How to Paint Your Golf Cart – Get a Basic Idea

If you are running low on money and can not possibly afford to purchase a brand new golf cart, then I got news for you my lovely people!

No matter who you are or no matter how uncreative you may be, you can still make an old bland golf cart into a sparkling new carriage by just painting its surface with the precision of a pro!

So, if you want to know how to paint your golf cart quickly and easily, then you are all at the right place because I am about to tell you how.

So, people brace yourselves and head right into the pointers as mentioned below, using which you can give your worn-out golf card a good pampering session!

How to Paint Your Golf Cart

1. Safety First!

Paint Your Golf Cart

No matter how pretty paint may seem, it still contains many harmful chemicals that become fumes when sprayed onto any surface.

These fumes can prove to be very dangerous to your health as it triggers severe respiratory diseases such as asthma or bronchitis.

So make sure that you set up your golf cart in a closed area with windows for good ventilation.

Make sure that you don’t paint your golf cart in an open area because dust and debris from the environment may stick to the freshly painted surface and make the surface look rough and dirty.

Good ventilation will help disperse the paint fumes quickly, thus reducing the risk of possible health problems.

To add to your own personal safety, I suggest you wear goggles to prevent the fumes from coming in direct contact with your retina.

Plus, never forget to wear a mask over your mouth and nose to prevent harmful vapors from entering your body.

Apart from that, you must spread newspaper over the floor to protect your floorings from paint.

2. Clean Your Cart!

Clean Your Cart

Cleaning a card is simple and easy. It is just like washing your car.

The reason why you need to clean your cart before you paint it is that any dirt or grime sticking to the surface will eventually fall off, taking a chunk of paint with it.

Now, you don’t want your cart to have gaps in the paint surface, do you?

So, to clean your golf cart, prepare a mixture of soapy water in a small bucket.

Make sure that you use oil-based liquid dish soap.

Next, take a sponge or a small rag, dip it into the water and start cleaning.

You must also take out all the trash and your accessories from the inside of the cart before getting started.

3. Strip The Cart Of All The Removable Parts

To make life easier, make sure that you remove all the separable parts from the cart so that the parts that you don’t want to paint will not get painted mistakenly.

These parts include bumpers, handles, roof, etc.

However, to avoid any confusion, make sure that you take pictures of your golf cart before dismantling it.

This will help when you are done painting the frame and trying to reassemble the cart.

4. Here Comes The Masking Tape!

Take a masking tape and cover up those areas for the parts that can not be separated from the golf cart and the ones you don’t want to paint.

Make sure to be precise; otherwise, you may skip the parts you needed to paint or paint the parts that needed to be skipped.

5. Sanding Touches


To remove more stubborn dirt from the surface of the golf cart, you need to take a standing paper and rub it against the surface. This will effectively remove old paint if you sand the surface with firm pressure and in a circular motion.

Thereby giving you a neat and clean surface ready for a fresh layer of paint to be applied to.

6. Apply a thin coat of paint primer to prevent peeling later on

painting golf Cart

If you want your cart to last for years, it needs a good primer. Primer is the first step in painting your golf cart, and it can prevent peeling later on.

Primer is a thin coat of paint that seals the surface of the wood from moisture and other elements.

It prevents the wood from absorbing moisture, which can lead to cracking or peeling.

Mix together the primer and paint according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Apply a thin coat of primer to all areas of the cart using a brush or roller. Allow the primer to dry completely before painting.

Remember: always use a painter’s tape mask when priming furniture so you don’t overspray and damage your walls!

7. Get Started

Once you are done with the sanding and primer part, your golf cart is now ready to be painted. Once the primer dries completely, apply paint to the surface. But don’t just rush into it. Take your time and apply the paint in layers.


golf cart paint faqs

What kind of paint do you use on a golf cart?

As you may already know, there are many different kinds of paints, all differing from each other in terms of the contents they contain.

However, if you are looking for a suitable type of paint to get your golf card done, then you must go for acrylic paint.

The reason being, acrylic paints stick to the plastic surfaces far better than any other type of paint except for plastic fusion spray paint.

However, plastic fusion spray paints are way more expensive than acrylic paints.

What is the best paint for a golf cart?

The best paint for a golf cart is acrylic paint, especially on the plastic parts.

The reason is that it is very affordable and has excellent adherence qualities when it comes to plastic.

So if you really want to give your golf card a new look in a budget-friendly manner, I suggest you purchase a can of acrylic paint. You can always buy more if you need it.

How hard is it to paint a golf cart body?

Painting a golf cart can be considered moderately easy. You just have to prime the frame and start painting; however, this process results in a lot of dust.

This dust can prove to be very hard to clean up. You must wear a pair of goggles for personal safety and clean up the dust as it is formed because otherwise, it will stick to the freshly painted surface and make it look rough.

How many cans of spray paint do I need for a golf cart?

For most golf carts, you will need around three cans of spray paint. However, depending on the size and type of cart, you may need to use more or less paint. Generally speaking, the larger the cart, the more paint you will need.

Final Thoughts

I hope you really enjoyed reading this article and found the information very useful. I tried my very best to explain all the steps in as simple words as I could come up with.

You just have to go through my article once, and you will get a basic idea of how to paint your golf cart!