How To Use A Rangefinder: For Best Distance Approximation

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If you are a golf lover and think of buying a rangefinder, you will get to know how to use a rangefinder. A rangefinder or a laser distance meter is simple and easy to use.

It is designed to measure only and especially lengths. It is surprising to think that a tool like a laser distance meter is still much easier to use than a Smartphone today and that it can reduce the effort of performing the sometimes complicated tasks of measuring distances with a meter or tape.

Metric, especially when the place to be measured, has surfaces or spaces that can be uncomfortable or even dangerous.

Also, a laser distance meter allows you to measure without requiring another person’s help by merely pointing the laser, pressing a button, and it’s done! Let us find out more about this incredibly useful tool for your golf sport.

What is a Golf Rangefinder?


A rangefinder can be defined as a device that allows distance measurement, that is, remotely. In Golf, construction, and DIY, the most widely used rangefinder is the electronic distance meter with laser light, but there are other types of rangefinders.

Types of Golf Range Finders

Today, there are different types of golf rangefinders are available in the market:

Laser Rangefinder

The laser rangefinder is one of the most accurate. Moreover, the laser rangefinder works by measuring the time of flight of a beam of laser light. A beam of laser light travels concentrated; that is, the light is not scattered.

Because of this, when bouncing off the object, it still maintains enough intensity to travel back to the emitter, that is, to the rangefinder.

Optical Rangefinder

The optical rangefinder uses both optical and mechanical principles to determine the distance between the operator of the rangefinder and the target. One of the simplest optical rangefinders is known as the coincidence range finder.

Hence, This device is similar to a telescope and is made up of a long tube with two windows at the ends facing the target. In the center of the tube, the optical rangefinder has a sight through which the operator looks.

The principle of operation of the optical rangefinder is as follows. When oriented towards the objective, the light enters through one of the windows of the tube and is reflected by a pentaprism towards the center of the tube.

A pentaprism is a reflective prism with five faces that allows deflecting the light at a 90º angle without inverting the image and that is also used in SLR-type cameras.

However, the image passes through a prism that allows the image to be concentrated in the peephole. At the other end of the rangefinder, the target image also enters the tube and is combined with that coming from the opposite end through another prism that overlaps both images in the sight glass.

Ultrasonic Rangefinder

Ultrasonic Rangefinder

Ultrasonic rangefinders work like radar. These devices emit ultrasonic, electromagnetic waves that hit the target and bounce back towards the emitter. The distance is calculated by measuring the echo.

An advantage of ultrasonic range finders is that they work well day and night, in dark or bright environments, since they use sounds to measure distance. In comparison, laser meters can have problems if the light level is excessive. To prevent this, some laser rangefinders include light filters.

Ultrasonic rangefinders are used to measure distances but also have other applications. For example, one type of presence detector is precisely ultrasonic.

Ultrasonic detectors have an advantage over infrared: they respond to the movement of people and any other object. Also, they are more sensitive and accurate.

How does it work? This range detector emits ultrasound that travels through the air until it hits the object. The waves are reflected and return to the emitter. At that moment, the ultrasonic rangefinder’s electronic circuit calculates the time that the outward and return journey has taken and divides it by two.

How to Use a Rangefinder


The laser rangefinder measures the time it takes for the light to come and go.

It works in the following way:

1. When you press the button, the laser distance meter emits a beam of light.

2. The beam reflects off the object and returns to the emitter, i.e., the laser rangefinder.

3. When pressing the button again, the beam is interrupted.

4. A sensor receives the light beam that has bounced off the object.

5. The electronic circuit of the rangefinder times the time it takes for the light to go back and forth.

6. Knowing the travel time of light allows you to calculate the distance.

How is the distance calculated from time? This is possible because the laser light travels at an almost constant speed. Just as the segment radar calculates the speed from a fixed distance and the travel time, the rangefinder does the opposite.

It accurately calculates the distance from the travel time, knowing that, in this case, the speed does not change.

Hold and Aim

To measure with the laser rangefinder, hold the laser device in the object’s direction whose distance you want to determine. The device projects a laser beam onto the target object. So, you can measure precisely and determine distances with millimeter precision.

Laser rangefinders can then calculate areas and volumes from the length measurements. This is extremely useful if, for example, you want to work out on two different golf poles.

With a laser rangefinder with a tilt sensor, you only have to aim for the top edge of the wall, and the device uses a sine function to calculate how high the wall is. For this purpose, formulas are stored in the device.

Laser rangefinders

Measure Base Areas Quickly and Easily with a Laser

If a base area needs to be measured, then a laser measuring device is the ideal support. The folding rule and tape measure were done yesterday. The measurement is now quick, easy, and extremely precise by hand.

If the ground is to be measured sloping, the laser distance measuring device has a particularly great advantage. Since areas under the slope with a height of less than one meter are not included in the ground.

These are left out of the measurement. Heights between 1 and 2 meters are included in half. A laser measuring device scores particularly well here. Instead of correctly positioning an unwieldy folding rule or using a plumb line, the laser knife calculates the correct distance value in seconds.

In the so-called continuous measurement mode, place the device on the floor with the laser pointing upwards until a height of 1 or 2 meters is reached. From this point on the floor, the area of ​​the room must then be measured. These then flow into the calculation of the total living space as partial areas.

But a laser distance meter is not only suitable for the pure measurement of lengths and areas. It is also possible to check dimensional accuracy. Thus, the right angles of rooms can be measured and it is also possible to determine whether walls run parallel.

Golf Rangefinder Militancy Tips

When using a range finder that works with a laser beam, you must observe some important safety instructions. The primary source for this information is the operating manual. This is included with every device. In general, however, there are some basic rules for using a laser rangefinder.

The device may only be used by the operating instructions. If you rent or sell the device, please always pass on these instructions.

1. The sticker with warning notices must not be removed.

2. Never point the laser beam at people or animals. Also, never look directly into the laser beam. The beam can blind and injure the eye.

3. Never use a laser measuring device in environments with flammable liquids or flammable gases, as sparks may occur in the laser knife.

4. The device must not be opened. Repairs may only be carried out by a specialist company.

5. Laser goggles for working with the laser measuring device

6. When using a laser measuring device, the target point should always be visible. Especially in a very bright environment, such as outdoors, laser vision goggles ensure that the red glowing point is always in view.

7. This also effectively increases the measurable distance, since the target point is simply visible over longer distances. However, laser vision goggles only offer an improvement in vision and no direct protection from the laser beams.

8. Looking directly into the laser must therefore be avoided even with such glasses. Otherwise permanent damage to the eyesight occurs. Furthermore, the laser goggles must not be used in road traffic, but only be used when the laser target point needs to be more visible.

9. When measuring a distance in the open air, aiming at an exact target point is difficult. A special laser target is a good remedy. These boards are provided with a special coating that supports an accurate measurement result.

10. Some models are also foldable, which is an aid to setting up on the open road and at the same time facilitates transport. This means that the help of a second person is unnecessary when taking measurements outdoors.

Benefits of Golf Rangefinders


Forget the antiquated measuring instruments like tape measures and the folding rule. A laser rangefinder does not only do a lot of work for you when you are on the golf ground. The device can also save money.

Measuring with such a device saves an enormous amount of time. No intermediate measuring points need to be marked separately. This will give you the most accurate result possible.

Another advantage is the fact that most measurements do not require the help of a second person. In today’s digital age, the data or measured values ​​can be easily transferred to an app.


Unlike the use of a meter or tape measure, a laser distance meter can be used with one hand without taking notes in a notebook. It can often happen that you need to take the measurement again because you have forgotten or noted it wrong or due to some distraction at work due to another task. As it will remain in the laser meter after the measurement.


A laser distance meter allows you to measure hard-to-reach areas safely. This is very useful in situations where a building or house’s structural integrity can be a risk, for example, an old construction or in very steep or humid areas.

Practice and Cleaning

Unlike tape measures, you do not have to drag the laser meter over the ground or any surface that can be wet or dirty and full of bacteria in many cases. With a laser distance meter, this contact is reduced, protecting both the user and the object to be measured.


Where do you point a rangefinder?

You can point it at the ground in front of you or at a landmark on the green. The distance between the rangefinder and your target will determine how high up on the screen your ball will appear.

Do I need a slope on my rangefinder?

If your rangefinder has a built-in protractor, you can use it to measure the slope of the ground. If your rangefinder doesn’t have a protractor, you can find the slope of the ground by using Google Maps or another mapping application.

You’ll need to input your address and then measure the distance between two points (usually the top of a hill and the bottom of a valley). The higher point should be closer to Google Maps, and the lower point should be closer to your rangefinder. Then, divide that distance by 2 to get the slope of the ground.

How accurate is a golf rangefinder?

Rangefinders are a great tool for golfers, but they don’t always provide the most accurate readings. There are a few factors that can affect the accuracy of a rangefinder, including the type of sensor used and the calibration procedure used. To get the most accurate reading from your rangefinder, make sure to check these factors before each use.

Rangefinders are considered more accurate than GPS devices when it comes to measuring distances. Rangefinders use an electromagnetic field to detect objects and determine their distance. GPS devices use satellites to calculate the user’s location.
measuring distances



We are sure, and now you are very well aware of how to use a rangefinder. A laser rangefinder also known as a distance meter or laser distance meter helps you to determine with total precision the distance that there is to the measurement point easily and quickly.

Currently, the rangefinder is extremely necessary and used in sports like Golf. It can also be used in construction sectors by architects, masons, locksmiths, plumbers, carpenters, etc.

If you are wondering – are laser rangefinders accurate? Well, we must say that rangefinders can accurately measure even distances of several hundred meters. It is another thing that the sensor or the light has the necessary power to cover that distance.

Thus, the golf rangefinder is a sophisticated compass for this sport’s practice that improves the handicap of both beginners and advanced players.

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