10 Best Rangefinder For Long Range Shooting 2024 – for Golf or Huniting

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Measuring the distance for an accurate shot or targeting a distant object requires the best rangefinder for long-range shooting. Due to the advanced technologies, present-day rangefinders are practical and provide a lot of assistance in completing a measuring task.

With its accurate readings and compact size, a rangefinder is gaining popularity among young archers and golfers. Almost all rangefinders have various adjustable modes required in different types of shots depending on varied situations.

Thus, providing the user with complete freedom to choose from the functional features as per their requirement. Rangefinders are not complicated in their usage. Its convenient technique is making it gain popularity among the younger generation.

 Rangefinder For Long Range Shooting  – Top Picks

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In this review, there is a list of some of the best rangefinders for Golf and Hunting as well as the buying considerations. A separate section is available for frequently asked questions, which every buyer usually asks while purchasing a new rangefinder.

Through this review, we hope to guide you through the various features of each of the rangefinders. Without further delay, let’s get started.

1. TecTecTec VPRO500 Advanced Pin-Seeker Technology Golf Rangefinder with Battery

TecTecTec VPRO500 Advanced Pin-Seeker Technology Golf Rangefinder with Battery

If you are a golf enthusiast, this rangefinder for long-distance shooting is an ideal choice. Along with its user-friendly features and premium quality, regular practice for the game becomes encouraging. Not only professionals, but the TecTecTec Rangefinder is also quite useful for beginners.

Since it has a waterproof covering, it will be convenient for all to use during light rainfall. However, it is better not to use it if there is heavy rainfall.


As measuring the yardage is essential while opting for a specific shot, this rangefinder makes the task easier. Its angle-measuring technology is simple and aiming is within reach with just the press of a button.

Whether you target the ball in the middle or forward of your stance, its accuracy will provide a better decision. Thus, improving the performance and experience with each shot.

Clear Display

Through its advanced vision features, it provides clear pictures of the display without any major discrepancy in measurements. Even if the lighting conditions are low or practicing during the evening, there is a magnification of around six times.

Thus, better visibility enhances the aiming capability while proving the efficiency of the rangefinder. Therefore, it will leave an impressive effect on every player, especially those who learn the skills and utilize them practically.


Since the rangefinder also incorporates a sensor technique, position measurement increases competence and helps in accurate execution. If there are obstacles between flags or trees, it can surpass them and provide the standard assessment. Moreover, the continuity of measurement makes it better than other available laser rangefinders.

  • Includes a battery
  • Light in weight and handy
  • Effortless to carry along
  • Refracting monocular lens
  • No measurement beyond 540 yards
  • Cannot withstand extensive performance


2. AOFAR HX-700N High Precision Functional Hunting Range Finder

AOFAR HX-700N High Precision Functional Hunting Range Finder

With the various improvements in various rangefinders, AOFAR has the required features necessary in hunting. Along with their rapid measurements and classic design, they are also easy to use. Thus, if you are planning of buying a rangefinder, this one will suit if the one is interested in hunting or has a passion for archery.

With its proper usage, there will be minimal chance of missing a target.

Distance Measurement

An important lesson in archery is the accuracy of calculating the distance of the target, which enables making an accurate shot. AOFAR rangefinder has a power button on the top that is useful for turning on and simultaneously measuring the target.

Its single push and high accuracy in measurement at a rapid pace make it an ideal choice.

Compact Size

Due to its convenient size, the AOFAR rangefinder is effortless to carry while on a hunting trip. Also, since it is not heavy, one can easily use it in different positions as per the target location.

You will not have to relocate physically to avoid the target’s panic and get a closer look with this rangefinder. Moreover, it permits measuring to 700 yards.


Next time even if the weather is not as per your expectation, there is no need to cancel your hunting schedule. With its high-quality, durable, and waterproof rangefinder, there is every possibility to achieve a clear vision of the target.

There is a separate Range Scan Fog mode that will help gain a different experience, although the weather is adverse.

  • Incorporates Pinsensor technology for accuracy
  • Magnification up to six times
  • Multiple modes for better visibility
  • Features automatic power-off
  • A complex operation for beginners
  • Requires frequent maintenance


3. TecTecTec ProWild Advanced Speed Technology Hunting Rangefinder

TecTecTec ProWild Advanced Speed Technology Hunting Rangefinder

As the name suggests, it is quite relevant that this rangefinder from TecTecTec is suitable for every passionate hunter. Its attractive camouflage covering makes it more attractive and is an ideal addition to all other hunting pieces of equipment.

Apart from being cost-efficient, its additional features provide a high possibility to hit the target from far away. Further, it gives a broader understanding of the distance by being quite precise about the measurement.

Wide Range

Although hunting does not require wide coverage, this rangefinder still provides a yardage of around 540 yards. Thus, better than those who usually offer 200 yards coverage. Since it calculates the distance fast, it is easier to locate the target without allowing running away.

With its continuous scanning mode and clear visibility, the length is available in specific numbers.


For providing every hunter the convenience of carrying, this rangefinder is light in weight and compact in size. One can easily tuck it in the pocket or carry it in a sling bag for immediate use. Since a wrist strap also accompanies the unit, it becomes easy to aim without the risk of dropping.

Just with one look in the lens, you can estimate the target’s distance, and this is a perfect accessory for all.


Apart from the camouflage print, the rangefinder’s outer casing is resistant to both water and dust. Thus, it is compatible to use in adverse conditions of both heavy rainfall or a dusty storm. A CR2 battery of 3V is also included in the box, which is long-lasting and provides accurate results even after long-term usage.

  • Includes a protective case
  • The display includes the remaining battery charge.
  • Does not affect eyesight
  • User manual included
  • Angle measurements not available
  • CR2 batteries difficult to purchase


4. Gogogo Sport Vpro 6X Magnification Clear View Laser Golf Rangefinder

Gogogo Sport Vpro 6X Magnification Clear View Laser Golf Rangefinder

Are you preparing for your next trip to the jungle to enhance your hunting skills? If you also enjoy playing golf, one essential gadget that you must keep handy is the rangefinder.

Along with providing the distance between the target and yourself, it will also enhance the present skills by developing the performance. Instead of moving closer to the target, the user can adjust the yardage.


With a high-powered magnification lens, this rangefinder can easily focus any object to 600 yards. Thus, instead of moving closer to the target, it comes closer to achieving a good vision. Moreover, the pin seeker technology sets the target by locking it without focusing on other objects.

Slope Value

Especially for golfers, on turning the golf mode on, this advanced technology will provide an estimated value of the hole’s distance. The next time you aim, irrespective of the spot being uphill or downhill, this rangefinder will help target the flag.

By instantly calculating the distance, it provides the compensated space along with the angle. If there are multiple objects in a specific location, the continuous scan mode will help better visibility and set their site.

Thus, while hunting, this awareness of more than one target prevents accidents. Likewise, in golf, this mode helps in analyzing the choice of club.

In-built Functions

Along with its accuracy in measurements, there are integrated functions for scanning and speed calculation. A slight vibration of locking the target allows the user to get ready for the aim immediately.

  • Secure grip for extra comfort
  • Easily accessible mode switch
  • Adjustable lens for better vision
  • Separate button for power on/off
  • Measuring accurate distance consumes time
  • Text is invisible while adjusting the lens


5. PEAKPULSE 6X Magnification Golf Laser Rangefinder with Flag Acquisition

PEAKPULSE 6X Magnification Golf Laser Rangefinder with Flag Acquisition

With the modernization and inclusion of digital technology in sports, every phase’s dimensions reach a new height. One such inevitable gear in golf is the addition of an efficient rangefinder that can provide accuracy, like the Peakpulse.

Apart from being affordable, it has similar features to expensive ones. However, since many golf tournaments do not allow the use of slope calculation, it has a provision of turning it off.


Although this rangefinder can cover an area of 500 yards, it also provides multiple magnified images. Thus, every player can have a clear picture of a distantly located flagship. Its waterproof body is another feature that makes it apt for use during light showers.

Due to its distance measuring capability with precision, it is ideal for every golfer looking for an affordable rangefinder. With proper usage, beginners can get an idea about the type of hit required to cover the distance.

Ergonomic Grip

Peak pulse provides a secure grip in the rangefinder and fits in the palm easily. Even if you are using it continuously, there is no slipping tendency due to sweat in the hands. One can easily hold the rangefinder in one hand due to its compact size. All the buttons and modes are easily reachable while in use.

Adjustable Focus

You can easily focus the display by adjusting the lens as per requirement. Those with powered spectacles will not have any issues in clear view. Through the flag acquisition technology, it enables targeting the flag without any manual modification.

After locating the flag, it locks the target and displays the on the lens the measurements.

  • Displays the remaining battery charge
  • No power cord is necessary for charging
  • Automatic switch-off if unused
  • Includes a cover case
  • The battery exhausts quite fast
  • Complex initiation for beginners


6. TACKLIFE Latest Technology Laser Range Finder 900 Yard, RangeFinder

TACKLIFE Latest Technology Laser Range Finder 900 Yard, RangeFinder

The basic criterion for choosing an ideal rangefinder is its accurate distance-measuring capacity. One from Tacklife permits measuring with precision over wide yardage, improving overall performance and confidence.

Since it can cover around 900 yards, this rangefinder is also useful for hunting. Thus, it proves to be versatile in terms of usage.

Various Modes

Along with the usual distance measuring and continuous measuring mode, it also allows height and angle measurement. With a hold of the power button, the targeted flag pole locks its distance and provides the exact size. Further, it gives a clear picture of the higher magnification of the distant object.

All the digits in the display are clear and distinct to the eyes. You will not have to invest in a binocular. Instead, this rangefinder has various additional features that make it a worthy buy.

Adjusting Eyepiece

This rangefinder lens has seven times magnifying power and prevents reflection of the sun and thus does not blur the image. Due to the thick lens, the damage to the lens is minimal after extensive use. You can easily turn it sideways to adjust the focus as per the eye power.

Hence, those players who wear specs can also use this rangefinder both for golfing and hunting.

Battery Powered

For better convenience, this rangefinder functions on a lithium battery, which runs longer than you can expect. However, make sure to charge it before a long day completely. Since lithium batteries are rechargeable, there is no requirement of spending extra after every exhaustion.

It saves a lot of cost, time, and effort. Before using the rangefinder, make sure to connect the wrist strap so that you will not have to worry about placing it somewhere safe. A simple tuck in the wrist is all you need to do.

  • Includes a USB charger
  • Comfortable and secured grip
  • Installs easily on a tripod
  • A sturdy carrying case prevents damage
  • No display of battery level
  • Does not have an auto-shutdown mode


7. USCAMEL 10X50 High Quality and Waterproof Binoculars Design Rangefinder

USCAMEL 10X50 High Quality and Waterproof Binoculars Design Rangefinder


Due to its reliability in optical features, this binocular equipped with a rangefinder makes it an ideal investment for every sportsperson. With ten times magnified images through the large lens, this binocular has the highest focusing capacity.

Thus, there is no requirement for further adjustment in most cases. Along with hunting and golfing necessities, they are also ideal for those interested in night-watching.

Adjustable Rings

Since a different individual may have distinct eyesight, the adjustable rings on both lenses make it apt for focusing. You can modify each of them as per the power of your eyes. For the convenience of those wearing specs, this binocular enables the folding of eyecups as per your specs’ alignment.


For those interested in underwater sports or expeditions, this range finder is appropriate as it is waterproof. None of the adjusting focus gives any discrepancy in measurements while submerged in water.

Further, the inclusion of a compass gives you the ability to find your direction, which also lights up if there is a low lighting condition. A separate switch is available for illumination, which you may turn off if not required.


Apart from the main unit, i.e., the range-finding equipped binoculars, the package contains a separate carrying bag to prevent it from any possible damage. Make sure to keep the lens clean using a cleaning cloth, especially for the lens. When not in use, cover the eyepiece and the lens with their respective caps.

  • Ideal for both marine and non-marine operations
  • Durable and long-lasting outer body
  • Works perfectly under heavy rainfall
  • Fits on a tripod
  • Difficult to use at night
  • Heavy yet convenient


8. OMEKIE 10×50 Binoculars Floating with 10x Magnification Rangefinder

OMEKIE 10×50 Binoculars Floating with 10x Magnification Rangefinder

AOMEKIE binoculars are easy to use through their wide range of features and have a strong and durable outer covering. Although you must be careful not to drop it, its hardy body is impact resistant. Both aligning and visibility are up to the mark, proving it ideal for both terrestrial and underwater use.

Keeping the price in an affordable range, this binocular is quite efficient in its performance and helps the user in achieving precise measurements.


Although the lens is not as superior as other expensive binoculars, the image results and the focusing power are satisfactory. Thus, making it ideal for beginners and amateurs. Both the lens in the eyecups resists the reflection of direct sunlight and helps achieve a clear and distinct image without any doubt.

Images are also satisfactory if the lighting in the surrounding is lower than usual.


You can rely on this set due to its solid construction and, if maintained well, can be useful for many upcoming years. Its textured coating helps in a secure grip and does not slip from hands if used for a longer duration.

The outer layer also makes it water-resistant and can withstand light to average rainfall. Both the lens strongly attaches to the adjustable rings that make focusing easier as per the power of eyesight.


With magnifying targets’ capacity seven times, this binocular is averagely powerful and helps get a visible picture of distantly located objects. The presence of a compass makes it ideal for navigation.

  • Does not fade color after magnification
  • Compass illuminates with a button
  • Includes durable bag and strap
  • Secure grip while holding
  • Distance measurement takes time
  • Cover loosens with frequent use


9. Uineye 5-1600 Yards Superior 8X Magnification Laser Hunting Rangefinder

Uineye 5-1600 Yards Superior 8X Magnification Laser Hunting Rangefinder

Although not a familiar name, Uineye Rangefinders are quite appropriate for those looking for reliable distance-measuring gear. Once you purchase the product and the main unit, it contains a cleaning cloth and a wrist strap.

With two different buttons for power and mode change, it is convenient for the user to operate this rangefinder. Due to its capability to cover 750 yards, it is a suitable alternative for those who do not want to invest in an expensive one.

Energy Saver

Since this rangefinder operates on a CR2 battery, it does not depend on electricity, thus saving energy. There is no requirement for frequent charging, as just a change of battery does the work. You will not have to depend on the electric power supply or a power bank.

However, you must keep extra batteries handy to prevent battery exhaust amidst work or games.

Easy Usage

As mentioned earlier, there are two buttons for switching on/off and mode functions. Some professional and experienced users may find it inconvenient as a single button is more preferable. But those who are amateurs or new to rangefinders will find it easy to operate.

Without any confusion, they can change the mode as and when required.

Angle Measurement

Although this rangefinder seems simple and handy but can almost accurately measure angles. If the target is not at rest but in motion, the continuous scanning mode can measure their distance.

  • Multiple layers in the lens
  • Compatible in any weather
  • Fog resistant lenses
  • The result display is quick
  • The package does not include a battery
  • No illumination in the display


10. WOSPORTS 1200 Yards Advanced Speed Technology Hunting Rangefinder

WOSPORTS 1200 Yards Advanced Speed Technology Hunting Rangefinder

If you are looking to strengthen your hunting skills, you must invest in a rangefinder like Wosports. Being a new user of a rangefinder will be easier to use than a complex yet professional one. Along with its well-maintained quality, there are also quite a few additional features that make it an appropriate choice for hunting enthusiasts.

Moreover, you can also use this rangefinder in enhancing your golfing skills if you are interested in the sport. Thus, it has multiple functions to perform.

Scanning Mode

With laser technology, this rangefinder can cover an area of around 700 yards, especially required in hunting. But one may not require such wide coverage in golf. But its pin seeker mode enables locking the flag and measures the exact distance.

Accuracy in this measurement helps select the type of club suitable for a particular hit, depending on the length. Even if some hurdles in between, it can cover them to measure the exact distance.


Since heavy equipment is difficult to use and relocate, this rangefinder is lightweight and has convenient portability. You can effortlessly operate this rangefinder with one hand, and its secure grip ensures it does not drop. Moreover, its compact size makes it manageable to carry in a pocket.

However, it is better to use the carrying case to prevent damage from accidental impact.


For ensuring that you will not have to depend on any electric supply in between a project or a game, this rangefinder operates on a battery. A CR2 battery is necessary for its functioning. Although it saves energy with no requirement of charging, make sure you have an extra battery at your disposal.

  • Enables 6x magnification
  • Immediate measurement of distance and speed
  • Performs well amidst a fog
  • Displays both yard and battery
  • A clear focus is time-consuming
  • Cannot withstand a heavy shower


Buying Considerations


With the immense improvement in technology, many additional features are also available in modern-day rangefinders. Due to its wide applications in all distance measuring fields, many brands have come up with its manufacturing.

Rangefinders are mostly useful for golfers, hunters, and marine workers. However, those interested in tourism, birdwatching, and sky-gazing also find rangefinders beneficial. Since many varieties are available from different sellers, selecting the perfect one is a challenging task.

Let us discuss some of the basic factors that one must consider before investing in one of them to ease the same. These factors will help in choosing the apt one and assist in analyzing its features. Essential elements are as follows:


One of the crucial elements for every purchase is its price. Some may prefer choosing a cheaper version while others like investing in an expensive one. If you are an amateur user, ensure that you choose a durable and affordable rangefinder along with basic features.

At the same time, professionals looking for an up-gradation will prefer quality above its price. Although cheap, some rangefinders may be efficient in distance measurement, making them competitive enough than their expensive counterparts.

Different rangefinders have a diverse price range depending on their varied features. However, it is better to pre-decide on a budget, which will help sort out the affordable ones. You can also take advantage of the various deals and discounts that the seller offers from time to time.


Almost all the best rangefinders for long-range shooting are compact and can easily fit in pockets. With their small size, it becomes easier to operate while in between a shot or while hunting. Lightweight rangefinders are easier to carry around and are operable by a single hand.

However, the binoculars that include rangefinders as an added feature are comparatively heavier. You must choose the one that you find easy to handle. If you are an amateur, a lightweight rangefinder will suit you better as they are effortless to port and are more manageable to handle.

How to use a golf Rangefinder guide


Standard Rangefinders: Most of the classic rangefinders are light in weight and compact and are useful in measuring distances, angles, heights, and slopes. Its durable and hard outer body can withstand light showers and fog but may not function well in heavy rainfall.

Though the body is waterproof and weather-resistant, it cannot be used underwater. Binocular Rangefinders: If you are an ardent underwater traveler or require measuring distances inside water bodies, these are apt. However, they are heavier but have various added features.

Along with measuring distance precisely, they also help in navigation. However, you will have to calculate the space as per the value of adjusting rings. An in-built compass is available with the binoculars along with its easily foldable eyecups.

Both the lenses and the eyepieces have separate coverings and can withstand any kind of weather.

Advanced Technology

While choosing a rangefinder, ensure that it has modern technology inbuilt to perform the various operations. A separate button is usually available for changing its multiple modes as per its technology. Common methods are continuous scanning mode, sensor, pin-seeking technology, Slope calculation, etc.

Target-locking mode rangefinders are convenient for those who are new in the field. These can automatically locate and lock the target and then vibrate to ensure its position.

Among others, ensure its magnification size, as most of them range from 6x to 10x with a durable anti-glare lens. In terms of accuracy, choose the one with +/- 1 yard. A rangefinder with an ergonomic body ensures a secure grip that does not slip from the hand, and neither hurts the wrist.


While choosing a rangefinder, select the one of your convenience in terms of power. Both batteries, operable and chargeable rangefinders, are available. Those who run on batteries do not depend on electricity or frequent charging points. Neither does it has a USB cable like the ones which are rechargeable.

However, if you choose a battery-operated rangefinder, you will have to invest in several extra batteries to avoid a halt in between. Others accompany a USB cable for easy charging, which is compatible with almost all kinds of power banks.


The chosen rangefinder must be versatile and must be able to perform varied functions. Apart from easy portability, it should have an attractive design. Those looking for hunting rangefinders can choose the camouflage print to ensure safety.

Select the one which is ideal for both hunting and golfing operations. A piece of weather-resistant equipment is suitable for all to prevent rescheduling the task. Angle compensation mode will ensure precisely accurate distance irrespective of being uphill or downhill.

An illuminated screen enables operation in low-lighting areas. A protective cover or case, a cleaning cloth, a detailed user manual, and a wrist strap are necessities. Most rangefinders usually accompany these components at the time of purchase.

FAQs for Best Rangefinder For Long-Range Shooting


What is the use of continuous scanning mode in a rangefinder?

For calculating the distance of a moving target, a rangefinder must have a continuous scan mode in it. Instead of evaluating each point’s length at a time, this mode enables calculating the area on the course.

What is the use of a rangefinder?

A rangefinder is a device that helps in calculating an accurate distance of objects from the one observed to the placement of the target. Especially, they ate useful in golf and archery.

Can a standard rangefinder help in viewing animals?

Although a standard rangefinder will not be as comfortable as a binocular for viewing, yes, it will provide a clear picture of the animal. However, you can only use a single eye while viewing, which is quite uncomfortable for a long duration.

Can a rangefinder be set on a tripod?

Yes, you can mount a rangefinder on a tripod. A tripod will keep your hands free and enable you to get a clear shot. Moreover, a tripod stand will keep you away from the worries of dropping the rangefinder. But before you buy the rangefinder, ensure that it is compatible with a tripod stand.

Do all rangefinders have an automatic shut-down button?


No, not all, but some of the best rangefinders for long-range shooting have an auto-closure option. When rangefinders are without operation for some time, it has an in-built auto-closure feature.

Some turn off after 8 seconds, while some at 30 seconds of non-operation. This feature saves the power from exhaustion when not in use.

Is the reading result achievable instantly?

Most of advanced rangefinders have an instant result-yielding process. However, some of them may take time as per the model and calculation of different shots. When a rangefinder takes a little longer to focus on the target, the resulting display also takes additional time.

Does a rangefinder only give results in the same unit?

No, as per your convenience, you can change the mode button and set the resulting distance unit. Both yards and meters are available.

Can binoculars adjust on a tripod?

Yes, binoculars can mount on a tripod, just like rangefinders. However, you will have to turn the knob at the front where the threads are available for mounting.

Are binoculars useful for those with spectacles?

Eyecups of binoculars are foldable and thus can adjust with the spectacles of the user. Further, you can also change the focus as per the eyesight power of the respective individual.

How to change the mode in a rangefinder?

nikon rangefinder

Some rangefinders have a single button on the top of it, used to switch on and off and change mode. At the same time, others have two different buttons for each feature. Those with a single button require a short press to change the way.

How to change the unit in a rangefinder?

For changing the unit in a rangefinder, you must long-press the top button or the mode button located on top of it.

What is pin-seeking technology in a rangefinder?

While using a rangefinder to locate a distant object’s distance, the pin-seeking technology comes in handy. You can lock the target with the press of a button and can conveniently measure the length.

Even if your hands are shaking, the vibration will not affect the distance as this technology locks the target digitally. Thus, providing the user utmost stability while the target is very far or in motion.

Are all rangefinders weather-resistant?

Yes, almost all rangefinders are weather-resistant. Most of them can withstand light showers and can function well even during fog. But if you want o to measure the distance in heavy rainfall or underwater, it is better to use a marine binocular.

What is the use of a backlight LCD screen in a rangefinder?

If you are using a rangefinder in low-lighting conditions, it is better to use this one. The one that has the provision of switching on the backlight of the displaying screen provides better visibility.

Is choosing a compact rangefinder necessary?

sl2 rangefinder

Yes, a compact and lightweight rangefinder is vital for everyone looking to purchase a new one. Smaller and lighter ones are easy to carry along with the other equipment necessary for hunting or golfing. Thus, an added weight is not welcome for any potential player.

It is better to remain light yet carry all essential gear while on a project.

Is the waterproof feature important in a rangefinder?

Yes, it is advisable to choose a waterproof rangefinder as there will be no damage if it drops in water accidentally. Moreover, try selecting the one with a good grip that will prevent its fall from the hands in the first place.

Why is accuracy important in a rangefinder?

The sole purpose of a rangefinder is to calculate the distance of a distant object from the observer. Useful in both hunting and golfing, accuracy is an inevitable part of every rangefinder. Along with enhancing skills, it also saves time and effort and aims for the correct shot.

What are the other uses of a rangefinder apart from hunting and golfing?

Apart from hunting and golfing, rangefinders and binoculars are useful for those who travel a lot for a survey. Engineers also find this piece of equipment quite helpful while measuring distances to fix a pole or attach wires. Likewise, those interested in watching stars, underwater diving, etc., also use rangefinders.

Nikon coolshot 501

Final Verdict

Through the above discussion, we hope to clear all possible questions about rangefinders. Due to several brands’ availability, choosing the best rangefinder for long-range shooting may be difficult. You must try considering the mentioned factors in this review and choose the one that suits best all your needs.

A rangefinder is an essential piece of equipment for every passionate archer and enthusiastic golfer. Ensure to select the one with maximum accuracy and the highest magnification power. Multiple modes in the same rangefinder will make it suitable for different functions, instead of depending on another gadget.

An efficient rangefinder will not only enhance your targeting skills but will also help in saving a lot of time and effort. Most rangefinders are convenient to operate, and the buttons are easily accessible. Every beginner must read the user manual thoroughly to get a clear idea about the operations and features.

Next time, you think to replace an old rangefinder with a new one, follow the basic factors, and choose the best one.

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