Day: October 3, 2023

Angle of Attack in GOLF - the more you know
Frank Coffman

Angle of Attack in Golf: Steep, Shallow & Tips to Improve

During one of my early golf lessons, I was paired with an elderly gentleman named Mr. Thompson. As we approached the 7th hole, a challenging par 3, I confidently selected my club, ready to impress. To my dismay, my shot barely cleared the water, landing in the bunker. Mr. Thompson, with a knowing smile, took

Strong vs. Weak Grip - tips
Frank Coffman

Strong vs. Weak Grip: How it Impacts Your Golf Swing

Golf, for me, has always been a blend of art and science, and at the heart of that delicate balance lies the grip. It’s fascinating how something that seems so fundamental can have such a profound impact on our game.  I remember when I first picked up a club, completely oblivious to the terms “strong”

How Do You Know Which Golf Ball Is Best For YoU - Ace Your Game
Frank Coffman

How Do You Know Which Golf Ball Is Best For You: Ace Your Game

Hey there, folks! So, here’s a little tale for you. A few years back, I was at this swanky pro shop, surrounded by walls adorned with the latest and greatest spheres. The sheer variety was dizzying! I recall being drawn to this one particular sphere, not because of its specs or brand reputation, but because

Wire Lights on a 48 Volt Golf Cart - the more you know
Kane Franco

How to Wire Lights on a 48 Volt Golf Cart? – Troubleshooting Tips

Over the years, I conducted various DIY projects, and one that I’m particularly proud of is wiring lights on a vehicle often seen cruising the greens. I’ve spent a good amount of time tinkering with vehicles, and one of the projects I’ve recently tackled is wiring lights on a 48-volt golf cart. I know, it

Golf Cart painting 1
Kane Franco

How to Paint Your Golf Cart – Get a Basic Idea

Ever found yourself gazing longingly at those shiny new golf carts, only to be brought back to reality by the hefty price tags? Well, I’ve got some good news for you! Believe it or not, you don’t need to be an artist or a mechanic to transform your old, tired vehicle into a gleaming ride

Become a Better Putter in Golf
Frank Coffman

How to Become a Better Putter: 9 Most Efficient Ways

Ever stood on the green, heart racing, as you took that crucial putt? I’ve been there. Over the years, I’ve realized that while driving might get all the glory, it’s those subtle moments with the putter that truly define a golfer’s skill. It’s an art, a science, and sometimes, a bit of luck. But, with

Golf Club Sets for Men
Sumayya Parrish

12 Best Golf Club Sets for Men 2024 – Get Ahead of Your Game

I still remember the first time I swung a golf club. It was an old, weathered iron that had seen better days, borrowed from my grandfather’s collection. To my surprise, the ball soared beautifully across the field, igniting a passion for the game that has only grown over the years. My appreciation for the importance

6V Golf Cart Batteries
Kane Franco

Top 10 Best 6V Golf Cart Batteries 2024 – Drive with Ease and Power

I’ll never forget that one particular sunny day when I was all set for a perfect round of golf. The weather was just right, my gear was in place, and my spirits were high. But as I turned the key to my trusty golf cart, all I was met with was an eerie silence. After

best golf Putter Grip
Kane Franco

Top 10 Best Putter Grip Review 2024 – Improve Your Performance

I still remember that sunny afternoon when a missed short putt cost me a round I had been leading. As I analyzed my game, I realized the culprit wasn’t my technique but the worn-out grip on my putter, which had slipped ever so slightly during the stroke. It was a lightbulb moment for me. From