5 Mistakes to Avoid When Betting on A Golf Tournament: Don’t Putt Yourself in a Hole

Golf is another sport that many bettors love to bet. If you are looking for a new sport to bet on, you should engage in golf betting. However, before you pursue this sport and include it on your list of sports to bet on, you must first familiarize the common mistakes that other bettors make when betting on golf.

Knowing these mistakes, you can avoid them and increase your chance of profiting by making the right decisions. To help you, we have compiled a list of common mistakes bettors make when they bet on a golf tournament.

1. Not Considering the Course Conditions

The first mistake many bettors make when betting on golf tournaments with FanDuel is not paying attention to the course condition. Many factors, such as heat, wind, and moisture, affect the course condition. These factors change occasionally, and not every day has a similar condition.

For example, if you play in the morning, you will experience a different level of heat, wind, or moisture than when you play later in the afternoon. The course condition will have a significant impact on the advantage and disadvantages of the golfer.

Aside from knowing the condition of the course on the day of the tournament, you should also monitor the conditions on the days leading to the event. For instance, heavy rain the day before the game could greatly affect the course condition as it can be muddy and wet on tournament day.

Although these factors are obvious, many bettors still ignore them, leading to poor betting decisions.

2. Only Wagering for the Favorite

The favorite, like Tiger Woods, is the common go-to option when betting on any sport, including golf. However, in golf, only rooting for the favorite is a common mistake bettors make as it means they aren’t considering the value of their bet.

What you can do instead is to place your bet on the underdog as they offer greater value. The reason behind this is that these golfers are known to be less likely to win the tournament. Thus sportsbooks often offer bigger payouts.

You might consider betting on the underdog if you aim for a big payout. But you must strategize if you want to walk down this path. What you can do to increase your chance of winning is to spread your money across multiple golfers. This way, if one of them succeeds, you can still make money.

3. Not Placing Multiple Wagers

Multiple wagers, also known as a parlay, are when you bet on more than one golfer. It is a strategy that will help you magnify your edge in betting. If you want to acquire a greater payout, then you should consider placing multiple wagers.

Many bettors are scared of doing so because as you place more bets, the riskier it becomes. Many bettors avoid doing it as they don’t want to take a risk. But if you want to earn a bigger return, you should be willing to take the risk no matter how big.

In golf, the top 10 players in the future odds usually hold an odds of +800 to +2500, which means for every $10 you bet, you’ll get an $80 to $250 return. Imagine how big you’ll be taking home if you bet between three to six per tournament.

You can learn more about parlay and how to use it as an effective strategy to earn a higher profit in betting on a golf tournament.

4. Giving Small Importance on Injuries

Even though golf isn’t a physical sport, injuries can still significantly impact the player’s performance. But most bettors forget to look into it when choosing a player to bet on. Even simple aches and pains like backaches and neck pain can affect the golfer’s performance.

Put yourself in the golfer’s shoes and imagine playing golf with backaches or neck pain. If you have played golf before, you’ll understand this better. So, when you bet on golf, don’t forget to check on injuries or medical conditions the player is experiencing.

Know how severe the condition is, and never downplay a golfer’s injuries just because you want to bet on him badly. No matter how good a golfer is, if he is suffering from injuries, expect their performance to be unsatisfactory.

5. Not Betting on Multiple Sportsbooks

You might be thinking that betting in one sportsbook is what you only need because you’ll be putting your money in one place. As a result, it would be easy for you to manage your money. Although managing your bankroll will be easier if you only use one sportsbook, believe it or not, it’s one of the biggest mistakes bettors ever make when betting on golf and other sports.

If you haven’t heard of it, betting on multiple sportsbooks offers various benefits. The first benefit of betting on multiple sportsbooks is getting the best line more often. You have to note that each sportsbook offers different odds. One will be better than the other.

The next benefit you can enjoy in betting on multiple sportsbooks is the free money you can get in the form of bonuses. But you will only enjoy free money when you bet on an online sportsbook. So, you might consider betting online to enjoy perks like this.

In Conclusion

Mistakes can be avoided if you open your eyes and learn from the mistakes of others. With the list of the common mistakes that bettors before you have made in betting golf, you are now aware and be more careful when betting on golf to avoid making them yourself.

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