The Genesis Invitational – Professional Golf Tournament

Genesis Invitational - PGA Tour Golf Tournament

The Genesis Invitational is an annual professional golf tournament held in California, USA. The tournament is part of the PGA Tour and has a prize fund of over $9 million. The event is hosted by the Tiger Woods Foundation, and it is known for attracting some of the world’s top golfers according to the golf … Read more

Chipping vs. Pitching – Differences & Uses

Golf is a very familiar and widely common sport that everyone knows the basic rules of. Of course, it involves hitting a ball with a specific type of club with precise aiming in order to get the said ball into a series of holes. It is played on a golf course and the ultimate goal … Read more

What is a Scratch Golfer? – Types of Golfers

What is a Scratch Golfer - Find out all Types of Golfers

Not everyone can do a certain thing the same way. No matter how simple something is, two people will hardly ever do it in the same manner. This is of course perfectly normal due to how many differences there are between any two people. So if one cannot expect two individuals to behave in the … Read more

How Much Do Caddies Make? – Insight in Golf Jobs

How Much Money Do Golf Caddies Make

Golf has been a trendy and widely recognized sport for decades now, centuries even. Everyone is familiar with the general premise of the sport. It is easily distinguishable due to the specific court and equipment, and the swing is one of the most popular sports moves ever. In general, there is not much about golf … Read more