manufacturer’s suggestion.

Connect the switch leads to the switch connector supplied with the kit. Place the switch on the dashboard. Connect the battery and test the lights. To check if your headlight works, turn it on before start driving. 

It can work fine at night, and also in a dark area, so you can examine the length and strength of the beam. This is really a great period to check out the light’s angle to make sure the driver’s safety. 

Start the engine and, with the engine running, turn on the ignition switch, which is coupled with the lights. It must be produced a consistent beam of lights using this process.

Is there any equipment required to install the lights on a golf cart

install lights

To install lights, the kit that you buy will have the important elements to be fixed, that is, the lights, 6-9-12 pin connectors, lights, push-pull start button, etc. But to install or fix them, we do need some important equipment, that is:

  • A 10-millimeter socket.
  • A 13-millimeter socket.
  • An inch-and-a-quarter hole saw.
  • A t30 and t-15 torque bit.
  • A marking pen.
  • Two cordless drills- a smaller tip and a 7/16 drill Tip
  • A tape measure
  • Safety equipment

Cautions during the process of installing golf cart lights

The lights of your car are completely essential, not only so that you can see at night, but so that you can be seen by others. You should follow these cautions before installing and handling the lights:

1. Correct location marking for light installation

In the back of your car, skulls are incorporated. In these, there are several lights of different colors, in which each color announces different actions that you are doing or that you are about to do. You must be conscious of installing them in the right position by which you can make the right indication for others to understand.

2. Avoid short circuits or any fault

Avoid short circuits or any fault

As in the light bulbs in your house, the ones in your car are supported and fixed by small connectors or sockets. Unlike the ones in your house, these have 3 cables or poles, and that is thanks to the fact that the bulbs that they integrate illuminate in 2 different intensities. Ensure that you do not mess with the sockets and connectors to avoid short circuits.

3. Differentiate the wires

Each of the 3 wires they have is for a different voltage. In one is the negative voltage or ground, and in the other 2 are the voltages in charge of giving the greater or lesser intensity of brightness of the bulb or its intermittency. To change the 3-pole focus connector, you want to know how to remove the old one from the skull, disconnect and connect the new one, to put it back, taking care to connect the 3 poles well. Otherwise, you may cause a short circuit.


1. What voltage are golf cart headlights?

If you’re wondering what voltage golf cart headlights are, the answer is 12 volts. Most golf carts use 12-volt batteries, so their headlights are designed to work with that voltage. If your golf cart has a different voltage battery, you may need to get a different set of headlights.

2. How do you install LED strip lights on a golf cart?

Installing LED strip lights on a golf cart

Installing LED strip lights on a golf cart is a simple process that anyone can do. All you need is a few tools and supplies, and you’ll be ready to add some extra light to your cart.

First, gather the following items:

  • LED strip lights
  • A drill
  • Screws
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire strippers
  • Electrical tape
  • A friend (optional)

Now that you have everything you need, follow these steps to install your LED strip lights:

  1. Decide where you want to mount the strip lights on the golf cart. A good location is along the underside of the roof, as this will provide even illumination. Use a tape measure to determine the length of the LED strip needed.
  2. Cut the strip light to size using wire cutters.
  3. Peel away the adhesive backing on the LED strip, and press it into place along the chosen mounting location.
  4. If necessary, use screws to secure the strip light in place.
  5. Strip about ½ inch of insulation from the ends of two wires using wire strippers.
  6. Twist each wire around a connector terminal on the LED strip light. Make sure that the stripped portion of the wire is wrapped tightly around the connector so that there is good contact between the wire and the connector.
  7. Connect one end of each wire to an appropriate power source

3. How to ensure the lights are operating correctly

To ensure that the lights on your golf cart are operating correctly, you will need to check the fuse box and replace any blown fuses. You will also need to check the bulbs to make sure they are not burned out. If any of the bulbs are burned out, you will need to replace them.


So, in these ways, without any technical knowledge, you can easily install the lights on your 48-volt golf cart. Well, there are no as such defined qualifications required to install the golf cart lights. 

But, yes, having good knowledge about the installation can help to know some important electrical terms. The information can be Basic knowledge in bodywork and electronics to be placed., The price comparison of lights is for both headlights. If any adaptations are required to install these headlights. Etc. 

But, there are many tutorials available online on installing golf cart lights; you can always check them. Always ensure to have a warranty and good quality in lights as it will long last be compared to others.