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How the Design of Golf Courses Impacts Player Performance and Enjoyment
Sumayya Parrish

The Impact of Golf Course Design on Player Performance and Enjoyment

In our world, there exist numerous different sports each with its own set of rules, goals, and premises. For some, it is how they are played that makes them unique. For others, it is the global popularity that makes them stand out. Then, there are those that are very special because of where they are

History and Evolution of Golf Equipment
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Evolution of Golf Equipment: From Wooden Clubs to Modern Technology

Having something you are passionate about and that you always want to do is a great feeling. Hobbies and activities that fulfill us, that make us look forward to every free moment of our lives, that is what life is about. For a great number of people, this comes in the form of a sport.

Best Golfers to back in 2024
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4 Best Golfers to Back in 2024 – On the Green and in the Money

Golf is among the most popular sports activities out there. For some reason, we see that many people do understand just how much viewers watch the tournaments. Naturally, the most popular players out there attract more viewers than those who are considered popular. Still, we want to point out that even those who are not

Blade vs. Mallet Putter - What type pf clubs is perfect for you
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Blade vs. Mallet Putter – Which Style Will Improve Your Game

Amateur or professional, longtime enthusiast or an amateur newcomer, no matter who you are, certain activities require the use of one and the same tools in order for them to be done. There is the same need for the right tools by the pros and the newbies no matter how you spin it. The same

Putter Golf Club - What Lenght is Perfect for You
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What Length Putter Do I Need? – Maximize Your Putting Potential

As a sport, golf is a very popular activity that has a long history. It has been around for centuries and it remains one of the most intriguing and widespread sports in the world. The premise is quite simple and very easy to understand. Everyone knows it since it is so unique. There is nothing

Genesis Invitational - PGA Tour Golf Tournament
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The Genesis Invitational – Professional Golf Tournament

The Genesis Invitational is an annual professional golf tournament held in California, USA. The tournament is part of the PGA Tour and has a prize fund of over $9 million. The event is hosted by the Tiger Woods Foundation, and it is known for attracting some of the world’s top golfers according to the golf

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Chipping vs. Pitching – Differences & Uses

Golf is a very familiar and widely common sport that everyone knows the basic rules of. Of course, it involves hitting a ball with a specific type of club with precise aiming in order to get the said ball into a series of holes. It is played on a golf course and the ultimate goal

How Many Clubs are there in a Golf Bag - How many can fit
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How Many Clubs in a Golf Bag? – Different Types of Clubs & Golf Bags

Golfing seems quite easy from the looks of it and most people know the general premise of the sport all too well. There are holes that the small (usually) white ball needs to go in and the golfers do it by hitting them with special clubs. That is pretty much the extent of what an