Day: May 22, 2023

Diversity in Golf - How did Women start playing Golf
Sumayya Parrish

Celebrating Diversity in Golf: Inspiring Stories of Barrier-Breaking Players

As a game and a sport, and especially as a socializing activity where people can mingle, meet, and expand their network of acquaintances and friends, golf used to be reserved only for certain people. Like many other things in the past centuries, there used to be a great disparity among the races, classes, and even

Ammarah Murray

Top Performers of the PGA Tour So Far: Swinging for Greatness

The Professional Golfer’s Association (PGA) Tour is a circuit where some of the best players in the world compete for honors and demonstrate their talents. Every time we watch a competition, we are blown away by the enormous amount of ability on display and the stunning feats that the competitors accomplish. In this piece, we

Ammarah Murray

The History of Golf: Exploring the Greatest Games and Biggest Feuds

A sport historically dominated by personalities, golf’s popularity is largely due to the unique and charismatic players that often emerge as tournament winners. Throughout the history of golf, rivalries have been a talking point among pundits and followers of the sport. Before you click here to find the latest odds for upcoming tournaments, knowing a