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Sumayya Parrish

Tiger Woods’ Rollercoaster: A Closer Look at His Wins and Losses

You don’t have to be into golf to know the name of Tiger Woods. We are talking about a single of the most accomplished athletes in the history of sports. His name transcends golf and it’s well-known all over the world. Back in the day, Tiger was the most sought-after athlete in the world. Unfortunately,

Ammarah Murray

How to Become a Golf Course Designer or Architect: From Tee to Green

If you are looking for a career in Golf besides being a player or coach then you can always look into golf club management or course design as an alternative pathway. A career as a golf course designer provides an exciting way for you to use your creativity and knowledge of the game to create

Ammarah Murray

A Look at Tiger Woods’ Golf Career: The Comeback King

Golf is one of the most popular games in the world. It may surprise some to hear this, but it is absolutely true. Watched by over a billion people around the world, and played by millions, golf can accurately be placed in the top ten most popular sports today. And when a sport is so