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GPS Golf Rangefinder

It is apparent that you are in search of the best GPS device that helps in your Golf game, we recommend buying Izzo Golf Swami 5000 model. In the following Swami 5000 review, you will get to know everything about this product.

Golf is a sports activity that originates from the centuries in Scotland, playing golf reduces cardiovascular problems while being in contact with nature.

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Golf clubs have adopted new technologies to improve their vehicle location methods, incorporating fleet location systems, allowing them to see the state of their carts, preventing problems that could affect customer enjoyment, and reducing vandalism.

Also, the GPS tracker locator systems will control the speed and help track the whereabouts of each golf cart, detecting its position and, in general, everything that improves the characteristics of the players.

Complete Swami 5000 Product Review 2024

Swami 5000

What if golf fans could have a golf radar integrated into a portable device equipped with all the best tools and features for golfers? Izzo launched the Swami 5000, the one of its kind premium multifunction mobile golf device, with GPS and an integrated launch monitor.

This technology monitors clubhead speed, ball speed, stroke energy, swing rate, and estimated distance. Swing rhythm training helps the player to assess the best time for backswing and downswing and provides instant feedback.

Technology at the Service of the Golfer

Thanks to the technology integrated into the new Swami 5000, golfers can improve their strokes’ consistency and create more effective strategies.

Small, light, and very simple to use, this equipment can be carried everywhere and used quickly so that the player always remains focused on the game.

The launch monitor can be activated at the touch of a quick access button, and the player only has to touch anywhere on the screen to know the distance to that same location – fairway, obstacle, landing area or front, center, and rear area the green.

With the Swami 5000, athletes gain a real competitive advantage and can excel on the green, with equipment that works as a perfect assistant.

It displays the distances to the target, adjusted for strokes up and down through distance, and showing the location of the green in blind shots with PinPointer. With this equipment, with adjustments according to his vision and needs.

The athlete has a complete view of the green, obtains more precise distances to the current location of the pin, and completes his move with the minimum possible error. This real assistant helps you to register your digital score with scoring options.

Swami 5000

Readable in Direct Sunlight

The 2-inch color screen is readable in direct sunlight, an extremely intuitive interface that gives easy access to some key features, the text zoom mode, and a compact and comfortable design that facilitates its transport.

Automatically Detects the Golf Field

At the beginning of the game, it automatically detects the field you are on, without wasting time. Still, it keeps the important notifications, so you don’t miss the most important notifications during game hours.

Today, with Izzo Swami 5000, your sport’s practice is even more pleasurable, safeguarding what is most important at all times: the game, the overcoming of your results, the competition with your friends, and always maintaining the connection with your world without being unreachable.

This water-resistant device receives 2 to 3 updates per year, which is totally free of the field maps, automatically sent to your device via Wi-Fi.

Record Feature

Izzo Golf Swami 5000 golf GPS

Another novelty is its record feature, which allows you to improve your records in up to several modes. In warm-up mode, providing data on clubhead speed, ball speed, and smash factor for each shot.

In virtual play mode, simulating a real golf course where it monitors the distance the ball went, where it would be in the field and the distance to reach the hole.

If the Izzo Golf Swami 5000 golf GPS is appreciated, it is first of all the exact information it provides. The distances that it communicates to you are indeed very precise whether it is the back, front, or middle of the green.

This improves your performance fairly quickly. Also, this device is very easy to use, and has several features that make it very practical.

Preloaded with 30,000 golf courses located on the 4 corners of the globe, the Izzo Golf Swami 5000 golf GPS is useful for you to master your course and thus make the best shot.

It also has a function that allows it to record your scores and view them later to analyze your progress. This tool has good strength and is waterproof, which further extends its life. The good quality battery it is equipped with allows it to operate for 12 hours straight.

Features of the Lzzo GPS Swami 5000

Lzzo GPS Swami 5000

  • Precise width measurements and scorecard function
  • 30,000 places worldwide and automatic hole progress
  • 2-inch color display and easy-to-use magnetic charger
  • Easy to use and no subscription fees

1. The Elegant and Easy-to-Use Device

The elegant and easy-to-use mobile GPS device offers precise and easy-to-read distance measurements, including obstacles, doglegs, and layups. The GPS provides precise measurements for over 30,000 golf courses worldwide that are pre-installed on the system and require no annual subscription or fees.

The slim and compact design of the GPS easily fits in your pocket, and there’s a new scorecard feature that records your scores. The device is waterproof and resistant, has a magnetic battery charger and lasts up to 12 hours of golf when fully charged.

2. Sleek and Simple-to-Use Style

With its sleek and simple-to-use style, this hand-held GPS offers ultimate accuracy and easy-to-read distance measurement, including obstacles, doglegs, and layups.

Thin and compact, this GPS easily sneaks into your pocket and its new scorecard function allows you to keep track of your scores.

3. Waterproof and Resistant

Waterproof and Resistant

This device is waterproof and resistant and comes with a magnetic battery charger, which can last up to 12 hours when fully charged.

4. Colorful Handheld Unit

The display of Swami 5000 is colored. It offers the user a vivid look at the course. So, it can be a great feel and a fun look.

5. Over 30,000 Courses are Preloaded

Swami 5000 has more than 30,000 courses preloaded so you can easily take it anywhere in the world and enjoy your golfing game.

Overall, Swami 5000 golf GPS is loaded with great features. With its stylish interface and lightweight design, this is undoubtedly a great device for intermediate players for all ages.

6. Battery Strength Indicator

On top of this device, a battery strength indicator has been given which shows current time and satellite strength. So, it will be very much easy to use. Also, you can change its setting from its menu.

You can adjust its time format in 24-hour and 12-hour format, meter, yards, and DST. Same as a Popeil Showtime Grill, you just need to set it and leave it. It will be working accordingly. Swami 5000 comes with a clip belt that screws in the back and proprietary charging wire.

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Learn before Buying the Izzo Golf Swami 5000


To find the best golf GPS device that best suits your needs, it will be essential to study some criteria before placing an order. While most golf GPS devices look the same, sometimes they all have significant differences.

Here are some points that are taken from our Swami 5000 Review to check before ordering:

1. Easy to Use

A golf GPS device should be easy to use and therefore ergonomic enough to save you time on the field. If in the past some watches that were too complicated to use were more annoying than practical, now it is ancient history. New devices are generally very simple to use.

2. Manufacturing Quality

It’s golf, most of the time you don’t get hit and you don’t fall, but you still appreciate that the build quality is serious. It is the guarantee of a long useful life. Here, generally, there are no surprises. The more you go to the market, the more materials will be of good quality.

3. Comfort

Comfort Swami 5000

It’s a sports device, and obviously, it shouldn’t bother us while practicing our favorite activity. Its weight should be as light as possible.

Once again, most manufacturers know the importance of comfort for a golf GPS and therefore go out of their way to offer devices that are comfortable to wear. The most expensive devices are often the best designed and most comfortable.

4. The Distance Display

Many golf devices have a black and white display with no actual topography. We will simply look at the information that is displayed and sometimes the shape of the green. Others have a color screen and show us clearly, in scale, the entire hole.

Then we see the layout of the fairway, the green, and all the obstacles from the tee to the hole. Finally, some GPS golf devices are multi-sport and also offer functionalities for running, cycling, walking, or even exercising.

This criterion may be important if you practice one or more sports activities outside of golf. In this way, Swami 5000 golf GPS is loaded with many great features. This device is compact and small, still, its screen is easy to read.

Also, it is very easy to use and operate. It will provide all data accurately. We are sure, you will not regret buying it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is a GPS golf device for?

Ans: A GPS golf device allows a detailed analysis of the course of the green, as well as the performance achieved during the game. The most sophisticated GPS golf devices can also provide information on the golf courses.

We will have different information about the surrounding obstacles, bunkers, ditches, water obstacles, etc. The more efficient the clock, the more information you will find about the courses, as well as tips for choosing the club.

Q2: Why use a GPS golf device?

Ans: The GPS golf device is not a simple fashion device and, on the contrary, it is a true ally for all lovers of small white balls. Its main mission is to help us manage distances and choose the club to use in a course.

The GPS device marks our position on a course, and then we can read the distances to the green, to the middle of the green, and to the end of the green.

Then we will use it to record the score, which will be possible to keep in memory in the compatible application, in the coverage of a website or, sometimes, simply on the clock.

You no longer need a pen and paper to record your results, and generally, everything is done very easily. Some devices can detect bumps on their own, just add putts.

Q3: Is there any subscription or update fees?

Ans: No, you do not require paying anything for a subscription or updates. It will be updated from its preloaded library. You will just need an internet connection to download the updates to your laptop or PC and then upload it to the device.

Q4: How much time it take to recharge?

Ans: Swami 5000 takes around 7 hours to recharge. However, the exact time will depend on how much battery has been used already.

Advantages Comes with It

1. The Extra Large Display

Swami 5000 model has a 2-inch colored display with easy to read and large-sized numbers which is easy to read when you are on the course.

Also, this device is slimmer than its other competitors. Its black and yellow color is appealing.

2. Over 30,000 Courses Incorporated

There are already more than 30,000 courses incorporated in this device, so it will automatically detect the course on which you are playing. It is quick and much faster.

3. Lighter and Smaller Design

If you are looking for a lightweight and compact Golf GPS device, this is the ideal model for you.

If we compare the Swami 5000 golf GPS device with other devices available on the market, we can notice that it has a lighter and smaller size, so it is very easy to carry on the course.

Also, it is easy to handle, you can easily keep your score data digitally without using pencils and cards. Its battery life has also been improved in this new model.

4. Quick Response

Quick Response

This model is of course quick in responding. You will get quickly distance to hazards and back, middle, and front of the green. So, you do not have to wait long for the update. It gives you quickly on the clear and large display.

5. Designed with Shot Distance Measurements

With the feature “Shot Distance Measurements”, you will be able to measure your drives. Also, it is a good feature for those who want to settle the debates for long drives.

6. Digital Scorecard

There is a new feature of a digital scorecard that keeps 10 rounds of records. You need to enter your stroke after every hole and you will have data to manage for your upcoming rounds.

Disadvantages That Could be Improved

1. Charging Issues

Some users have faced the issue of charging this device. It stopped charging properly after a few months of use.

Swami 5000 Charging Issues

2. Missing Built-in Speaker

The main disadvantage is that it does not have a built-in speaker, so you will need to carry your own speaker with you if you want to listen to your golfing instructions.

3. Missing Clock Feature

Lastly, it does not have a clock feature, so you will need to keep track of time while playing in order to know when to stop.


You always want to be able to buy the best product at the best possible price. Of course, this also applies to the purchase of this product. Everything should always have a low price and not cause additional costs.

Hope this Swami 5000 Review will be helpful to know this product thoroughly. This model is quite compact and small in size so it will be easier for you to keep it with you all time. Also, its screen is easily readable. It offers precise data and details of the course.

Swami 5000 is designed to perfection with the right sensor to offer accurate yardages. Also, its battery life is up to 12 hours that is sufficient for your 2.5 golf round. Buying a good quality product will please you in the long run, which is not always the case with cheap bargains.

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