Take Your Own Tour – The 5 Best Golf Courses In The USA

The United States of America is home to some of the greatest golf courses in the world, which is why we have so many great players. The PGA Tour makes good use of some of these classic courses and makes regular visits to some of the iconic golf courses on this list. Put together your own tour and play a round at these US PGA masterpieces.

1. Pebble Beach, Monterey County, California

Begin your golf tour of the USA with a course that is a PGA staple. This incredible golf course has been hosting PGA and PGA Champions events every year since the 1920s and is consistently voted one of the best courses in the United States by pros and amateurs alike. Not only do you get to tee off and put at one of the best designed courses in the world, but you also get amazing views of the picturesque Carmel Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

It is anyone’s game at Pebble Beach, so if you are in a foursome you may struggle to pick the winner of the round. Golfers who follow the PGA Tour can check the Pebble Beach odds here for a selection of sports betting online and PGA picks. Even the most experienced pros can get into trouble at Pebble Beach, keeping the odds wide open at tour events.

2. Cypress Point Club, California

Travel a little North from our first stop to find Cypress Point on the Northern end of the Monterey Peninsula. Though this top-tier golf course is often overshadowed by its nearby PGA Tour neighbor it is still easily one of the best 18-holes you can play on the west coast of the USA. The Cypress Point Club is approaching its 100th birthday, and playing a round on its stunning course is the perfect way to celebrate.

The revered designer Alister MacKenzie and he chose to work with the natural terrain and create a stunning golf course that does not overpower its surroundings but nestles within them. This creates beautiful views and challenging approach shots from the fairways. Even the most experienced golfer will find themselves having to dig deep to reach the greens on par.

3. Sand Hills Golf Club, Mullen, Nebraska

This golf club is one of the most exclusive in the country, so you may need friends in high places to arrange a tee time here. The extra legwork, networking, and bargaining will be worth it though. The club only has around 200 members, and few are locals. People come from around the world to Sand Hills, it has many international members who play here just a few times a year.

The course is open to the public between Memorial Day and Labor Day, though playing is limited to only 50 rounds each day for non-members. You can only enjoy it once without a fee-paying member in your party too, adding to its exclusivity. Playing here puts you in the top flight of amateur golfers, with so few spots available. The experience is worth the effort though, Sand Hills is a course you will remember for the rest of your life.

4. Augusta National Golf Course, Augusta, Georgia

If you do not want to play a round at Augusta, are you even a golfer? The National course is one of the most famous in the world and sits in an elevated position as possibly the single best course in the United States. The PGA Tour loves Augusta, and it is easily one of the highlights of the competition for its history, surroundings, and the challenge it poses for even the most confident pro. Having welcomed so many great golfers, Augusta is the perfect course for anyone who’s serious about upping their golfing game and ingratiating themselves with the best players in the game.

When the pros win here, they become members of the club for life and proudly wear the green sport coat of the Augusta National Gold Course when on the grounds. If you have managed to negotiate a tee time at this exclusive course, perhaps you should have a green jacket ready for the winner of your round.

5. Shinnecock Hills Golf Course, Long Island, New York

Finishing up the tour in the empire state with this legendary course The Shinnecock Hills Golf Course is the oldest incorporated course in the USA and welcomed female golfers from day one. Across all of its years, it has been consistently named one of the country’s best courses and has hosted the US Open five times. It is a bright and breezy links course that has been testing the skills of professional and amateur golfers since 1891.

Shinnecock Hills will host the US Open again in 2026, so try and get a tee time there soon before the slots start filling up. The par 70 course has its share of difficult holes, but the winds coming in from the nearby Atlantic pose the biggest test for players. The trade-off is stunning views out across the ocean from the parts of the course that hug the coastline. The course is expensive, but the stunning views and great course layout make it well worth the fees, so you can get an unforgettable golfing experience.

A Quick Summary

Golfing can be a great pastime and a unique way to get exercise and hone your accuracy. Still, no one said it was going to be cheap or easy. Lining up a golf tour across the country and taking in these courses will require a lot of dedication and a big budget.

Every golfer should have a dream, and taking a tour of these iconic courses should be on everyone’s bucket list. These are some of the biggest and brightest courses throughout the country and ones that some of the top players in the world love to spend time on. So, plan a fun trip to see more of them and enjoy the delights of these great courses. Happy golfing!

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