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How Launch Angle Affects a Golf Shot - Secret Weapon to your Game
Brion Holloway

How Launch Angle Affects a Golf Shot: The Secret Weapon to your Game

Welcome Golfers! Ever wondered why some shots soar high and others stay low? It’s not just about power; it’s about the launch angle. This refers to the initial trajectory the ball takes off the clubface, which can make or break your game. Golf isn’t just a sport; it’s a science. Every swing you make, every

Optimal Max Height When Hitting Your Driver - Enhance Your Golf Skills
Frank Coffman

Optimal Max Height When Hitting Your Driver: Enhance Your Golf Skills

I want to talk about something really interesting today. We’re going to explore a subject that’s been on my mind for a while now: the optimal max height for hitting your driver. You might be wondering, “Is that really a thing?”  Trust me, it is, and it’s more important than you might think. I’ve spent

Angle of Attack in GOLF - the more you know
Frank Coffman

Angle of Attack in Golf: Steep, Shallow & Tips to Improve

During one of my early golf lessons, I was paired with an elderly gentleman named Mr. Thompson. As we approached the 7th hole, a challenging par 3, I confidently selected my club, ready to impress. To my dismay, my shot barely cleared the water, landing in the bunker. Mr. Thompson, with a knowing smile, took

Average PGA Tour Ball Speed - Blazing Drives
Frank Coffman

Average PGA Tour Ball Speed: Blazing Drives

I still remember the first time I ever swung a golf club; the anticipation, the nervous grip, and the ultimately comedic stagger as the club hit the ground rather than the ball. Over the years, my swing has improved and with it, the speed at which the ball flies off the tee. This transformation sparked

Average Swing Speed for Each Skill Level of Golfer - The More You Know
Frank Coffman

Average Swing Speed for Each Skill Level of Golfer: Master Your Drive

As the sun gingerly rose above the meticulously maintained greens of St. Andrews, casting a soft, golden glow on the historic links, I remember standing with my club in hand, feeling a whirl of anticipation and anxiety. I was a novice golfer, eager to improve, yet bewildered by the vast intricacies of the sport. One