Memorable Upsets: Surprising Victories in Golf Tournaments

Memorable Upsets: Surprising Victories in Golf Tournaments

Golf is an unpredictable sport with many surprises. In previous years, many players surprised everyone with their performance by upsetting the tournament’s favorites. Golf players shook everyone by winning the majors and making unforgettable history. Golf is an exciting and high-betting sport. Every year, major tournaments, such as the US Open, occur, and people worldwide … Read more

Top Performers of the PGA Tour So Far: Swinging for Greatness

The Professional Golfer’s Association (PGA) Tour is a circuit where some of the best players in the world compete for honors and demonstrate their talents. Every time we watch a competition, we are blown away by the enormous amount of ability on display and the stunning feats that the competitors accomplish. In this piece, we … Read more

Ranking Seasons 2018-19 Winter Series – Men Division

2018-19 Winter Series Season – Men Division Rank 1 Mvmt — Player TT Crouch Hometown Mount Vernon, OH Points 1156.66 Earnings $17,182 Scoring Average 68.73 Events 7 2 Mvmt — Player Gregory Eason Hometown Kissimmee, FL Points 1016.25 Earnings $11,796 Scoring Average 69.33 Events 8 3 Mvmt 2 Player Kevin Aylwin Hometown New Smyrna Beach … Read more