Masters to PGA: Predicting the 2024 Major Tournament Favorites

Masters to PGA Predicting the 2024 Major Tournament Favorites

The golf season, at least the four biggest tournaments, is behind us. We have the past winners and the time is about right to talk about the next year. One could argue that it’s too early, but before you know it we’re going to be in the spring of 2024 talking about the Masters.

The time does fly, and we feel that talking about early favorites for the big golf tournaments next year is in order. The pinnacle of every golf season happens in the months that start with the Masters and end with the PGA.

Every golf fan knows that from the spring to the late summer all eyes will be on the world’s most renowned golf courses. The fame, the prestige, and the glory that the players seek are all found during these short five months.

The excitement the Big Four golf tournaments bring is so massive that we can’t help ourselves not to talk about the next year while this one still has a few months to go. So, let’s see who are our early favorites to take home all the biggest prizes next year.

Rory McIlroy (+800)

Rory McIlroy

The start is always the easiest part. After all, we are talking about a man who has four of these major babies tied to his name. The missing one? The biggest of them all – Masters. Rory McIlroy will be looking to take the first tournament of the year home when he appears in Augusta.

If he manages to do this he will achieve the great success of a career Grand Slam. You can expect to see his aggressive style from start to finish as that’s the only way he knows how to win. Due to the amazing driving distance this golfer has he is already seen as a favorite on this course.

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Jon Rahm (+900)

Jon Rahm

The close second is, of course, Jon Rahm. At the moment we’re looking at the world’s best ranked golfer. This is a testimony to his quality and one of the reasons why we see him as a favorite to lift at least one of the four major golf tournaments next year.

Rahm is a big stage performer and we’re sure he’s already gearing up for the next year and the big challenges that lie ahead. In recent years he’s been a betting favorite at every major tournament and due to his strength, precision, and golfing finesse, he’ll continue to be on in the future.

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Collin Morikawa (+1200)

Collin Morikawa (1)

As you can see, our biggest favorites are the people who managed to win at least one of the majors in the past. Collin Morikawa managed to win three, making him a big favorite to add a fourth next year when he hits the grass surfaces in Augusta, Oak Hill, or Prestwick.

Collin is one of the more precise players on the tour and with his iron play, he is always there to mess up the plans of the favorites. Early on, we see him as one of the players who could make a splash at either one of the upcoming four major golf tournaments.

While not one of the more experienced players, his ability to play under pressure is remarkable thus propelling him to be on our list of top five favorites at the next year’s stretch between Masters and the PGA.

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Justin Thomas (+1400)

Justin Thomas

Thomas is separated from his biggest achievement, the 2017 PGA trophy, but he’s still one of the leading names on the tour. At the moment we would rate him as the fifth name in golf and one of the biggest favorites to take home at least one of the trophies.

In recent years his game has been improving, and it is evident that he is dictating his form only for the big tournaments. Justin Thomas has a well-rounded game without any real flaws but also without one big strength.

Under the right conditions, he can thrive and this is what makes him dangerous. If the dice fall his way he has a big chance of making another big splash at the biggest prizes golf has to offer.

Scottie Scheffler (+3300)

Scottie Scheffler

By simply looking at the odds you can already tell that Scottie Scheffler doesn’t have big chances of finishing at the top at any of the four majors next year. So, why are we putting him on the list? Well, the odds dictate who we are going to put our bets on.

The odds on Scottie are standing at +3300. These are quite great odds. Yes, we’re talking about an underdog but wonders have happened on the tour in the past too. So, if you want a riskier bet you can put some money on Scheffler and test your luck.

Joaquín Niemann (+4500)

Joaquín Niemann

Yes, we’re still in the domain of surprises. Niemann is a young star on the rise and as such you can tell that he’s aggressive and eager to prove himself. The Chilean star was steadily coming through the ranks and his breakthrough could be on the cards next year.

If we were betting people, this would be a surprise bet that saw $10 disappear. Golf tournaments are not always won by favorites and this is something you should have in mind, especially when you’re looking at the odds of our two last candidates.

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Bottom Line

For the majority of casual golf fans, the season only starts when the springs kick out and we have the first of the four major tournaments. While this is not complete truth it is easy to understand why the biggest tournaments attract the most crowd and the biggest amount of bets.

When there’s a long way to the Masters as the first of the big four tournaments the odds might not reflect the true picture down on the field. This is why it might be a good idea to make an early bet on your favorite and make a splash when the new year comes around.

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