Garmin X40 Review 2024 – Best Garmin GPS Golf Brand Watch

Golf Brand Watch Garmin X40

If you are reading this article you must be a Golf lover and maybe looking for the best Garmin Golf watch? We recommend going through this in-depth Garmin X40 review.

Today, the number of options is very wide when we refer to a smartwatch that works in the area of golf and the monitoring of the game (including statistics and complementary information on the course).

However, most of the smartwatches that implement this function leave out other add-ons that can give strength and dynamism to the device. Moreover, Garmin has decided to make a difference and go many steps forward, presenting us with convenient and comprehensive models indeed.

Additionally, Garmin provides us with an academic and effective multi-operation through its Approach series, with models like the X40, demonstrating once again that it is possible overcoming the barriers of the functional.

Along with a detailed review of this model, we have also covered buying considerations and FAQs section followed by Pros and Cons.

Garmin X40 Review- The Best Garmin Golf Watch

Garmin X40 Review about

Garmin company surprises us by presenting the Approach X40, which is more than just a simple watch for the golf course, since, unlike a large number of devices of this type, the Approach X40 is a functional tool within and off the field of play.

It does good development in its GPS work. One of its extra points, which is undoubtedly a spectacular addition, is its capacity for physical tracking and activity, including monitoring your heart rate.

In any scenario, you must get to know better the product that you will decide to wear on your wrist for a long time, so you may wonder if the Approach X40 is worth it.

To help you answer that question, we take a closer look at this smart golf bracelet to determine if it delivers on what it promises by talking about its effective performance in most activities for which this device is made.

So, don’t waste any more time and dare to explore everything in this Garmin Approach X40 review.

In this device, you will find different similarities with other watches in the range, for example:

  1. You will have on hand information based on 30,000 golf courses around the world, including distances and obstacles.
  2. Data about where you are, such as the back and top section of the entire field.
  3. Distances to the front or a practical guide to reaching your goal.
  4. You can easily find the range at which the dangers are, which you can see in a dedicated way.
  5. You have additional information about the central plane that will help you become more familiar with the playing field.

Compact Design

Golf Brand Watch Compact Design

The main objective of the Approach X40 is to make a difference like never before. Since it combines the characteristics of an activity bracelet with a golf data rate device while you play on the course, yes, in this edition, you will have the best of each.

With Garmin, you can currently find physical activity tracking devices, and when you look at them in detail (and compare them), you realize that the company knew how to optimize everything in this edition.

When you navigate through its menu and use some applications, you will find reasonable similarities.

Bright and Detailed Screen

At first glance, divided opinions can be generated, because due to its size, it gives the impression that it is handled with little ease. But when you play a little with it, you will realize that it goes far beyond that, and you will come across more virtues than defects.

One of the few problems is reflected when entering points at times that require speed. That’s where using the touch can be difficult, but there are many salient aspects for the rest.

Because despite its structure, you get a screen of 128 x 128 pixels of resolution covered by a thin glass panel. The screen breaks down the information, and reading it is not at all complicated.

This can surprise you considering its measurements, but the truth is that you will get the data on your wrist most conveniently and simply for you.

Bright and Detailed Screen

Garmin TruSwing

Garmin TruSwing is another great feature added in this version. With it, you will find exact precision when executing your shots, since its job is to evaluate the force with which you execute your swing with each launch.

So, you can have on your wrist an analyzer of the conduct of your blows and instantly see the results on your device.

You don’t have to worry about having to wait to see the results in the application because the Approach X40 includes everything you need to know the effectiveness of your shots.

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Tracking the Shots

The functions in the monitoring are varied: On the one hand, you have the possibility of opting for the scoring and shooting tracking tools. Before starting a new round, the clock will ask you if you want to save the score for that game, which is more than just a follow-up.

It is an attractive and interesting data recording option with which, after accepting the dashboard, it will notify the start of a new hole using a blink.

Also, it will be allowing you to add data provided from the previous round, which at first glance is simple and effective as well as easy to use for you if you want to maintain information from each round.

Even with all this, the system that Garmin implements with the Approach X40 is basic in certain ways, being that it does not specialize so much in this round counter.

So, it is not as complete, making many users perhaps choose to more complete applications in this area, such as the Hole19 and its more developed or structured implements.

But whichever option you choose to take the points and control your rounds, it is worth it for any of the 2 options. If you do not demand much of this device, you can be happy with its result, but if you are excited to live a broader experience, you can choose complementary options.

In any case, it develops optimally following your game, and although, sometimes, it may take some additional data that may be important depending on each person.

It will reward it by adding features, such as the tracking of blows using particular sticks in synchronization with the clock.

Application – Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect, once again, is the technical support in the applications section for this delivery. So, all the actions are done in the field and the data collected throughout the day will go directly to it, in the section of Health.

Garmin Connect

It performs very well in being detailed and accurate in its balance sheets, although it may seem a bit overwhelming for the information it offers.

However, in its development with the functions on the golf course, the information offered is scarcer, since, after having synchronized your device with the smartphone.

At the end of each game, you will be able to observe the results in the application and evaluate your activities in the calendar of the same. Although in that case, it is only about the physical data obtained in this sense, such as the steps, calories exhausted, or heart rate during the activity.

If you want a comprehensive breakdown of the Technical statistics of your golf game, you should go to the Garmin Connect website, where you will be provided with all the necessary information for each round, such as averages, points, and frequent areas near or far from the goal.

Added to all this, using your Garmin device, it will detect which fields you use to play frequently, and thus make a record of your best performances in the rounds executed in that place.

Fitness and Sports

Unlike many bracelets of the company, this unit implements a 2-in-1. So, they try to make the most of this approach’s performance, using the addition of GPS.

So, with this bracelet, the GPS is not only enabled for golf but also sports and exercises, so you can count on open training modes, to help you in the exercises you decide to do.

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Buying Considerations- Garmin Approach X40 Review

Buying Considerations- Garmin Approach X40 Review


One of these devices can automatically track shots on a fairway. It also gives you information on approach distances, obstacles, and doglegs, as well as the automatic transition of the hole.

On the other hand, some include activity-tracking features and smart notifications. And for its part, vibrating alerts, or calorie and step tracking, will also help you stay in shape.

Perfect fit and design

Choosing a product, especially a watch strap that fits and feels comfortable, is another important consideration. Golf watch prices are in a relatively short range. Some features that are exclusive to a model may increase the price just because it is available for that model.

On the other hand, if you are a regular or professional golf player, you may want to know all the information available on the watch. But if you’re a gamer playing for fun, a device with distances to the center might suffice.

Weighing all the factors and characteristics against each other will help you find the most suitable golf watch for you and your game.

Field maps

Contains pre-installed maps of fields around the world. So, you can access the update of the databases and detect your field automatically.


The battery life must be about 15 hours in GPS mode and up to 8 weeks in activity monitor mode. So, you can do 1, 2, and up to 3 complete rounds quietly.

Touch screens

Sunlight-readable black and white or color displays with an optimized user interface. The completely intuitive ones are more useful and comfortable to use while you play.


Many models offer you the possibility to organize your tournament and invite different players. Therefore, your score will go directly to the leaderboard in real-time, as you complete the course. It is a good option for the most advanced.

Sports profiles

Some models include profiles for running, cycling, or swimming. In this way, you can use the device for much more than just playing golf.

For all of the above, it is that a GPS or handheld GPS watch is an almost essential aid on golf courses. And it offers extremely positive information for the game.

Pros and Cons (Advantages and Disadvantages)


Garmin Pros and Cons

1. Sleek, sturdy, lightweight design:

This model is undoubtedly one of the best models by Garmin, and its super sleek and sturdy design makes this watch lightweight. Also, it is very comfortable to wear.

2. Life-time course updates free of cost:

With Garmin X40, you will get lifetime free course updates.

Thus, you no need to pay any fees to download the latest course. You will always get updated details of the course’s lifetime for no extra cost. With Garmin X40, you will get lifetime free course updates.

3. Comes with several attractive colors:

This smartwatch comes in several attractive colors so you can always buy the one which suits your personality. You can also give it a customized look according to your golf stick color.

4. Visible even in direct sunlight:

The screen of this watch is designed so nicely that you can easily view it even in direct sunlight. Now, you will never miss any performance details even in extreme conditions. The screen of this watch is designed so nicely that you can easily view it even in direct sunlight.

5. The capability of score tracking:


If you are a golfer, this feature is for you as you will know your current performance with its capability of score tracking feature. Thus, you can easily improve your results as it displays on your screen.

6. Very accurate golf feature:

The primary purpose of the Garmin X40 is to offer distances to the green, dog legs, and hazards that work very accurately with its golf feature.

It provides perfect distances to the front, back, and middle of the putting surface. Also, it has a 40,000 golf course database, and it shows your favorite course within 20 seconds.


1. In GPS Mode, only a 10-hour battery life:

When it runs on GPS mode, its battery life is just about 10-hour, which is quite a disappointing factor.

2. Heart rate is inaccurate in some cases:

Some users have experienced that the heart rate is not proper and showing the wrong measurement sometimes.

Garmin Approach X40 GPS Golf Band Review- FAQ

Watch for golf

In our Garmin X40 Review, we have also compiled FAQs for you so it will be helpful to clear all your doubts.

Q: Is the screen comfortable to use?

Ans: In this case, the screen is not the main strength of this installment, it does provide good quality when used. But it is still a bit difficult to handle, especially if you have wide fingers.

So, you should get used to its narrow handling already on occasions, having to press twice for lack of space.

Q: How does its battery perform?

Ans: You will not fall short in this section, because Approach X40 manages to have a very good optimization of the battery in general.

It is obvious that the more you use you dedicate to it, the less it will last, but remember that it is always active, measuring your pulse and determining your physical state.

So, however, its performance is more than enough. It will last all of your golf rounds and will total up to 5 days of running. Thus, aside from your matches, it can give a little more off the field so you can rely on its outstanding battery pack.

It is clear that in this edition of bracelets, it is not very common to observe terminals that comply with a formidable duration, but in the case of the Approach X40, better use of the battery and energy management is developed.

Q: Is it a rival for high-end devices in other companies?

Ans: Due to its specifications and performance in many of its areas, we could say yes. It is evident that each company develops devices dedicated to a section, and that they do them very completely.

But in this case, being a device that performs everything in a single unit makes it a strong opponent against watches or bracelets that only focus on a specific point.

Q: How do I get Golf yardages on my Garmin watch?

To get golf yardage on your Garmin watch, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Golf app on your watch.
  2. Select the round you want to view golf yardages for.
  3. Scroll down to “Golf Yardages” and select it.
  4. On the left side of the screen, you will see a list of distances from each green in order from shortest to the longest distance.
  5. Click on a green to view its length and position from the tee pad, with arrows pointing in various directions if there is a fairway off of that green.


Golf yardages Garmin watch

If you are a golf sports lover or just looking for the best smart band, this is the ideal model for you. The Garmin Approach X40 is an all-day physical activity monitor.

It is capable of measuring heart rate and has alerts for ‘smartphones’ and GPS to calculate distances from the ‘green’ and risks at more than 40,000 golf courses around the world.

Before giving you a complete in-depth Garmin X40 Review, we have taken a closer look at this smart golf bracelet to find out if it delivers on what it promises by talking about its effective performance in most activities for which this device is made. So, you can get a real review.

Of course, Garmin is the leading brand in sports smartwatches for golf. We have already tried different models, and we are sure you have liked our in-depth analysis.

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