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Golf Cart Cell Phone

Ah, technology—can’t live with it, can’t live without it, right? I remember the days when the only thing you’d bring to the golf course was your set of clubs and maybe a rangefinder if you were feeling fancy. But times have changed.

Now, our smartphones are as much a part of our golf games as our putters. Whether it’s for snapping photos of that perfect swing, checking the weather forecast, or even using a specialized app to measure distance, our phones have become indispensable on the course.

But here’s the kicker: Where do you put the darn thing? I once tried to balance my phone on the edge of the golf cart’s dashboard. Big mistake. One sharp turn and my phone took a nosedive, screen-first, onto the cart path. Ouch! Lesson learned.

That’s why a reliable cell phone holder for your golf cart is more than just a convenience—it’s a necessity. Now, I’ll ‘share my top picks for the best golf cart cell phone holders of the year.

Trust me, your phone (and your peace of mind) will thank you.

1. WeatherTech CupFone

WeatherTech-CupFone-Golf-Cart-Phone-Mount 1

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I’ve come across this awesome cell phone holder made by a well-known and reliable American company. It’s highly adjustable and super easy to use. What’s great about this holder is that it can fit perfectly into your car’s cup holder, making it a breeze to mount your phone while you’re on the go. They call it the universal mobile phone holder because it can adapt to fit various sizes of cup holders.

One of the best things about this holder is its versatility. It works well with a wide range of mobile phones like iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, Google Pixel, HTC, LG, and Galaxy. So, no matter what kind of phone you have, this holder has got you covered.

Another cool feature is that the holder has an open area at the bottom, allowing you to charge your phone even when it’s in the holder. And the best part is that you can adjust your phone’s position in any way you like. It can rotate a full 360 degrees, so you can easily show the screen to anyone around you.

This cell phone holder is a fantastic accessory to keep your phone secure and easily accessible in your car. Its simplicity and adaptability make it a must-have for any mobile phone user on the move.

With the presence of an interchangeable base of the cup, you can customize the look of this cup holder according to your choice and preference.

The presence of the knob makes the tightening, opening, and closing of the cup holder convenient and effortless. This is strong enough to secure your phone for longer times, ensuring that even if you are moving the golf cart, your mobile phone is not at risk of falling.

WeatherTech CupFone golf cart mobile phone holder is easy to fit in the cup. It is designed in an adjustable style to make sure mobile phones of different brands can easily fit in them. Because the cup holder is easy to rotate up to 360 degrees, it ensures that everybody can see the screen.

The presence of interchangeable base cups helps make this mobile cup holder customizable.


  • Holds phone securely in vehicle cup holders.
  • Adjustable to fit various cup holder sizes.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Durable and sturdy construction.
  • Enables hands-free use of phone for navigation or calls.
  • Interchangeable base cups
  • Convenient opening and closing of knob
  • Rotatable up to 360 degrees
  • Not for phones with covers


2. Fairway Compact

Fairway-Compact-Golf-Cart-Phone-Holder 1

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If you are looking for a lightweight and versatile product, this is made for you. It is compatible with every kind of golf cart and is made to adjust every mobile phone brand.

No worries about its size and fitting features as it is easy to fit with a wide range of golf carts without any complications of sizes. Being able to rotate both horizontally and vertically, this golf cart mobile phone holder is trendy in the market.

Because of the presence of the spring mechanism, you can reliably hold your mobile safely and securely and tighten it with the use of the silicon clip available. These silicone clips can provide firm attachment no matter where you want to mount them, either on the handlebars or in other places.

In case of vibration and resistance, there would be no effect on the holder as it is immune to it. You can conveniently control the apps related to the golf course and enter the scoreboards in the app if it is within your hand’s reach.

The strength and control this holder provides are not affected by its compact and small size. It is strong enough to face the surface’s ups and downs that may interfere without shaking the phone.

The construction of this holder is done with the use of silicon which makes it highly durable and resistant to scratches. Because of is small in size and light in weight, it does not interfere with any of your movement during golf cart riding.

Fairway Compact Golf Cart Phone Holder is a strongly constructed durable holder for golf carts. It is built using silicon that provides firm control. The product is easy to rotate up to 360 degrees and consists of an interchangeable basis that makes sure you can customize the base according to your need.


  • Fits all iPhone and Android smartphones up to 85mm (3.3 inches) wide.
  • Can handle or frame without obstructing folding or transport.
  • Offers excellent vibration resistance and a strong grip.
  • Compatible with various golf cart brands.
  • Will not scratch or leave marks.
  • Provide strong control
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Strong snd durable construction
  • Spin around

3. Skycaddie SX400

Skycaddie-SX400-Golf-Cart-Mount_Holder 1

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A two-in-one device to hold your Golf GPS and mobile phone is something many need. Skycaddie SX400 Golf Cart Mount/Holder is the one for you. No matter what brand or model of mobile you have, you can easily mount it here on this holder conveniently. It accommodates the mounting of both iPhone and Android.

What you need to do is to tighten the screw to mount it. It is not at all tricky nor problematic in any case. There is a rubber fixed in the clamp of the holder to make sure it does not scratch your phone or Golf GPS.

It is composed of stainless steel material that makes sure it stays free of rust and corrosion throughout usage. This ensures the product’s durability, making it highly long-lasting and reliable to use in the long term.

This is product is straightforward to mount anywhere in the golf cart. It means you can conveniently mount it to the wall, roof, or either side of the cart. Complete compatibility of this holder with SX400 doesn’t mean that you cannot use it for other ones.

Instead, it is designed such that you can use it and mount it on various kinds of golf carts.

This golf cart mobile holder is very durable in functioning and is made up of stainless steel material to make sure it stays away from rust and corrosion. It is very convenient to mount and doesn’t take much of your time setting.


  • Fits SkyCaddie SX400, Smartphones, and any GPS 2″-4″ Wide.
  • Made from stainless steel, ensuring it won’t rust.
  • Rubber clamping ensures it does not scratch or slip off.
  • Golf Cart Window still works when the product is mounted.
  • Effortless to mount
  • Durable
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Can shake


4. CLUBRALLY Golf Cart

CLUBRALLY Golf Cart Accessories

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Every golf enthusiast knows just how important it is to have a good golf cart. But what is a good golf cart without some great accessories? One accessory that every golf cart needs is a phone holder.

CLUBRALLY’s golf cart accessories phone holder is a great way to keep your cell phone close at hand while you’re out on the course.

This phone holder mounts onto your steering wheel and flips up so you can easily see and use your cell phone while you are driving your golf cart. It is also adjustable so you can position it just how you like it.

The steering wheel mount attaches easily to your golf cart and features a flip-up design that makes it easy to access your phone. The phone holder itself is padded to protect your device, and it’s adjustable so you can find the perfect angle for viewing or using your phone.

Whether you’re looking for a place to keep your GPS system or just want to be able to stay connected while you’re on the go, the CLUBRALLY golf cart accessories phone holder is a great option.

This phone holder is a must-have accessory for any golfer who wants to stay connected while out on the course.


  • Fits most of Club Car, EZGO, Yamaha.
  • Spring-loaded arms allow quick insertion or removal of phones, fitting any phone 2”- 3.5″ wide.
  • Comes with a custom ball marker magnet and custom pencil.
  • Simple to use and works with most golf carts with a scorecard holder.
  • Easy installation with a 1-year warranty.
  • Easy to install
  • Fits most golf carts
  • Holds phone securely
  • Allows for easy access to phone
  • Can be used with or without a case
  • May obscure view of the road while driving
  • May not fit all golf cart steering wheels
  • It can be difficult to remove from holder

5. Stripebird

Stripebird – Original Golf Magnetic Phone Holder

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The Stripebird is the original golf magnetic phone holder that allows you to store and access your device while you golf. The ultra-strength magnet holds your phone securely in place, making it the perfect way to record your golf swing with your cell phone.

The slim design means it won’t get in the way when you’re swinging, and it’s easy to access your device when you need it.

The Stripebird also allows you to record your golf swing with your cell, so you can analyze your technique and improve your game.

The slim design of the Stripebird makes it easy to carry with you on the course, and the innovative design allows you to access your phone without having to remove it from the holder.


  • Uses dual Neodymium N52 magnet plates magnets.
  • Designed to fit all types and brands of smartphones.
  • Allows capturing in both portrait and landscape modes.
  • Enables recording scores and checking the golf GPS app.
  • No installation required
  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Possible to record while playing
  • Easy to access and use
  • Ultra-strength magnet
  • Conveniently and securely holds your phone while you golf
  • May not fit all phone sizes
  • The magnet may be too strong for some phones

6. Roykaw Mount Holder

Roykaw Mount Holder

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From the collective voice of numerous online reviews, the ROYKAW Golf Cart Mount has emerged as a standout accessory for golf enthusiasts. Crafted to fit seamlessly with popular golf cart models like EZGO, Club Car, and YAMAHA, this mount is the epitome of practicality.

Its enhanced quick-release mechanism has garnered praise for its simplicity, proving especially handy for those using rental carts. The adjustable bracket accommodates a diverse range of devices, from leading iPhones to the Samsung Galaxy lineup and the Google Pixel series.

Once set up, users can trust in its sturdy grip on the golf cart frame, ensuring the device’s stability even on uneven terrains. The added 360-degree pivot feature allows users to find their perfect viewing angle with ease.

A minor point to note, as per some reviews, is that devices with more robust cases might experience a tighter fit.


  • Easier removal.
  • Compatible with most golf cart models.
  • Suitable for phones with a width of 2.36 ~ 3.6 inches.
  • The phone mount locks to the frame of the golf cart.
  • Secure and stable mounting
  • 360-degree versatile rotation
  • Upgraded quick release mechanism
  • Suitable for various device sizes
  • One-hand operation convenience
  • Might be tight for thicker cases
  • Installation can be a bit cumbersome

7. Desert Fox Holder

Desert Fox Holder

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After combing through numerous online reviews, it’s evident that the Desert Fox Golf Caddy is more than just a simple accessory for golf enthusiasts. This gadget is designed to securely grip your device, ensuring you can focus on your swing without worrying about its safety.

Its versatile clamp system allows it to be attached to various objects, from golf carts to push carts. The 360-degree rotation feature ensures optimal viewing angles, making it easier to use golf apps or take that perfect shot of the course.

Still, a few users mentioned that it might not fit all device sizes perfectly and that the clamp could be a tad stronger. But overall, it’s a handy tool for those who want to keep their device within arm’s reach while on the green.


  • Can adjust both in width and depth to fit various phone sizes and cases.
  • Allows users to slide their phone in and out effortlessly.
  • Uses a secure strap to attach to the golf cart.
  • Designed to fit all popular smartphones and their cases
  • Secure and stable grip
  • Versatile attachment options
  • 360-degree optimal viewing
  • Suitable for various carts
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Might not fit all devices
  • Clamp strength could improve


Guide To Pick The Best Device

Guide To Pick The Best Golf Cart Cell Phone Holder

Following is the description of 4 essential features that you should focus on before finalizing your phone holder for the golf cart. Ensure not to avoid any of these features so your phone holder will hold your phone firmly and appropriately.


Never finalize the phone holder for the golf cart without looking at its compatibility with your mobile phone. If you buy a phone holder which is not compatible with the model of your mobile, then it is of no use. Make sure to look for compatibility and fit before finalizing the holder.

You can also go with the selection of a holder that will support a variety of models of mobile phones. Check for the diameter of both the holder and mobile phone to ensure that the holder you are buying is compatible with your mobile phone.

Stability While In Motion

This is the second most essential feature you should focus on before finalizing your phone holder for a golf cart. This is because your golf cart will not be stationary throughout the time. Ask for a stable holder that will keep your mobile in the stationary position without making it vibrate or move while moving a golf cart.

Check for the stability of the holder and make sure it does not shake your phone while in motion. Since you are not going to buy this product again and again, make sure to buy a quality product with this essential feature of stability.

Stability While In Motion Guide To Pick The Best Golf Cart Cell Phone Holder


Do not look at the price firsthand; instead, go for the features and look for the specifications mentioned in this buying guide. Make sure to buy the holder that contains all of the specifications that are mentioned here.

And after finding these specifications and features in your selected phone holder, look for the price range. Pay a little more if you see every vital component in the phone holder; otherwise, never settle for a low-quality product, even if it is in your range.

Installation Process

Do not ignore the procedure of installation and mounting of the holder in the golf cart. It is a vital characteristic to look upon because if the installation process is not simple and easy, you should hire a professional to install it in your cart to keep it safe from scratches.

Select the phone holder which is easy to mount and install in your cart to make sure you can quickly fix it and can make it useful instead of delaying the process of mounting just because you don’t know the proper procedure.



Can I mount a Golf GPS on the phone holder?

Yes, you can mount a golf GPS on the phone holder. It does not matter whether you put a phone or a Golf GPS in your phone holder. What matters is it should be compatible with your holder.

Make sure to check for the compatibility feature of the mobile phone or Golf GPS, which you are planning to place in the phone holder. Unless and until compatible with your accessory, it does not matter whether you put a Golf GPS or your mobile in the phone holder.

Can I attach a phone holder to my golf push cart?

Yes, you can attach a phone holder to your Golf cart without any problems. There are specific phone holders that are specifically made for golf carts. These phone holders are designed in a way that you can mount them reliably on your cart and put your mobile or Golf GPS in them.

Ensure to purchase a reliable and more substantial phone holder to ensure your mobile and golf GPS is in the best-secured place.

How to select the best phone holder for a Golf cart?

If you plan to purchase a holder for a golf cart, you need to keep in mind certain features. You should always look for a powerfully constructed and reliable phone holder. Do not ignore the element of easy installation too.

You should also focus on its compatibility to make sure that either the mobile model you have is compatible with the holder or not.

Phone Golf Cart Mount Scorecard Pro by Caddie Buddy

Final Thoughts

In my experience as a golf player, I have come to realize the significance of phone holders for golf carts. They have become increasingly popular due to their numerous benefits. However, with the wide range of options available, choosing the right one can be quite challenging.

That’s why I took the initiative to research and select the top products, providing detailed reviews in the article mentioned earlier.

I strongly recommend carefully considering each explanation mentioned above to understand the specifics, advantages, and disadvantages of each item. By doing so, you’ll be able to choose the perfect product that suits your individual needs.

Additionally, the buying guide included in the article explains four essential features that are worth considering. This comprehensive guide will assist you in finding the best product equipped with the most favorable features to enhance your golfing experience.

Reflecting on my personal experience, I’ve found that having a reliable phone holder for my golf cart has significantly improved my game. Not only does it keep my phone secure and easily accessible, but it also allows me to utilize various golfing apps and track my progress effortlessly.

With the right holder, I can focus on my game without any distractions, ensuring a more enjoyable and successful round of golf.

So, take the time to explore the options, read the reviews, and use the buying guide to make an informed decision. Investing in a high-quality phone holder for your golf cart will undoubtedly enhance your overall golfing experience and provide you with the convenience you deserve on the course.

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