4 Professional Golfers Who Are Known to Enjoy Gambling and Casinos: When the Greens Aren’t Enough

Gambling is quite a common pastime for millions of people from all over the globe. When you know that so many people enjoy it, it is safe to presume that many celebrities enjoy this activity. There are so many of them who do. You can find countless articles out there about celebrities who enjoy just that. They come from a wide array of different fields and professions. Usually, they are colorful characters.

It is interesting to see that the most interesting bunch comes from professional sports. You will see that golf and gambling usually go hand-in-hand. For many professional golfers, participating in casino games is a daily activity. We all know some stories, especially those that revolve around Tiger Woods. These days, they do not need to go to casinos to participate in their favorite games. Some do it online.

We don’t know how many celebrities visit online casinos except when discussing it openly. But we do know about golf professionals who visit real casinos frequently. Today, we want to talk about some of the best-known names in golf. These days, you can find countless online casinos out there, such as https://20bet.com/ca.

So without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson is the best-known face in the sport at the moment. He has a strong rivalry with Tiger Woods that spans over a decade. He won countless tournaments during his career and was considered the best athlete in the sport for a couple of years. However, those familiar with his career know that he is widely known for his relationship with gambling and that he is no stranger to this sort of pastime.

He frequently talked about him having this problem, and that he battled it for decades. Once he talked about how he needs to hide the credit cards from his wife because he spends much time on this activity. It is an interesting story, but it doesn’t reflect the scope of how much he gambles. You will see that he gambled millions of US dollars in the last decade. But, of course, the amount is not known to the public.

Once he said that there was a situation where he gambled on more than 50 different matches on college basketball in less than 20 minutes. However, we want to point out that Mickelson openly talks about him having a gambling problem he is willing to battle in the future. Whether he was on some therapies to battle this problem or not is not known to the public, but we can presume he did.

2. Sandy Lyle

Alexander Walter Barr Lyle, better known as Sandy, is a Scottish golfer who won two significant titles during his professional career. He belongs to the older generation of players, for those who don’t know. We are talking about a player who rose to prominence during the early 80s. During that time, the United Kingdom had a couple of prominent names in this sport, and Sandy Lyle was among those names.

He is a man with a charm, and one of the things he was famous for is his affinity for gambling. There is an interesting story about him betting against himself. These stories were never confirmed, but those who know Sandy wouldn’t be surprised if that happened. Thankfully, this didn’t affect his results on the pitch since he is widely known as one of the best players from the UK.

3. John Daly

John Daly has one of the most interesting stories when it comes to gambling. Of course, we hear about many players who spend much of their free time in a casino. But when we are talking about John Daly, he is a person that practically lived in a casino for a while. John Daly openly spoke about how he won and lost millions of dollars on gambling within a few hours. You will agree that this is a stressful situation.

But it looks like John Daly is the man who can resist the pressure since he enjoys playing these games so much. According to the man himself, we can see that he mostly enjoys sports betting and poker. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t participate in other games. For instance, there is one interview where he solely talked about how much he enjoys playing slot machines and online betting. So, his interests are quite versatile, as we can see.

Another interesting thing he said is that he spent more than 50 million dollars in only one year solely on gambling. He said he would take gambling over any other activity, including playing golf. He is frequently featured at poker tournaments of various levels of quality. John Daly is a colorful character, and his interviews are always interesting. Just don’t be surprised when you see that he mostly talks about gambling in those.

4. Dustin Johnson

Lastly, we want to talk about Dustin Johnson. He is one of those faces we know and love. He has a great personality, and his interviews are always highly entertaining. He comes from a new generation of golfers and is expected to become one of the best players of modern times. However, we can see that he is not only willing to take risks on the court. He is a great fan of gambling as well.

As is the case with all other players we have named in this list of ours, he is a person who enjoys gambling and is often seen in casinos. He places huge bets on various sports, mainly basketball and hockey. However, there are no records of him betting on golf matches. It is interesting to see that he is a person who openly talks about this. But we can see that gambling didn’t stand in his way to become one of the best golf players of our generation.


As we know, the connection between professional athletes and casinos is quite a hot topic. Here, you can look at the professional golf players who have this preference. We are sure you will find this list of ours interesting and informative.

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