The Players Championship 2024 – Everything You Need to Know

THE PLAYERS Championship is a relatively new tournament, having been first played in 1974. That is, at least when you compare it to the likes of The Open Championship, Canadian Open, US Open, and The Amateur Championship which have been around for more than a century.

That doesn’t stop people from getting excited about this legendary Floridian golfing competition. In fact, it’s so prestigious, it’s often unofficially called the fifth major.

While there might be many golf championships to be played every year, the prestige and history of the competition ensures that many golfers have keen interests in winning such competition, regardless of how many titles they have won in their illustrious career.

Despite the influence of the PGA tour and many major championships, THE PLAYERS Championship is one of the most populous golf competitions despite its history since coming to fruition in 1974.

So what do you need to know about THE PLAYERS Championship 2024? Here’s the key info.

Participa Golfers Favorites

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THE PLAYERS Championship is an invitational event that sees the 50 best golfers on the planet come together in Florida to compete. This means, there will be many big names descending on The Sunshine State, including Phil Mickelson, Scottie Scheffler, and Tiger Woods.

One notable absence will be Cameron Smith, last year’s winner of THE PLAYERS Championship. Despite finishing 13-under-par, one stroke ahead of Anirban Lahir, he is not currently scheduled to take part.

As we’ve seen in previous years, THE PLAYERS Championship 2024 will be a popular event among fans of golf betting, so a lot of focus has been placed on which players are looking strongest.

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Most bookies currently have Jon Rahm out in front with Justin Thomas and Rory Mcllroy close behind, though these could change between now and the start of the tournament. What is certain, however, is that these sportsbooks will be running promotions ahead of tee-off as they compete for market share among golf betters.

To maximize their value on their wagers, many of these fans will turn to sites like OddsChecker to find the biggest free bet promotions available for brands like DraftKings Sportsbook. This is because, without resources like this, it can be difficult to compare all of the offers that are available.

Despite the affluence of the OddsChecker and other punditry website, couple with the efficiency of some other betting aid to ensure that many golf bettors have chance against the bookies, the unpredictability of THE PLAYERS championship has always been the epitome of golf bettors anxiety

For a golf competition that would command the participation of the legendary golfers and the best in the game, it is understandable that the game could swing in favor of any players. Though, some other players are well established and there is enough reason to see why some pundits and bookies will favor some ahead of others.

More so, the inconsistency of the likes of Tiger Woods, is enough reason for the pundit to favor him as just a participant and not contender, but for a man with enormous records and existential talent and deep rooted experience, it would be unwise to rule him out as the top favorite.

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But with the upscaling of Rory McIlroy, the coming PLAYER Championship is set to be one of the best in the history of the competition if not the best. Most importantly, the bookies favorite is equally on par at all level as John Ram is looking to establish him as one of the biggest player in the game


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With the major tournament lurking round the corner of every season in a years, some of the new golf bettors almost wonder at every corner how PLAYER Championship, can easily such credibility and won’t range acceptance that could enable most of the biggest golfers participate in such competition fiercely for such short time span

However, the prestige, location, rich history, and other factors has ensure that many golfer dream of playing in such competition and it’s mostly consider as the fifth major golf competition.

Moreover, THE PLAYERS Championship, is not the competition that kick start the season, but it is mostly water in-between the first and second major of the year around third month of the year, which is the period that many golf fans and bettors are already salivating for the intense golf season

THE PLAYERS Championship is scheduled to begin on , and run for six jam-packed days, with the winner being crowned on Sunday, March 12.

The tournament has been run at this time for most of its history, though some fans may remember that it was moved to May in 2007 and finally returned to earlier in the year in 2019.

Where are THE PLAYERS 2024?

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One thing about some golf championships which is not a major one has always been the relative change in the venue of those competitions and for many, it is one of the beauties of these competitions.

Unlike these competitions that move around its venue, THE PLAYER Championship founding and history, has always been tied to his origin and the essence of the golf championship itself emphasize on history and basis of the competition in it original stance

Thus, the beauty and one of the reason why the TBE PLAYERS Championship command such wide range acceptance is in it static field usage and not changing destination

Unlike some other large golf tournaments on the PGA, THE PLAYER Championship does not move venues each year.

Certainly, the 2024 edition of the competition is no exception to this standard, the competition will be held at the Tournament Players Club at Sawgrass using the Stadium Course. The venue is in the affluent Ponte Vedra Beach region of Jacksonville, Florida.

In fact, Florida been at the bank of water basin, edifies the essence of the championship at best

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